Understand that all others are becoming conscious and posting their higher guides light codes information for all to see.

Many, many souls are being used to reveal this unique unfamiliar cutting edge channellings then posting messages of enlightenment that will touch every soul who reads them with the light code language that is an energy field filtering into the 3rd D Gaia from the next port of call for the advancement of the universal ascension.


The field of light language is designed to be absorbed through mans matrix through these cosmic alignment, allow them/ it to inter mingle with the 3rd D field of old Gaia lifting her into her true state of being.


We advise all souls to read slowly and let that light field enter your perception in a conscious awareness process even if you do not quite understand it.

 This field has its own unique way of seeping into the collective consciousness of Gaia and man where it is building up layers of data so that when it gets substantially dense enough to consolidate into the creation of the new earth/ Gaia.


Every time a soul reads something that resonates with their true being it act is another layer building light code language that’s becoming collective, each one without exception is adding to this at this time.

Feeling resonance is what the light field of this advanced enlightenment is even if you do not understand all that’s being said.


This learning process is the same as learning to recognise words when starting school, at first you do not recognise anything then slowing get to recognise it and becomse familiar.

We are asking all souls to open their perception and step beyond the bounds of the given perimeters and ‘see’/ ‘feel’ what’s on the other side.

There is NO empty space as you begin you may perceive energy movement with no fixed point, its light, dark or colour, keep watching and keep in a relaxed meditation state and observe these swirls of energy fields   do it little by little until you feel comfortable with it, do not hold fear, hold your divine unconditional love in your heart and mind, this will keep you in the divine space of protection.


Practice whenever possible, gradually you will see a pattern that is repeated or a colour or guides or the face of a loved one.

Do not be fearful of this it’s the innate ability of all humanity to experience this normally, all soul have this divine spark within.

It’s a normal progression for mans evolution ‘back’ into their true being from the 3rd D holographic matrix.

We thank you from our platform of the inter-galactic advancement council of light with great love.

Use all you unique system of meditation to access these new codes of light and step into the future with love in your heart