Re- video of Bill Carson: Incredible 36.000-year-old ancient discovery indicates we are living in the matrix.

There is so much stuff going through our brain we need to talk to the higher beings!


Can we go into the inter-galactic chamber at the school for some sensible talking about all of this?

We are the councils of light in the galactic chambers we are reassuring you that all is well and on track for the disclosure of this ancient knowledge to be released.

This information is about the pyramids over energy nodes, vortexes and portal that are placed round Gaia and connected through, her creating a full grid system of vortex grids that are energising the ancient Atlantis potentiality that is able to create levitation and humans to remember their latent being that is beginning to awakening up from a very long time.

This initiation is under way, the cosmic spiral Golden Mean Ratio spirals and waves that are coming into the galixy on the sacred numerology solstices and equinox is giving these activation a continual stream of quotient light particles for this technology order to slowly step up /increase this re- emerging source from the magnetism into the fractal pattern of the GMR, Flower of Life at the base level, the field of potential of consciousness in mankind and Gaia and life zero point.

There is much to do before mankind is ready for any disclosure of this into mainstream.

These who are ready will take the light language into their DNA from these channelling, for the extra down load of data from this technology from the Atlantis.

Its about how the pyramids are fractal inside going down to the very small and every one are pyramids built on top of one another its all relevant info for the DNA to receive and remember from the ancient times.

The data we are passing on is triggering the human mind via the open DNA to allow the dormant DNA to be enlightenment enough to re-instate its natural process to receive and transmit the wisdom of this knowledge that’s been asleep.


It does not matter how it’s written the instructions are there and are using Quantum entanglement to transfer it to all readers by the act of reading it.

The frequency of these are coming from this quotient level of light that is compatible to the area beyond the 3D field matrix, the quantum entanglement given up this vast field of material for transference into the DNA of man.

The power of this light from the universe has reached the point in re-construction of the universes and Gaia in the 3rd D it’s the infinite frequency of life, Golden Mean Ration constructing again and again.

Be light. Be love. Be happy. x