We have started the preparation for the eclipse following the guidance from Metatron, he says:

You do this meditation from now until the 20/21 moon eclipse we, you and the the galactic council are constructing the pattern through the universal fields of light so that at the right time it is clear, open and ready to go.

We are to create the hyper highway for this years 1st boost, we will use imagination and visualise the rout it will take and where it comes from and goes to by meditating.


Start: I AM /We /ARE the pillar of light through M/F God earth attachment, root into the central sun of Agatha from the company of heaven who smile at us with great love.

We ask protection and safe keeping as we open our Hearts torus Matrix to this portal.

We go into Agatha and meet Metatron, Merlin, MongFo, they welcome us and ask if we are ready, they lead us into the sacred crystal pyramid we merge with this field of light as one we are one.

 Spend time, thought, love and consciousness in this place to keep remembering through your daily life; we are all there in this crystalline field of light in the multi D of the inner earth until we are aware of functioning from this fields frequency.


This activation is to happen over the next 21 days, it comes from the 22 galactic diamond crystal arrays.

The next step we move into the hyper highway and be transported beyond a regional field of light of this local galactic space/time an experience we have not had before.


We acknowledge what we are doing, we are the pillar of light through M/F God and anchored into inner earth and attaching to the Alcyone Pleiades Star gate from this place we do the first activation following the instruction set out be Cobra.


We did the rotation and chanting, it changes our vibration we started, facing southwest, and finished with preying hands and requested all our soul groups to be with us. We felt the connection.



That’s it! 2nd part:

Having started the eclipse meditation using the Cobra method and not knowing exactly why; we read about the partial solar eclipse on the 5/6th this is the reason we have started early, this event is the opening up of the pillar of light through us into Gaia and the Alcyone star gate, nothing ever happens out of sequence, this is the sequence.

What a relief it is to find out why we have been doing this chanting opening and holding, it proves our faith in our intuition is greater than our physical brain and beliefs.


 Here it is again  3rd part

The three super moons and expansive thought; this Cobra meditation is but one part of this sequence that will pan out in March’s full moon and equinox see the bigger picture!


Each single incident /event in the sky’s at this time, is part of the grand plan of the creator, each step that is taken through this sequential process is adding to the powerful divine light spiral of the Advanced light torus.

Every time a soul consciously remembers and thinking with unconditional love focus from the heart on these individual events is acting as a 1,000 fold of given light from each soul adding to the collective consciousness of Gaia and humanity, this is a time where real growth into the 5th +  ascending fields can be lifted right up out of the 3rd D holo matrix for all beings.

Use this time wisely with all methods of en-light-en-ment that you have acquired over these last 9 years, 2010-2019,

Everything your consciousness has experienced of itself is anchored into the collective consciousness of Gaia humanity and all light beings.


Acknowledge this and make it so that it’s a conscious thought in this moment, to be understood and then released, its not all been pretty and happy its been a life experience of the polarity and separation of the 3rd D world.


It had to be experienced consciously to reach the freedom of happiness that comes with the knowledge of being able to move out of this 3rd D quagmire of negativity emotions into the higher vibrations of the balanced state of emotional existence of conscious heart felt love.


Recognise it has been experiences and let it go to make space in the hearts torus for 2019- upcoming energy into the next stage of wholesome sharing of this wonderful new light sequence.


The coming together openly with all the light souls across Gaia as an open non egotistical sharing of all information of divine light from your hearts.


Be open with each other with trust that even if you feel your part played is falling on stony ground it will not deter or stop you from following your divine spark, do it with grace, unconditional love thoughts, allowing your old 3rd D ego self to become your 5th D sharing ego with balance and understanding.


Change things in your life and hearts to accept these lovely advanced refined light waves allow them into your truth at this critical beginning of the next period of 9 years.



This will set that pattern for this period of consciousness for you Gaia and all universal life and beings of light, the universal Divine Creators Plan.  Be Light. Be Love. Be Happy. x