Daughter of Melchizedek you are activated into your soul group of this order and recognised. It’s been some time since you became aware of your destiny.

You have set the pattern for Glastonbury trip and worked to be the cartelist for it. The data we bring today is on the 209a divine plan of light from our temple. [Note: we are not sure what 209a means yet.]

The energies you have received consciously of consciousness experiencing it through the EEE AAA chant is activated for all peoples.

Be your light field and connected to the Melchizedek collective field of light, bring in the divine spiral of the Alcyone Star Gate so that everyone can be in it’s spiral that is focussing on Gaia until the 20/21st Jan 2019.

Facilitating this transfer is guiding all souls.

Keep focussing on the Star Gates restoration spiral; it is the 10/12th D dragon/ serpent/snake divine light that is coming in with this celestial event.

It’s the awakening of this field that has been asleep since the ancient time of Atlantis, Lemuria. One of the sacred sites where a divine flow has been left is at Wooky Hole in Wells in the UK; it’s the alchemy of the green tablets the philosophers stone the eternal flame.

It sits in comfort and safety in the area along with the two other zero points in this area.


As the story goes many want this for the wrong reason they cannot have access to it. It’s only the one with clarity of their truth that can even think about it in truth.

 The field group you are attached to is that truth and we are all standing together.

We are invigorating this process through the physical ground crew to bring in the new age light frequency safely.


Lets look at the steps that have been accomplished over the last trimester:

1st the activation of the Trinity last September 2018,

2nd the amalgamation with the 10/10, 11/11, 12/12, 1/1 star gates aligned through the cosmic universe and the Solstice



The alignment of this full moon eclipse, which is the power source from the great planets in the local solar system from the outer realms of the local and sister universes brings back the Dragon flow + the philosophers stone, the sacred flames of eternal life that’s been hidden in Glastonbury since ancient times


The procession of the Star Gate, planet alignments will be another stream of data coming into earth’s perception through this channel.

New age Atlantis guidance is coming with this stream of light, things like how to access, how and when to use it, methods to get the adaptation of everything that has been an old held belief ritual; because of the fear based belief systems that do not apply in this new environment of the sacred Dragon light spiral streams.