11 HOUR,11 DAY, 11 MONTH:

11Hour/11Day/11 Month:

Its enough to know that these rays going into and outwards of the Pennsylvania portal is of a circular oval nature because of the spin on the planet they come from and go to everything in the our local galaxies and others creating the doughnut circle effect.


Just attach to us the councils of this galactic fields and let it flow through your expanded field that is encompassing Gaia on her surface and on the multi D of her inner earth.


We are projecting out through ALL magnetic gates, nodes and portals on her surface anchoring these light pulses as they infiltrate and clear the Pennsylvania portal re- aligning it to the higher vibration of the new earth pattern for earth re-construction of the unified group as one to work together to regulate and overseer a unification of life on Gaia.

This is the beginning it will take time for this to unfurl into physical life.