Looking back to move forwards!


In March 20/3/15 an energetic sacred geometrical energetic portal has been formed into Gaia at the church to connect a channel from the Agatha to the solar system and galaxy for the upgrade of consciousness of mankind and Gaia working with Ascended Masters

It is a multi faceted portals/ energy grids will be geometrically linked to each other spontaneously in the super- position of the quantum waves that are formed by pure light, love and compassion that is given out by the individuals involved in a meditation.

We focus and were shown a small gap, a circle about a meter across here in the church: on the surface underneath it is very BIG, I followed the directions given using a globe.

From the church point London move down one full square to the tropic of cancer ALGERIA.

From London go up one square, it brings us to SVALBARD.

From London move 3 squares west to QUEBEC.  

From London move 3 squares east, to the RUSSIAN FEDERATION.

And of course it is as deep as it is wide, it is reflective,  holographic, multi dimensional, and super symmetry.

This was the first part.


14/4/25: The grid was set with the patterns that are in the picture.

We were told that the energy portal is sunk into Gaia at the church and can be accessed through this energy point. Once you activate the portal the thing will start to spin slowly and as it spins it will shoot out electro magnetic photons light energy that will then radiate through the blockage that you have been shown.

This happened at the time of the equinox, we were reminded of Findhorn and energy points on the earth, Findhorn was an energy vortex that the Metatron energy comes to the surface of Gaia.

When the creations have been completed it will be set in space-time in the multi dimensional consciousness of human Consciousness.

The grid has been integrated into Gaia now and your job is done here, for the time being.


[We had not linked it to Inner Earth, Agatha yet]


PS All this work has to do with the strong magnetism of each place that we were balancing North Pole, Findhorn and Ibiza.

 The opening of the portal at the church in Essex is directly open to the North Pole.

I am drawing the Metatron cube in its completeness and then in its geometric parts and the flower of life, which is the feminine of the cube. We got the info about Inner earth/Agatha through the Metatron channel

who told me that while I was doing these drawings I was learning how the geometric shapes are a deeper part of the earths healing systems to be used bring in the new earth energy.

 I was being integrated with this geometric maths energy in a way that I would be able to understand going over it again and again was the way it became hardwired into my being.

May 2015:

The Metatron cube is a tool to be used as and when and where it’s needed  right now it’s setting the code for the higher D to be actualised on the surface of Gaia.

To do this we go into middle earth within the cube and emanate, connect to the Agatha and start to turn the cube clock wise inside earth.

This will start an action that will re-calibrate the cube and then it will be able to set into its rightful place in the inner earth.

The pattern that emanates out will flow outwards, inwards, universally, multi dimensionally and heal the space and cube can start to re-create the positive energy.

This will be used universally for the re- balance of the positive energy to be coherent and compatible to bring consciousness into hearts and minds of the many great is this time.


I am questioning the existence of inner earth, Agatha

Spiritually its said that the frequency in this place is of the 5th dimension and its where the souls of the Atlantis and Lemuria  are existing.

I want to know if I can go there in meditation to experience it, how connected to the truth of this am I?

Answer:  Very connected, it is the truth, and you have to understand the multi D to take it on board profoundly.

Because of your human vessel and all of its social mores you have trouble accepting what seems like the unacceptable, your thoughts are tainted with the fairy stories you have been given all your life.

Step out of the box and open your mind about this, then you will experience the feelings that are given with knowledge.



Inner Earth, Agatha, and P.I. my new guide

Q: Does the grand central sun in Agatha activate the outside sun, in this sequence?

A: Yes it works that way; all the planets in the local solar system work this way.

The multi D essence of life allow the energies of the hollow earth and the other planets to be the triggers for the outer changes.

The life forms that reside inside every planet or large formation that spins are all in the process of change opening up of the ascension and consciousness of all.

Each planet is like Gaia, they all have the consciousness of their type of race, each has part of the central sun within, each has the higher light frequency and a much more advanced way of life than earth people.

The earth people are mostly of the lower 3rd D frequency the reason for this change is to bring a more balanced unity of all life.

Each central sun pours energy out to the solar system sun, so that it can send out solar flairs that then come back into the central sun of each planet this interaction changes the 3rd D part of the universe.