Dear souls we are the Galactic Collective Council and we smile at the progress of all souls coming forwards in the 3rd D holographic matrix life path enacting out their life in a way that is totally accepted on a global level to gain momentum in the 3rd D earth through the use of their holographic dramas and have worked hard to set up the communications platform, IE Internet, this is a majestic time of change.

These souls have created a vast network of follows; their light frequency is a guiding light in a world that may seem dark and fearful because of old beliefs, and perceptions.

People search, and turn to the light through this medium of information and find others who hold the status of teacher, guides or friends.

With the back up of many eminent scientist and physicists and people who in the opinion of the main stream 3rd D earth CAN be relied on for there truth.

The masses of souls on Gaia are moving towards the light through these souls, they incorporate all deities and belief systems from every part of the globe, they are opening up to the idea of the 5th Ds and multi Ds and the theory’s that go with this like the holographic matrix of the 3rd dimensional life of Gaia.

Science is proving without doubt that there is a link between science and consciousness and how man is proactive in this theory.

The souls holding the key to the media are being inspired to expand their own insights into these possibilities and it’s showing itself in what they choose to share on their web pages.

Remember fields within fields, all unique, the levels, and the pyramid format.

This has greatly expanded with the coming of the new waves of photon light flowing into Gaia triggering and opening up the light for everyone to share; information is shifting everyone forwards into the quantum frequencies in their mind to be able to share this new data in a way that will reach the many and be taken on board so that they can all shift.

All souls take heart and know that everyone has a part to play, a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the bigger picture, everyone IS equal, there is NO separation only levels of the SAME consciousness experiencing itself for the greater plan of the creator raising the frequencies of light.