We are in the 12/12 portal, being in the silence, breathe into the ‘hearts torus connection’ and we are there your inter-galactic soul council, yes! As you expand outwards the light goes out to the 3rd D hologram earth matrix and it goes inwards to the multi D that you cannot perceive directly as a physical being, you feel it/us, you have telepathy and the 3rd eye and the knowing that this is truth.  These tools are available to all people if they want to look at them.

Meditate one:

Breathe into the hearts and connect to your torus expanding it out to Gaia’s surface.

Breathe into the hearts again, this time FEEL the breath focusing on the divine seed in the heart and move your perception through this little doorway, instead of expansion use contraction torus energy and go inwards, remember macro and micro.

As this minute torus spiral connects through to the zero point be open and let your mind flow through to the beyond; knowing that you are safe and are entering the inner realm of Gaia, inner earth and the world of the multi D of this divine space and it will bring you into inner earth /Agatha.

Because of this divine connection, when you become aware of ‘being’ in this space there will always be a group of light souls waiting to guide you with unconditional love.


For any one doing this meditation the light beings in the multi D fields of Agatha’s ‘know’ you are coming by your focused intent through your hearts they wait for you to move into this domain and are assisting, let them guide you.


It is your perception and heart felt love that will guide you, your perception of this space will ‘be’ whatever you THINK it will become. You are creating it as you enter.

The zero point is the potential; your thoughts and need’s will be creating the imagines that will sit well with you so that you are comfortable.

You will get a special guide to introduce you to life in middle earths multi D.

From here on you are experiencing this consciously, its part of your consciousness experiencing itself in the beyond space of the multi D.

You create it all, as you want it.


Enjoy the experience and ask any questions you have and when you are ready you tell them you are leaving and find a place to sit and breath into your heart and aske to be brought back to your original meditating place. END


Your perception of this while you are physical is limited to keep your perception in what you see and understand, it’s the cap that is set with the body perimeters so that you can explore into the beyond space in meditation and keep your physical structure on acceptable level of practice.


You would NOT function as a human on the 3rd D holo matrix of Gaia, if you did not have them set before you come into the human body.


Pushing them to your limit is your prerogative for your consciousness experiencing itself; every one has their own perimeters and ability while on Gaia in this way.


In a computer it’s the perimeter of its capacity that dictates how far it can go.

We have the flexibility of intellect and consciousness and we can learn and expand beyond our given perimeters if we want to its our choice and everything is correct.

You can understand things beyond the given norm, that way we can guide you to show the ways to move beyond the given perimeters of everyone who wants to take it up so share! Share! Share! It will all resonate with the correct energetic torus of those ready to take it even if they do not understand it yet.


It’s going into the collective consciousness of all souls the conscious ones know how they feel when reading our info and that is enough to be en-light-end from source.   Be Love: Be Light: Be happy.





Merlin says: come right into your own hearts zero point and feel the void, see how this turns slowly clock wise, watch as it turns sending arms of pure energy in all directions all slowly turning as in the shape of a galixy, you are looking within at your own seed galactic connections.

“Be’ there in your perception move to the zero point and ask to be released of all outmoded data, fears, memories and muscle memories be at the very base line of your existence here! Now!

Bring in the violet flame, engulf yourself in to ask A. A. Zadkiel and Amethysts to burn out all the old negative energies; feel it penetrate every minute molecule and corpuscle that holds the old negativity and feel these tension expand become light and greatly reduce any feelings of pain.

This is the 12/12healing meditation for Gaia and all humanity. Now list your dreams for the next cycle.

Having done this take yourself down into Agatha’s central sun and be released of the old to be ready for the Trinitized golden Dragon spiral waves to enter your core over the next 9 days it will be instilled on the 1/1 with great love light and healing for Gaia and all peoples.

In your perception you are in Gaia’s inner realm be with us the inter- galactic souls in Agatha, rest here in this warm cosy space and let yourself ‘be’ in this flow with the love.


These can be done if you feel you want to lots of love Barb x