Gaia’s healing at Findhorn:

In Sept 2015 you went to Findhorn and adjusted the energy at the Glory Hole that is directly connected Inner Earth at the North Pole

There had been a great earthquake in Japan that shifted the trajectory of Gaia s axis by 1% and this needed to re adjusted.

Findhorn is a very magical place with the softest energy you had every felt.

The following is what I wrote at that time



5/10/15 I arrive in Findhorn:

I arrived Monday the energy is very soft and peaceful I am staying in a hotel in the village of Findhorn by the river that leads into the North Sea it’s an old building and the rooms are not modern although they are warm, it’s a pub hotel known for it’s local food.

I felt very alone when I got here and cried a lot I was so tired I just went to sleep.

Tuesday it was raining I went for a walk down to the river and just sat and enjoyed the feeling of complete peace.

I felt connected:  My guides came:

Dear soul, the healing has begun, stay in this conscious calm state all the time, when the time is correct the shift will activate, this will be when you have adjusted your energy.

We are giving you a 5th D board of light that you can ‘be’ on it keeps you just above the 3rd Ds


This light board is my energy, when I anchor into Gaia it is this light that enters earth as the root.

The hot spot here is at the mouth of this inlet where to North Sea mixes with the soft rainwater from the hills, its called the Glory Hole by the locals, it’s a deep channel that runs through the gap between the inlet and the sea, I got an image of this portal.


Tomorrow I am going to create the healing using active imagination and on Thursday I will walk round to the Glory Hole and just ‘BE’ there and connect.

The next day, Wednesday I walked the other way and went into the sand dunes that stretched for miles, after dinner I was resting in my room I was inspired to spread the diamond energy across the northern hemisphere and completed the thing I did at the Isle of Wight.

I was getting images of the pillar of light moving like a gyroscope, it is how the portal is turning towards the north pole in sequence, when it gets to the exact place, where it lines up with Gaia’s axis, it will emanate the light frequency’s until you get out on the dunes.


The board of light with me on it gathered all the frequencies of light into it and moved to the Glory Hole, in my imagination I saw myself hovering over the channel, the board of light goes down into the portal, the frequencies aligned with a flash of light as the diamond body is anchored down into hollow earth it will emanate through Gaia and readjust the imbalance the axis will remain in its new place and re-balance with the new diamond body.


I can see how it looks there is a deep violet ball of the light frequency facing the North Pole with a golden lights through it making sacred geometry of the M cube activating all angles in sequence.

The auras of energy around it are the work of the board of light and the company of heaven Mother/ Father god and the multi dimension entities of the light frequency.


Now I see a Hugh light of love shining subtly out like a spot light over a very dark area.

It covers the North Pole from Findhorn round the artic circle and all the way down to the midland there is a yellow beam of pure love, pointing to the axis, I am holding it, I am told different, its goanna stay for the rest of this year to the winter solstice.

I went to sleep the next day Thursday I walked round to the Glory Hole that is out on the dunes facing the north sea it was a lovely sunny day and I sat out here feeling and connecting to the energy for three hours I could feel the strong, soft, energy.

The channel where the glory Hole is goes deep I could see where it dropped away, it went down and had a strong dark swirly current I got tired and want to go home I feel like we have done the job.

The Findhorn stuff was now done now and I hold it and let it evolve

 the image I visulised is in PHOTOS





Happy solstice, I created the new M cube it has two extra circles at the top and bottom and three extra diamonds down the middle, it sits firmly over the violet flame that I saw at Findhorn and like the flame, the cube is fully inserted into Gaia it’s creating the feedback loops that’s needed to fully integrate the 5th D into the earth and all the solar system, then the galaxy’s this loop goes far out into the universe, we grounded this into Gaia.


I was drawing the cube and Willow my daughter is making them, we are being told that its important for the coming year, we did not know what this meant, so we followed our feelings and imagination knowing that these were real in another D, we new it was so, but did not quite know how.

At the spring equinox we opened the portal at the church and connected the energy from the North Pole/ Agatha with Metatron at the Glory Hole in Findhorn and I were told we were going to Ibiza Spain next year.