Things have really changed over this last two weeks, first I/we did a regression and went into the ancient land and time this lead us to do some research and the information led us to a book that gave information about what had happened in the regression to en-light-en-us.

We are on the brink of understanding the subtlety of the human perception of our deeper consciousness that is so far from our physical understanding.

We accessed this through regression with hypnotherapy.

Our personal experience of understanding this is; there is a deeper layer of perceptions beyond the surface of our conscious thought.

This deeper segment is in our un-conscious mind latently controlling our 3rd D thoughts in this subtle way without our knowing about it.


We can feel it! Therefore we can alter and release it with the deeper understanding of this new consciousness energy stream that took us into the female field of golden light, she came across as M’ Other.


 Focusing into that under-layer segment of our deeper perception we can alter that collective consciousness for ourselves and of all peoples understanding.

The adjustment to the human collective can be done in this space of the hyper energy level.     


When we were in this different space the entities are moving golden light clouds they are made up of this under-laying fields of energy vibration held within the even more candescent energy fields of this latent frequency of energy that prevails in this deeper strata of life in all things.

There is no devised way of teaching this on 3rd D earth except by the words we use and the coming together of a few souls to share this with. In this way we can advance this technology to the whole collective of man by coming together and allowing the words coded with this M’ other field to instigate the mind fields of souls in a way that is their own perception,

It will open up to the field on the 3rd D mind of the collective.


This energy is infinite and we are only using and seeing a minute bit of it, the true potential of this enormous field goes beyond our mind, body and belief it is the fields of harmony, balance and love through Gaia.


We were being told to be openly acceptance of this and bring this feeling into our 3rd D life.

Our 3D brain seems to want us to forget it and it’s bringing in thoughts of the old pattern constantly to divert us from it in our 3d life perception.

We keep bringing it into our consciousness every time we sit down and keep brining it back to our active 3d life. Yes its made us dizzy so keep sitting down and focussing sitting feeling anchoring into Gaia to create a permanent tap root, it will be come normal.

I had been given the information about this deeper layer of perceptions beyond the surface of our conscious thought the segment in our un-conscious mind latently controlling our 3rd D thoughts in this subtle way without our knowing about it.


Then I/we found this book that answered a lot of our questions.


It is the channelling from Raqui-Sha-Ma and Enak-Kee-Na, Laiolin and The Council of Abboraha through Judith K. Moore.


 Is it possible for our dormant D N A to be able to come into play at the right frequency to be able to realise the true reality of infinity, is this the way we can open and receive the truth about the infinity reality?


Our physical body is much lighter and has received the light of the crystal body the spiritual infinite body that has triggered the dormant D N A into life and an understanding of the infinite reality of the move into ascension.

As the physical body has transformed its opened up all D N A and this is where we can get into this deepest segment of our unconscious mind where this latent control has been holding us and we can alter it to free it for use now.

Practice being in this refined segment of the hyper energy frequency to anchor within Gaia and us its almost asleep state.