Practice Conscious Experiencing Itself:

Rea thinks, since that last data she has been trying to practice these thought changes.

Today as she come off the train to go to an appointment she felt pain and changed her thoughts to her field consciousness and felt it move through her pain, repeating to herself whilst she walked, she kept it open and she was completely aware of it and her physical pain subsided and she realised she was looking at the world, people, shops and everyone going about their business from the outside of the 3rd D holographic matrix drama and she felt good.

Remembering to breath into her field that is beyond of the 3rd D matrix hologram, centring into this field that has no connection to the earths hologram matrix of the 3rd D she realised that she was in the high consciousness experiencing itself while residing in a bio-suit separation on earth in this moment.


Personal observation:

This piece of data that came in the middle of the night on the 19/11/18 is powerful light code language that holds the ability to transform the brain and DNA of mankind so the inner alterations of Gaia + life and humanity starts to be processed.


Beyond the 3rd D holo matrix is being outside “Plato’s Cave” except the outside is NOT as we know how earth is.

Instead, its all fields and wave poriential that moves, flowing into any object you want to create.

Its not a set landscape of how we see it in our 3rd D vision, it’s the Multi D vibrational waves spirals of the Golden Mean Ratio, in the 3rd D holographic world we are static; out here we are light flowing energy with colour.


My Q:  What about the Galactic beings are they tall and human like or are they just fields?

A: In the same way your body is so is that of the galactic souls, they are beyond the3rd D H.M. They can shape shift and be any shape they want

It’s the peoples 3rd D holographic belief that there is any shape; its all energy.

The energies pick up on the intelligent conscious and understanding of the souls or groups they are giving data to and personalise them self in a matching image so that the souls can get the message and accept the understanding.

Colour is useful in the energy frequency each one has a different signature. Middle Earth/ Agatha is beyond the hologram matrix the higher beings, Galactic souls function in this space.


Personal observation:

Its been 28 years since we first heard of the holographic theory and 8 years since we started to really study it and then we set about re-setting our own holographic drama to eliminate old beliefs that do not serve any more.

In terms of Steve Davis book “Butterfly Are Free To Fly” there are many more people at the back of the theatre and very few who have stepped out of it completely, there are still many sitting in the theatre watching the screen.