Be in the silence again to keep in the beyond space.

We understand how you can get caught up in the 3rd D hologram matrix, but ‘be’ aware that coming back to the quiet IS the lesson it IS the lesson of this portal. This is the reiteration portal 10/10 and 11/11 the giver 12/12 is the keeper of the light knowledge its being given to everyone in the light language codes and reminding souls to remember that they are receiving the light quotient and it is high, its sweeping energy, sweeping all souls into their next step of 2019 be aware of this being the lesson.

Remember to allow yourself to be in it: it is the understanding.

The forgetfulness is coming to an end for all peoples who are becoming aware of their own consciousness experiencing itself on the 3rd D Hologram Matrix.

Slowly people are not being drawn so deeply into the media and negativity. The cloud of electronics is becoming empty.

The bubble has broken in this illusion here! Now!

The reason is the ones in control are not evolving in their work ethic they are stuck in the past vibration of their work and applying the old “trusted”!! Method of the past! It cannot be sustained in this new light frequency.

 The ones who have changed their work ethics are flourishing and growing while the ones in control are slowly receding through their own resistance to the energy change frequency. It’s only a matter of earth time before the illusion fades out.

In Hans Christen Andersen story “ The kings new clothes ” the truth is showing making it’s self-shown.

  11/11 brought in GMR and Fibonacci fields: 11/11 is the giver, 12/12 is to sustain and 1/1/ is the beginning: