The book: its one mans story; there is some good information in it from their channelling to help us.

It’s about the awakening of the dormant DNA and forward thinking about our future.

Note: “the 3rd D words hold distortion of the message in the truth”.

“There is another level of consciousness that is beyond the Galactic council; the next step towards infinity there is no limiting deities".

"The junk D N A holds the time code to be activated when exposed to the increased vibration of the ultra violet light coming from the suns solar flairs, this is altering the light spectrum increasing the megahertz of the planets fields. This is stimulating the dormant codes in D N A of all life causing a rapid evolution of species”.


“These codes carry consciousness and will create a holographic field of the higher vibration activating the Adam Kadmon blue print the divine plan”.  

Adam Kadmon is divine light without form: Pure Potential:In the human psyche it corresponds to the collective essence of the soul.

“This D N A is the blue print of new creation, this information comes through channelling and says that D N A is a living library of light, the crystalline aspects carry codes of light that are coded filaments and are being activated after the ancient long term cycle of time”.


So that’s it! “A significant number of people accepting and integrating a piece of information affects the group mind through the alchemical nature of the D N A”.

“D N A is channelled light to the collective consciousness, its all alchemy”.

“The holographic illusion is a projection of the collective mind”.

Change our mind accept the new consciousness and the illusion will change.

“A new consciousness is awakening as it reaches a crucial point it will change the nature of reality on Gaia and creation”.

“Creation is a unified field, there are no limits”.


“There are three aspects of D N A” the physical, soul and cosmic”.

“The physical   D N A carries genetic codes to its physical heritage”.

“The soul D N A carries the memory of all aspects of the souls experiences in all its time lines”.

“The cosmic D N A carries the memory of the cosmic essence of an individual as it relates to creation”.

“As the solar resonance is magnified and increasing the ultra violet light spectrum it is altering the planet by increasing the magnetism this stimulates our dormant D N A preparing us for a quantum leap in evolution”.


“The vastness of the cosmic consciousness and memory is encoded in the cosmic DN A”.

“Enlightenment comes when one is able to access the hologram field of the divine code through the portal of transcendence in our cosmic D N A”.

We access the cosmic D N A through the hearts and the pineal gland by intuition”.

This book has spoken to us and answered a lot of questions.