We of the Merlin/Melchior Metatron and Michael plane of existence are defining /establishing the light emission from this plane down through to the base line of Gaia, humanity and life.

The dragon light is from the circle of life in its state of potential before it comes through the shining discs that are emanating light from the Creator God.

The harmony and balance of the male/female unification through the ley lines at Glastonbury will be done by the next galactic year July 2019.


Personal Meditation: the field of the councils are smiling.

We take this deep into the inner area of Gaia and us, it moves round her strata before homing in to Agatha where all the 5th D fields from the circles of energy potential light dolphins, whales and serpents/ dragons are healing and emanating their love trough Gaia.


Sit on Gaia in the presence of the sun/ central sun of this planet

The alchemy is to bring in fire and water from the dragon fields using the correct weights and measurements to blend them into the unity  the boundless light.

The correct weights and measurements has to be connected in the multi D realms and it has to also be in binary in this connectedness this means you have two states of being!  

STOP!! The word binary please explain how this is relevant?


When we are doing meditations/ mind experiments/ alchemy to bring fire and water together there HAS to be a perfect balance: the state of being with the fire and water is OFF while the balance is being created and will only be switched to NO when everything is perfectly correct: 

only then, can this be done, this perfection will be initiated by the higher realms who will be in control of this unification at the time of the Summer Solstice 2019.

It is the light from the outer 22 Galactic Diamond Crystal Spiral + the ancient Galactic fields from Atlantis and Lemuria for the job it will come through us to you then it will retreat back to its original place.

It is initiated through the galactic star patterns that were set up last year you and Willow will be the cartelist for this as ground crew.