12/12 fields The Galactic councils say:

We are in the opening of the 12/12 fields leading to the winter solstice, and we feel like we are in a void, nothing is settling.

The councils tells us:

Yes of course, it’s the next cycle of light this period of time is very intense, no sooner do you receive one upgrade you get the next and the next until the 1/1, after that it will quieten down a bit!


I/w can feel it changing within it’s like a frequency fudging feeling, not quite tuned in.


We can tell you that you have not become accustomed yet, its still settling down within, there must be NO resistance.

All this is happening to Gaia and all peoples, please keep grounded into inner earth and the high hearts use the binaural sound, keep learning about the torus field and keep practicing consciousness experiencing itself until it becomes natural, this is helping the collective of humanity, Gaia and all planets, galaxies and universe.

This 12/12 light spirals are of the nature of the Torus integrated system it is enhancing all peoples awareness to their unique learning path. It’s a beautiful bountiful light it’s the Torus, Golden Mean Ratio, the Flower of Life and the Metatron Cubes sacred geometric shapes of pure light within.