The portal 12/12 is open and emitting light.

The 11/11 brought Golden Mean Ratio light into the consciousness and DNA of humanity: 12/12 is expanding it to incorporate the Torus Field for people to become conscious of these new fields of light.

They are the Dragon light fields from the Ain Soph that are required for the 2019 up take of Gaia ascension. The future light fields are of the frequency vibrational light.

What has been said about the light seeds coming into their unique understanding is correct, the next stage to that is understanding that they ARE the light beings that are consciousness experiencing itself and these math based light structures, Metatron Cube, flower of life, Golden Mean Ratio, Fibonacci fields and the Torus fields are the future; when they step into it with their understanding they will realise and become confident that they are standing tall on Gaia with love.