Workings to bring in and anchor this advanced divine highly refined field of light


 There has been intense balancing during this period of time balancing anchoring, healing and set up and activated the cosmic wheels and cogs of this solstice.

It has created a channel through Gaia from the UK to the point opposite, New Zealand; this is a hyper channel of a Torus quantum spiral of light that is holding Gaia in place while these 2018 adjustments occur. It does not ‘come’ from anywhere it just ‘IS”.



Using an advanced breathing system focused within has created a spiritual energy vortex’s within the body that goes up beyond the crown chakra and below the base chakra into Gaia’s inner earth to Agatha’s central sun Vortex and out through the opposite trajectory on the opposite side of Gaia at the new Zealand Vortex and then circling back round an reconnecting to the first one in the UK.

Gaia’s position is being slightly adjusted on the system grid, in Findhorn we re-balanced Gaia’s trajectory after the earthquake shifted her, we are fine tuning her now.


This super hyper highway is tuned into all people using their own method of connecting with the breath consciously and will keep this flow turning; it has a profound effect in the way it is expanding.


Dear souls you have indeed anchored and opened this 2018 advanced fluid cloud field allowing it to consciously experience itself through conscious focus.

The job is to bring it into Gaia, we do the galactic ‘stuff’ we are the galactic council of light and are helping all souls to integrated with this Golden Mean Ratio, Torus and Spirals of this ascended vortex.


There is NO separation, this channel is a hyper channel to stabilise the physical planet with the quantum Trinitized, Golden Mean Ratio, Torus of what is being created, it will hold everyone and thing in place as the advanced highly refined field of photon light expands within all life, its so refined its almost liquid gold it flows like liquid and expands inwards.

It is penetrating the deeper quantum level of existence, its more refined than all other energies, its the advanced DIVINE creator light from the throne of Divine that exist in the next plane of quantum light that is beyond the 3rd D accepted spiritual concept of 3rd D God.

It is divine creation – the source – its God in its divine state of the higher light of the 5th-12 D.

Its so refined it cannot be imagined, it can be FELT in the Hearts, you can feel it as it alchemically alters the inner body of yourself and Gaia.


On the planetary parallel it is very dynamic and what you see in your minds eye is the billowing cloud of this light as it permeate everything, not only earth but beyond the location of this local universe.
Everything is transmuting, this light is taking Gaia out of the 3rd D

It has jumped your perception into the idea that there IS a beyond that exists away from the 3rd D old earth.

To perceive this is as progression into the 5th-12th D awareness and remember about the ancients ways, your ways.

To conceive this idea of God in this divine state beyond the 3rd D earth mind set in the physical brain is a naturel state when ascending.


There is a myriad of multiverses that is so far beyond the human perception and along with it the there is a myriad of parallel divine source that is INFINITE, even that word infinite is a very difficult concept for the brain, so don’t think about it FEEL it flow in the heart and track it back towards divine source as far as you can go with your heart, remember everything is a field of light and can go as far beyond the 3rd D as you can take it with unconditional conscious love focus.

Step into the realm of life beyond the 3rd D to life in the 5th/12th D of the advanced hyperspace.

In this context: Hyper means exists in a space of 4 or more dimensions.

What is meant by ascension is this movement into this next alignment of the advanced hyperspace with in the consciousness of Gaia, man and universe.