Dear soul we are in the fullness of the ascension solstice of 2018, it’s a powerful golden energy that being integrated into everyone.

It’s throwing up all sorts of emotional physical and mental truths about the personal life style there is nothing to do except consciously knows that every time you sit quiet you and Gaia are absorbing this great light.


 Happy solstice: each heavenly body has its own signature # chemical reaction # vibration # frequency # colour # sequence of movement # magnetism # electro- magnetism and gravity.


It’s these things that create the astrological anomalies for our universe. The Milky Way holds Gaia and the humanoid population that is consciousness experiencing itself and as a galactic student traveller it’s important to understand a different side to the set up.

As you become aware of your consciousness experiencing itself it widens the gulf between you and your 3rd D holo matrix life. This will help you to understand a bit more how the inter-galactic self IS!

You are dealing with tension within, we know that you all have your coping methods and we advise you to use them all if needed.

Be-come aware of your consciousness:  then realise that its here with you to experience all things that a person can have, the good, the bad, the ugly.

 3rd D holographic matrix is a polarity and separation system for this reason.

As you grow and open up these new perceptions that are the ancient codes of truth about who you are, you will develop expanding your mind beyond the 3rd D Gaia.

Astrologically and spiritually its been covered, understanding HOW and why it works is a stage towards remembering who you are and where you come from.


Nothing is static and the Torus, Golden Mean Ratio and Trinitized Spirals drive the universal movement.

When a large body aligns or moves through our galixy it creates energy fluctuations that change the chemical make up of all things, it creates different types of frequency/vibrations as these occur it affects all energy fields on/in and around the galactic spiral.

It’s not random: it’s the creator’s plan for the cosmic clock that allows the forwards transition of life in our universe to evolve and keep evolving through these timings.

It’s part of the much bigger picture, the multi-verse, we cant go any further with this as your brain limits your visual perspective of this, suffice to say: if you are feeling these changes and do not understand them, go with the love you feel in your hearts and be conscious of your consciousness experiencing this at these times.

By focusing on the feeling of light within you do not have to understand the mechanics of it from the 3rd D holo matrix science.

 Flow with what you are feeling dear souls not what your 3rd d life pattern is telling you. Your heart felt love feeling is consciousness experiencing itself in the 3rd D holographic matrix of the true being that you are.


When the galactic astrological alignments happens they open a direct channel of light coded energy to flow across the solar system Gaia and her sister planets, the consciousness of all these entitles are aware of these particles that are swarming across their path and can take them within to enhance the way forwards to evolve.


These periods of time is the creators plan adding to the cosmic process of evolutionary movement on a grand scale and every conscious soul who thinks about this is a cartelist to bring it to Gaia for her transition.

Every single conscious soul thinking about this aspect is a bright shining light beam this is attracting the cosmic flows into themself and Gaia so that all can be transformed into the lighter photon particles that open up the human brain to bring in the perception of the multi dimensions.

 Be Love, Be light, be happy, blessings you all from the galactic beings.


 For humans on earth the Sun /Sol is the main life giver and is completely constructive in all life on earth it’s the driving force for Gaia and man cannot live without it, watching it move across the sky’s continually is how man lives, knowing its movements creates seasons for time for growth and time for sleep it’s the natural clock to live by.

These aspects have been lost in the western world of late night shopping, constant movement, no sleep time but nature will not change it still gets dark and light when the planet turns.

At the time of the solstice and equinox alignments divisions are created in the natural year, it’s a time when as a conscious soul you can be aware of creating your needs and evolving towards your understanding and memory, it’s a little ‘torch light’ time that can be utilised to created your future as your would like to live and be.

 However you can perceives it astrologically, scientifically or spirituality it’s just the natural way of the season, remember to consciously bring in the changes and the future of Gaia, Galixy and universe. Thank you X