Dear souls: 

As the collective conscious awareness created by the coming together in meditation creates a big surge of the electromagnetic field of Gaia it will induce the alchemy of adjustment of the ‘ALL’.

Knowing how this happens and the exact implication of it is something you do not have to completely understand, trusting in your higher beings and doing what is a correct lead towards ascension.


You have been thinking about the chanting, meditating and grounding our field into Gaia’s inner earth and attuning it to the Alcyone star gate regularly and holding it in place as part of the preparation for the eclipse portal.


Its enough for you to do while your bio-suit adapts to this light frequency’s, the changes within is a journey into and out of the 5th and 3rd D there is a definite change that you can define but cannot get control of it.

It happens as and when! There is be continuity going on with it but it eludes your awareness and thoughts, enough to say that you are aware of this happening; being relaxed and giving it your focused heart felt love is enough.



Things are going onwards so fast I/we can hardly keep up with the data that is flowing in; it’s hard to get a handle on this too’ing and fro-ing; when we think, write, type, or read this data we become VERY tired.

As time goes on our eyes HAVE to shut and we have to lay back take a break, even slip into to a shallow sleep state during which our body mind and thoughts take on a different state of being, slightly sleepy but aware of it, we seem to slip or jump into different state while in this normal one.

 It’s as if we are accessing another field of our own matrix at the same time as being in two others the 3rd and the 5th D.

 We are in the 3rd D, we jump to the 5th and then we go higher where we are shown images of ‘things’ today we were shown a human skeleton with some enlarged frontal lobes in the head and bones at the base of the spine and with gaps between the upper and lower bones that were attached with no physical connection only energetic fields of flow then it stopped. There’s nothing else to say!