Listen dear soul ‘we’ councils and galactic souls want to direct you.

All of this latest stuff coming onto the media about consciousness and ascension is from the 2000-2018. The ‘new-Bee’s’ are coming forwards into mainstream media. They are reiterating what we learnt over this period of time.

Its taken 18 years for this to filter down into mans collective consciousness to get this far. Only look at it if you need to revise any of it to understand these new concepts like the Torus fields within your hearts, Tan Tiens chakras and sacred breath.

You are breaking through the groundwork for the others to follow: you are working from beyond the matrix you dip in and out of it, the info from Billy Carson is up to date.

 A Torus is an accepted model for energy fields, it is a dynamic, closed circuit and a self-sustaining system that flows freely in all direction with an emphasis on an ascending and descending spiral flow of energy.

In the centre is zero point this is a place of limitless potential and generates re-organisation and its stable.

Torus is the under lining structure of every atom, molecule, cell, crystal, plant, human, planets, solar systems and galaxies.

 They are nested within and integrate into another more encompassing toroi, it’s the nature of the universe.

Within humans each chakras, acupuncture point and every energy centre is a toroidal flow; it flows within itself in both directions.

The inner torus connects to a larger tori connecting to the larger human torus the aura field round the body they are all connected to source that is all enclosed and encompassing.

Humans are connected to the universal tori through source above and below its moves up and down at the same time, this like chi in chi kung except its not linier its spiral.


The Zero point in the human body is above the navel and the high heart, in chi Kung this is the middle and higher Tan Tiens its electro magnetic pole to pole.

It does relate directly to the practice of chi kung and the chakras it’s the expanded version of chi kung inner breath.

Breath in with the torus spiral breath instead of a linier breath,

Take it down to the lower chakras/ Tan Tien it will rise naturally to middle and upper chakras, it spins in a spiral down and up all energy points in the body.