“The darkest night of the soul is before dawn, your perception of fields of energy has not jelled yet has it Rae?”

 Jack says.

Everyone has been going through his or her fears, memories and insecurities at this time of re-configuration.

“No, I guess not, mine seems to be about the way fields act out in my physical body at these changing times, changing the mind set to ‘see’ things as fields of light and energy is not an easy concept when all our eyes can see is solid physical objects set out in a certain pattern, a tree is tree! All put together as separate things we can’t see how they merge as fields with our eyes and brain.

We can feel it and understand the concept of light fields.

How do we envisage the field of air that we breath as a field, let alone fields within fields within our body plus abnormal fields of light that’s bombarding our planet at this time, its hard?”


Jack says, “remember everything is correct, all souls have their own foibles to deal with, some are more extreme than others and they all cope with them in their own right.”


Jack carries on, “I am of the galactic realms and have told you before why your trip is hard you chose it, may we remind you that you do your assignment on Gaia, for Gaia’ and you are required to spend time in meditative restful state, when you are forced to rest for any reason it’s a time when we can work with you while you are on the 3rd D holographic matrix of changing light.

Light workers and way-shower do have to experience the lower light fields that prevail earths 3rd Ds its part of the process, for most its not a deep negative experience that cannot be diverted from; the 3rd D matrix has many diversion that are to use when needed.

Some souls are equipped with great will, determination and resilience along with courage to do these life plans and you are one of them.

Souls experience the lower fields so that they can shed divine lightness into it diminishing it for humanities collective consciousness by mustering as much light and love when going through these times.


You do all right stop pondering on it, by the 20/21 Jan the build up of tension that is created by this cosmic movement

is released and all souls, entities, planets, galaxy’s and universes will shift en-mass into the new light of this galactic calendar,

Every soul on or off Gaia will be able to see the big expansive picture if they decide to look.”


“Thank you for this chat,” Rae says, we can move forwards into our new Gaia light with harmony and love.”


“Yes you can and know that all you have experienced over this period has been crated by the activation of the cosmic alignments to open up this light frequency and set the way for other to move seamlessly into the full moon torus portal with grace, love, and consciousness experiencing itself with the knowledge that they are safe and fears will diminish as their truth takes its place.

It’s he transformation of many from the 3rd holographic matrix into the 5th + multi dimensional reality, its job done for this trimester leading into the next one of en-light-en-ment for the creators plan to be accomplished.

You are still fragile so be aware of not doing to much physical excretion and rest when needed, you will not become wholesome until the24th Jan even then there is a constant need to be in the moment and aware of your physical needs.”