Personal: This energy is mucking up our physical balance its the same as the feeling a Santorini except the weather is cold.

The distress is emotional, physical and mental, we lack concentration, and can’t see properly, our balance is out of kilter and the digestive system is up the creek. We call upon our soul group to advise us about this transformation.

Dear soul you are going through the transference period that will take you into these next layers of energy.


Personal: ‘what a ride’, Rae thinks to herself, she decides to go and visit Jack the alchemist knowing that he will set her perspective right about these last weeks of 2018 and encourage her to move forwards to 2019.

She sets out, it is a lovely sunny wintery day, she felt better and happy that she had come out of the malaise of this transference that she smiled all the way, even the geese honked as they flew over head they are back after being away for awhile.

Seeing Jack at the back of the café she wishes him a happy Christmas. She sits down and starts to talk, Jack listens intently watching her.


Rae said, “my question Jack is did I really sign up for this earthly experience and did I know how hard it would be”.


“Yes” Jack answers,  “of course you did, you discussed it with your soul group and decided that it is correct and that your energy signature was able to cope with it all, someone has to do the hard stuff, when picking an assignment this is all taken into consideration.

I have been beside you with the inter-galactic group through this experience all the way consciousness experiencing itself in this way gives the whole of the collective consciousness of the universe, man and Gaia an open hyper highway to become accessible to all others who wish to follow on over time.

We have broken down the membrane of the fixed 3rd D holographic matrix together, every bit of pain and discomfort you have felt is happening in Gaia and its her barrier that needed to be dis-engaged over this period.

And: yes! It is the same as the Santorini portal, and ‘you will probably experience more of this dis-comfort.

Now you understand about what’s being given and done you can just let it be this will carry on as the alterations settle down in your life and body”.

Jack smiles at her,  “don’t worry,” he says,” you are not alone or disconnected, we are all one group and will advise and give you every step of the way”.


“ Thanks Jack for your support and guidance, I will go home and share these experiences with the Internet people”

“Yes, you do that”.

Getting home Rae feels a wave of tiredness wash through again, sitting down she lays back and shuts her eyes falling into a light dreamy sleep with Jack telling her to consciously let herself be in this advanced highly divine quotient light that makes her feel wavy and gives her a swimming feeling and to absorb it into her physical being.


As she pulls out of this sleep Jack is still talking in her head, “cant you see how this type of assignment would not work for most souls because they do not have your freedom of life, they have family’s, jobs and things to do all the time that will stop them from just falling asleep when needed.

“ Yes do see this aspect of it and its fine now I know thank you”.