The word teaching! To help other to understand about something they are unaware of it’s a good word:

Be an open teacher enabling others to FIND their own unique way to learn and understand what they need, to evolve in their life, no set rules

The councils come in and say;

In the brand new light of free Gaia we use a method of sharing with others experiences to enable the receiver to use their uniqueness to interpret it in their own chosen frequency. This will enable them to remember what they already know but have forgotten.

It’s a free flow of data that is designed to enliven the innate frequency of any individual’s knowledge; all people have this at different levels of understanding: in sharing this way allow others to open their own doorways to their truth that has been closed.

It is a biological fact that there is a block to the memory of past existences in the brain; this IS the door.

[For more information watch Billy Carson’s video the holographic matrix]

This way of sharing free flow data is made up of ancient quotient light language coding that’s being channelled and shared for all souls freely with open heart UNCONDITIONAL love to be picked up by those who are ready to receive and transmit to other.

Be light be love Be happy