We open up the pillar of light from M/F God and attached to the Alcyone Star Gate and Agatha we have been doing the chanting and meditation this has now extended into the previous hyper highway that is set round through Gaia coming out a New Zealand.


These energies have merged together becoming part of the loop holding Gaia, we have just used the adaptable knowledge to set it up and activate it at the correct time.


We move back to these hyper highways by shifting our focus and thoughts, we are jumping from Dimension to Dimension by consciously thinking and feeling it, each jump has its own requirement, a job needs to be done on Gaia’s up keep.

We became consciously aware of the difference between them, feelings+ conscious heart felt love and fine tuning and can only do it in our higher D body at the moon meditation level by using the EEE AAA chanting in different tones until it resonates right through our body down to our feet and into Gaia.

 At these levels we are using the deeper tones for the lower body and Gaia, middle and high tones as we move up to the crown chakra and then to the Star Gate in Alcyone bringing it together as one.


It’s the same as an electron jump, when the frequency becomes too fast an electron will jump into the next frequency and function as usual, by using your innate intention + the Advanced light field, that’s the sequence.


Q: Is it MongFo who is telling us to use this connection field of the ’A’dvanced power?

They come back with an answer

Remember the “A” power in the drawings the new ‘A’ power of ascension, yes!

We are Metatron, Merlin, MongFo, the time is to use this field within, focus it into what you want.

You felt the connection to the writing and activated the hyper highway setting golden super energetic energy into all words to attract the correct souls to the call of ascension, a golden energy of refined advanced highway of consciousness of the ALL.



SO! Having up-graded chakras and energy vortexes enabled us to take in this the Divine Torus Golden Mean Ratio Spirals of the multi Ds light vibrations filtering them through the bio-suit, integrating them into the light energy of all other vortexes in and outside of the body making it an energetic fluctuations that can be disorientating sometime as they get to fields of inner resistance, beliefs and old mental attitudes, just lay back and relax into it all with love.