Dear soul about this eclipse meditation is it ok for us to improvise with it and do it as we feel rather than exactly as directed.

Dearest souls remember everyone is unique and has their own way of doing everything from their own perspective.


So yes, please do it your way, the instruction is a guide line, the time is also variable except for that 5.10 am on the 21st, be aware of being in meditation at that time to be unified with the whole to do this shift.

The rest of it is as you feel about it.

It’s a field, an area of light that spans the universe and it’s here now so any kind of focus will/ does have the desired effect on it at the time of the eclipse the focus will be A Wide Band OF Light cutting right through the fields and the electromagnetic will spike and as the earth comes out of it the full eclipse the wide consciousness light will flow, will spread out with no loss of power as it expands into everything, this energy field is slowly seeping into everyone and is attaching the D N A Torus Spirals of the Zero point in the Hearts.

You are setting up and holding the balance, go with it.



Collective co-operation for the creating of the alignment of hyper highways to set the way for the advanced divine spirals of light to be received on the partial solar eclipse and the full moon eclipse 2019.

 Can we all consciously be on the same page, can we consciously add to the collective consciousness of man by standing together?

To all souls who actively meditate individually or as groups prepare for the global unified meditation on the 21/1/19 using collective methods of meditation and spiritual awareness to focus on the same event from all aspects of your divine understanding and unique way of using your innate energy.

Start to prepare now for this influx of light in all ways that you are working with to become ascended.

If all groups and individuals begin to act now to allow and introduce this collective thought of coming together for this global meditation by actively doing a meditation or just discussing it, bringing it right into the thoughts of as many souls as possible so that on that day and space time the collective will already tuned to it.

Even if you can’t do it at the set time: time is an illusion, the power is in consciously thinking and using focused concentration from the heart torus into action as a field. The exact timing of the eclipse is a geo metric pattern in space-time that is much more than a period of set earth time.


This pattern is in action NOW! However or whoever does a conscious awareness meditation from NOW onwards is accumulating and increasing the growth of this event to get maximum results.

 In a group or individually this is how to tune to the 5th + d for all.


The consciousness of man used in an aware state from the unconditional love in the hearts will expand the zero point torus in the heart to create this powerful transition into this ascending light for Gaia inner and outer and all life she carry’s.

On the date and time of the eclipse all those joining in will give the correct weights and measurements to balance energise and actively anchor this advance light it will send a spike in the electro magnetic waves of Gaia and the preparation done before will open this highway to flow in and clear the negative energies at this level of the multi D space.


 It will feed down to the lower 3rd holographic matrix over earth time, as it is required to alter or adjust the physical life of the old ways.


In the alchemy of energy there is not a quick fix, everything is designed to rotate over time and space.

Fields of light being penetrated by fields of light to alter the alchemically over time and space, it magic.❤