Since last years Lion Gate initiation we have been activating the multi D frequencies from the universe into all souls, it has up graded Gaia’s matrix plus all life on her.

The deepness of change within depends on the wishes of individuals the more enlightened ones have shifted into their new frequency of inspiration and light.

This vibration has become the collective consciousness for every one, the ones who are actively following their pathway are aware of this and have integrated it into their personal matrix in their own unique way, the other will follow in time.

Over this 5 month period the star alignments Solstice and equinox has gradually opened this multi D flow into the hearts and brought about a response of understanding that has shifted this light on a global and universal scale for all life, local and afar.

This activity has ramped up since January and will maintain until the balance comes into each souls personal matrix bring in the multi D light.

Remember to breath, relax into Gaia with love, accept and embrace these changes and adjust to them.


They not going to stop; they are taking Gaia and all life into the multi Ds, it’s the consciousness of people that can make this transition easy by using their innate heart felt love focus to balance everything just by accepting and becoming responsible for their actions on earth, towards earth and themselves all is love on Gaia.

Share experiences openly be observant of new ideas that in the old way might not have been acceptable, embrace these new ways and ideas of doing things share them openly so that other will do the same.