Galactic Souls tell us about the Torus fields and Zero point:

This morning we were looking at the way of the pyramids and we found a video of the Toroidal field and it resonated with our frequency.

We felt the galactic souls and the councils coming in with data about this and it is important to understand it for the brand new way of being on 5th D Gaia and the work that’s to be done with the healing and balancing of Gaia Solar system and galaxies.

And this is what they wrote.

All energy moves in a Torus field manner this means the energy sent out will form a sacred pattern called a Torus and move back to itself making this doughnut shaped pattern.

The heart possesses the zero point from which this torus field stems from with the thought process of sending energy out.

Keep it love not negative for everything we send out will coms back to us.

It comes from the point of unity and expresses itself and then comes back to unity, the zero point. It’s a self-organising field of unity.

This self-organising energy goes back into itself always.

The point it stems from in the body is the heart zero point and that’s where it goes back to, what a person gives out is what is brought back to them on the torus field’s sacred geometry it is in line with the GMR and Fibonacci spirals.

Zero point is the place in energy where there are no particles it is the field of potential that is pure light wavelets before it has and form and this is where we can create.

This is in the hearts of all living things and when given unconditional love focus create a torus field that goes out and then comes back on itself.


Merlin comes into our field at this point:

We are acting from outside of the hologram close your physical eyes and see through your 3rd eye.

Breathe into your/our/ Gaia’s hearts and activate the Torus GMR spirals of crystal light.

Remember we are beyond the 3rd D in the 5th +Ds of oneness, focus into the grand central sun in Agatha with your conscious awareness and give out/ transmit unconditional love field and feel it when it connects start to organise itself to go out to! Where?

It goes out to the local star systems in the Milky Way and Andromeda and as far as the 22-diamond galaxy array in mid heaven.


It floods this area with heartfelt unconditional love that is consciousness experiencing itself through us all, bringing in the sacred light fields that stem from the ALL and Unity of the Zero point.

Know that the connectedness as one is always in play, we all stem from the one zero point and we all go back to it.

 As the torus field forms and then comes back on itself it brings with it the brand new light focus back into Gaia and all planets in the local universe down to the smallest creature on3rd D Gaia as it comes in it expands up-grades and imbibes this into everyone and thing; all previous work will now carry this new galactic coded light frequency to en-lighten it to its next period of self truth and to outside and inside the Gaia hologram matrix and in the beyond space the true world of pure consciousness.

As you’re a seeing in the 3rd eye it’s happening on the multi light levels at the same time we must keep the focus and energy.


Every linier grid that has been set by all L/Workers over the last 20 years is now lined with this Torus GMR crystals spirals in the consciousness of the collective of the wholeness, there is nothing linier left in the work. Today its being transmuted in its sacred geometrical Torus and GMR infinite shapes consciously with the correct weights and measurements the math has been up-dated into this new 5th Gaia in the hologram and in the light fields that are beyond.


We feel that we are looking at info that is to be understood before we can go to Glastonbury and balance fire and water next June and this is part of that.

Being consciously aware that we are living in the beyond the 3rd D holo is quite liberating and quiet strange in so much as we do feel part of it but also detached, it’s a quandary, a paradox.

We are being told to share this as the new way of being on Gaia to facilitate this up grade. We are going to share it with a friend.