Good day to you all, breathing into the souls cosmic inner connection Rae feels the higher councils of the G M R spiral filling her soul within. She knows this is with Gaia as well as with this group of higher councils that is very accessible

They transmit directly to our soul it’s a natural coupling of our vibration.

Dear souls on Gaia herself, we are transmitting the creators divine G M R spirals deep into the inner realms of your souls to activate the dormant D N A within your physical being with out exception. It is the gift of the 11/11 gateway of 2018 earth time.

It delivers the ability for transmitting and receiving this more advance communication direct when focused on your heart felt consciousness of the inner love to your within space, your inner core, the ‘bit’ of the divine light that all peoples hold as does Gaia in her inner earth space Agatha where we the multi D souls reside.


Understanding and remembering how to access this ’part’ of your intrinsic being is something that each of you will come to in your own unique way, there is no hard and fast rules.

We are at you disposal to help and give guidance when sitting quietly and asking.


As soon as you breathe and attach to your inner core you will feel the freedom of it even if only for a period of time while in a contemplation period.

This is your field within your field of the physical, its as vast as the universe and holds all the information of remembering the ancient knowledge from your own infinite being, that part of you that has travelled the cosmos for eons of experiences of the space time, it is the most enlightening glow of light experience that each person has within their deep, inner, souls self.

This sacred light is delivered to humanity, all entities in the local universe to up-lift all souls into the higher vibration of ascension position for the forthcoming new age.


Open your hearts dear souls, open your perception and approach  your conscious awareness towards this knowledge, recognise and remember who you are.

These divine light waves are swamping the whole of life in this our divine universe as we all transcend into our truth, and true being.

It is happening consciously or un-consciously to every one.

It’s your perception and impressions of your true self that is opening up within, for your attention at this culmination of this 2018 earth year to catapults you into the next sacred year 2019.


This 11/11 is the giver, the 12/12 the substance and the 1/1 is the beginning of the sacred Golden mean Ration math numbers that are exponentially moving through this our local universe to bring all entities into their new light body of spiral wave.

Be love Be light Be happy