February 2019:


We bring love and advice:

See life from the perspective that we are evolved into the multi Ds and its not symptoms any more, it is adjustments to our physical body that will/is becoming our multi D normal.

These adjustment in our systems are to become our norm so we accept and take responsibility of them bringing them into our life style and the way we live to incorporate them into our normal life, they are our new normal our new consciousness.

If we feel dizzy # take a moment to remember that this is normal and breath # be in the moment to anchor into Gaia and become steady.

If it’s a sickly feeling # take the moment and breath to rebalance so that it becomes normal.

Be aware of them and remember to accept, breath and anchor them, let them ‘be’ normal this is walking in our light body instead of our heavy physical body.




And the fields keep coming disorientating they are to become normal


So we know the energies are coming changes us, they are continual.

No need to explain where they come from.

# We know they are coming from the outer universe since last September. #

# We know we can and do step beyond the 3rd D matrix regularly #

# We know we carry on functioning on the 3rd D holo matrix life style #

# We know that this high field light affects us in many different ways #  # Many souls list these on their blogs #

Jack says use every available data to help you understand. Change your mind-set. Know that everyone is galactic being living on Gaia, accept and embrace it.


Its an induction: Activate the crystals at the magnetic zero points and the poles this is the way to bring new consciousness forwards through this means, a small ‘bit’ at a time,

The power of the words are/is one of these codes that has already been given it will give a clearer way to understand what it is, the information of these codes are new we have no reference from the 3D.

They work on the multi Ds, on a frequency of vibration and light, the power will activate people’s perception of what they are doing and were they are.

Being at a zero magnetic point activates these flows of information and light, they come in on a higher vibration.

At the time alignments of the stars, solstices and equinox the August Lion Gate annually are the active times.

The ones who understand and live or travel to certain places are magnifying, anchoring and balancing these places.

The energy is greatly expanded at these times by anyone who is conscious of this bringing it into the collective consciousness.

Read the words and they will ring true to all readers.

There is no DEITY # we are all one  # we are the I AM THAT I AM # #There is no disconnection #

The lesson is to understand how the multi D energy’s act out within Gaia’s body and human nature.