Can’t sleep our mind is questioning all of this data about the holographic matrix. Are we living in it! Are we really a human being or are we a spiritual energy field!

And if so WHY do we bother to do any of this stuff, is it worth doing and why should we carry on with it when we could just walk away??

What is the truth; is the information in these videos and channels true or is it fake information set up for the 3rdD holographic matrix of the on-going earth drama?

 Even that! Am I a, ‘ME’ or ‘US’ is it me the holographic Barbara Joan or us the Barbara Joan higher being?

Which part is the truth and which is illusion; everything is photon light spinning in a void; am I the void or the light? Am I the hologram or am I outside of the hologram looking in?

Take the perception of my creator’s field consciousness outside this hologram and show me what lies beyond the holographic 3rd D Gaia?


Its ok BJ what you are on 3rd D Gaia is the same as the rest of consciousness existing on earth for this period you are Barbara Joan the physical being and you are also BJ I/we because it is one and the same, every person on Gaia is this.

The arguments you have with yourself is your higher self interacting with your physical body, your heart and brain beliefs these are coming in for question and we can answer these and tell you how it is.



The light cannot experience anything in its original state, light is consciousness and at the level of pure potential, zero point there is NO experience.


For photon light consciousness to experience itself it creates scenarios of different life forms, you are this consciousness photon light at potential level and have chosen to ‘be’-come a human on Gaia in 1944-2034??

All others have come into their own unique chosen scenarios of life for their own experiences.


This time span on Gaia is the time when she is being upgraded into her next cycle of life. This is part of the creator plan there is not a single creator, all photon light consciousness is the creator of everything including the system of the universes across the span of an infinite scenario.


Everyone is made of photon light consciousness as a field of light that has manipulate itself to ‘be’ in the biological body, bio-suit to experience this technology of discovering how it is to forget/ loose all knowledge, then realise that its not forgetting, its been switch off so that the experience of complete immersion into this period of the chosen holographic drama can be a total experience.


Each soul, photon light consciousness, is at its own chosen level of frequency, some have chosen to keep a large part of their knowledge available to bring it forwards for the progress and to re-set the cycle of 25 and 250.000 years by natural insights and connection to the higher beings.

The ones beyond of the holograph matrix of 3rd D Gaia are outside PLATOS CAVE.  [See Wikipedia for explanation].

That is part of the overall plan of every-one, you the creator, who is part of an even bigger field of light consciousness that is equal to you and is your soul purpose to bring your experiences into the collective consciousness field of the all. There is NO single GOD all fields are equal, no judgement, all is inner unconditional love from the hearts of consciousness of the one that’s where all peoples are.

These frequencies are on scale fields from light to dark.


You have all chosen different levels of light and are working on Gaia’s hologram 3rd D matrix to keep your level, whatever it is light or darker.

The same way and reason as your level everyone is experiencing this to be added to the photon light consciousness it is a wave scale up’s and down’s on this 3D holographic Gaia.


The aim on the 3rd D hologram matrix is to bring in balance and equilibrium for the next cycle of Gaia so that she can evolve back into her true state of being after this last cycle of negativity.

Then Gaia is destined to change her frequency, all souls are here to make these changes come about by their conscious realisations, as a human being, life can be as sweet as honey once the balance is back and the future of the new cycle has began it will pan out over the long term calendar 25 and 225.0000years.

Then it will be reverse again infinity.


So it is worth it! There is an outcome in the infinite fields of photon light consciousness at the frequency of the field of potential zero point where it all comes from.

 Enjoy your knowledge and use your innate power of creations to get exactly where you feel or want to be within your conscious hearts of pure love.


Keep sharing our knowledge when we say our! We are talking about beyond the 3rd D holographic matrix Gaia, that’s where we hale from and you are our ground crew on 3D Gaia to be the transmitter and receiver of these ‘beyond light flow’s to change the frequency of light level that’s taking Gaia 3rd Ds into a light stream to take her into the 5th-12th frequency so that all life on her can be updated.

Read this and adapt it to your thought actins feeling and decide about how to ‘be’ in your life FREE!