There is no confusion in the multi Ds there is collaboration between us all; the intuitive souls who are drawn to specific places to ‘BE’; are aligning these sacred places on Gaia that needs attention they are the places that hold the crystals of ancient information.

 Our guidance say that Egypt and Greece were connected as one with the core of humanity rooted here as the centre of Atlantis energy collector point via the sun alignment to Gaia, it is the balanced place of Gaia that was used in ancient time as the power source collector for the energy of this period.

It has the pyramid alignments that are reflected into inner earth and outer space with the reason to collect and store the light frequency of that time that was/is generated by the high light particles of the sun from outer universe,

There can be NO physical proof of this at this time on earth.

 The intuition of light workers is the proof, they are called on by their higher galactic self to go to sacred places and ‘BE” the ground crew to give us the focus point that are a primary connection to these in-coming frequencies to be anchored deep into Gaia at this time period

This is activated by souls dotted across the globe at places of zero magnetic points for this transfer to take place in a very balanced wave.

Your streams of filigree light are connecting you to Gaia making a web across and within Gaia to activate it.

It’s a difficult concept to understand the bigger picture from the 3rd D brain, but that’s not important we the galactic council understand this and ask you all to trust and only focus on your own way of perceiving this tuning into the light it will take us all to the correct light place to do this action, all activities done leading up to the solstice is significant to the balancing of energy for this adjustment.