We never realised that everyone is so deeply ensconced in the 3rd D holo matrix control we always considered that we were being freed from it since we started the ascension.


The 3rd D matrix is a platform of life’s understandings that has been manipulated by the ones who control breaking away from them takes lots of focus and virulence and a constant want to be free of it.


Understand the shallow depth of the platforms and then the difference when we get off and slip into our multi D being, at first through meditation, later through growth, eventually consciously understanding these are only platforms that can be used when needed.

All people on earth has chosen their platform to be lived out, to bring them to this point of conscious awareness that becomes the bigger picture to be recognised during the lifetime.

The media will constantly keep re-instating the mind control until we decide that we want to change our shallow life to a much deeper understanding of our truth through our higher beings actively.


Then we can start to be discerning about what we read, watch, view and follow in the media.

We begin to recognise the holographic matrix dramas that have held everyone so tight for so long, then we can start to cut these holds a bit at a time, slowly, slowly we begin to wake up to our own truth of our existence.


As soon as we get a glimpse of this: feeling and seeing the truth, we open up to it more and more until we uncover the facade of the 3rd D and see the beauty and openness of the multi D being living on Gaia at this time period.


Everyone’s mind has been opened and enhanced so that we can see how deep this control is.

In the past we have talked about the membranes and barriers that hold us together one is our skin that supports our physical body.

It created the idea of separation, we have spent so many years of this conditioning that we cannot see it in another way, until now!

We have been banging on about fields within fields all connected, everything is connected, take the barriers and membranes down letting the separation go and heal the whole energetic bodies as one, bring it into balance, let go of the idea of separate parts.

Our experience has given us this insight of think holistically, with no perimeter of restriction and being able to be in the new light frequency and allow it to work on our whole body resetting and aligning it back to its original stance from birth.

The light frequency since last Sept has opened our minds to see this for all life, helping each of us to find our own way of perceiving this aspect of ascension.

We are one: we give this to share; at the same time as enhancing it into the collective field of humanity where it has become expanded enough to be known by all of humanity, its opened the door to this light language code through words and sharing.

In the multi Ds it does not take the masses to change the collective understanding, it takes a few beings that will step outside this safe perimeter into the unknown, when this happens the power of alchemy is greatly magnified into a cartelistic change as the chemical meets the energies in this way.

All people have known about the power of words its been given to us so many times so why have you given it again?


WE of the multi D set a pattern in the energy fields so that souls come together to work as one to reinstate this knowledge and technology for the greater good of all life no-one is alone we are a collective.

It takes time for this data to be absorbed into the mind set of all souls and repeating the lessons is the way its done.

As it becomes collective it opens the frequency’s  for like minded souls bringing them together to create the nucleus of energy so that we can impress these light patterns into the human collective consciousness to set it up for the futureprogress into the new age.

We do this with much love so that everyone can begin to follow their path towards engaging into this light releasing reactivating and realigning the ancient knowledge and technology on Gaia for her movement in to her truth. x