Dear soul understanding the field system of life is not an easy thing to do, remember there is no separation in these fields, they over lap and merge into each other, there are no edges.

People with their consciousness abounding are able to move seamlessly through them when there is NO fear and the heart holds unconditional love focus; fears leads them to think that they need to learn to move into them rather than to just flow into them.


All life is a part of the fields, functioning on a spectrum of frequency at different vibrations in a scale that has no separation.

In this world of fields each soul is in their compatible resonance, the old saying “like goes to like” stands true with these fields of consciousness.

Everyone functions on their own frequency and will be in the fields that will be compatible to them, using intuition you will know when a field that is not resonating with you by your feelings and you can avoid anything that is not compatible.

Use your feeling to define a field of anything coming towards you understanding that by keeping your own thoughts clear of fear you will repel anything that you do not want.

 Go with your feeling, trust them they are your truth.

 Recognise those who want to take your energy without asking, only give energy when you are comfortable with your higher self.

Your field can be contained with a thought once you understand that your higher self is in control of it.

 If your 3rd D self thinks its in control there will be discrepancies in your judgment of the situation because of your 3rd D belief system.

Be Love. Be Light. Be Happy.