A message for all peoples: we are being asked to do revision

Look back to move forwards by recalling all that you have achieved over the last 4 years and how far you have come.

The understanding from this period has shifted you forwards, at the end of 2018 we will begin a new cycle and all the data given up to that time will be revised so that it can be shared if necessary or let go, clear out all the old beliefs and fears that have become obsolete these will release as you review it.

The progress of the light frequency has evolved over the period 2015 to 2018 all is connected to Gaia’s Inner Earth multi D and the Agatha souls.

Light workers and way showers look back and see how much you have achieved to bring in these new light codes and language anchoring them into/ onto the3rd D Holographic matrix on every level of understanding.

We all work together sharing our knowledge and skills with others to show the way forwards with love.

There are all levels of light codes brought in over these years through all peoples as ground crew.

It will be helpful to know how your perspective has grown with understanding, and file them away correctly to create space for the NOW!

Set up a new page for the next cycle move forwards in your endevor to be the way shower, light worker.

We are starting on the higher frequency of light codes of the 10th -12th D. of the divine creators plan.

Be connected to your zero point hearts torus and ‘be’ it, this is the aim for this next cycle understand, recognising and remembering how to move in and out of the fields of light energy then how to use this ancient technology through Gaias levels inner Earth and the Agatha and the inter-galactic souls.

Be Love. Be Light. be Happy x