Our question to Jack: is there enough people without fear to activate this moon meditation with the undivided conscious heart felt love to actualise it this time?


Answer: No! People are not ready yet to implicate their own truth about their fear, some are, but not the many yet. Jack smiles and tells us that we are at the birth of new Gaia.

The blogs put out will touch some as it has touched your freedom soul, there are the way showers who are actively transforming Gaia’s Matrix, the two tone sound EEE’ AAA’ is resonating within her as with you it is re-adjusting the inner core frequency to accept the advance moon activations, she is the one, humans are her cartelist for the energy injection with this alignment.


The clarity of unconditional love intention is not at optimum to facilitate the Advance Divine Flow, it is tainted with too much un-conscious fear, based on old beliefs from the many, its not time for this yet.

This is a time for the many to bring the truth about their life style and beliefs using their intuition to go into this meditation alignment so that they CAN understand and let go of another layer of energy reducing the fear that holds them.

Each alignment/step takes humanity into their next level of fear reduction from Gaia’s point of view she is ready for this injection of divine advanced pulse of refined light.

The way showers who are atoned to their fearless state of being are the ground crew dotted round her to be able to openly receive this anchoring themselves into the great central sun and holding it within their own bio-suit while Gaia assimilated it this time round.

It’s building the concrete base for the future of all life layer by layer to make it strong enough to withstand the next 20.000 years of progress slowly, slowly, catchy monkey as the saying goes IN TRUTH.


Your part is to do this physically as your on-going assignment as ground crew and share is as always.