The Nov energy 1/11 is urging me to think about what I want to manifest in the future.


The Nov energy 1/11 is urging me to think about what I want to manifest in the future.


1st on the physical existence we want to manifest a good book/ journal and finish it in 2018.

2nd begin to create this 2nd journal called the galactic journey.

3rd begin to manifest enough money to carry on with our ascension journey.

4th during our galactic journey we manifest a deeper understanding of this unknown information to bring it into our physical existence then to the rest of humanity.

5th begin to manifest and create our inner galactic diamond skeleton and human body in all tis entirety.

 6th I am to start to manifest the power within Gaia and me as one to give out to all peoples, animals, plant life that exists on Gaia.

7th we manifest the technology that’s held in Agatha for the new earth template of the Atlantis + all other galactic sources of ancient technology to be lain and constructed through Gaia and us.


This is my list for creating that, which can manifest over the next year or so.


There is no TIME limit with this method of creating I have used this method twice before over the last 3 years to visualise in my imagination how I want my life to be.


Both times it has come out, as I wanted it to, this is a method that I got from the book called ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’ by Dr Joe Dispenza.


Now I am in the space I need to be, to ask, not only for the physical things but also for the insights and understanding to be able to go forwards into the realms of the higher Dimensions.


Because I have no reference point to what this future holds I cannot imagine it in the same way as before when it was all physical, it was easy to get a picture in my head of the house I wanted to live in and the car I wanted to drive.


This time its more complicated and I will have to use the knowledge that I have gained along with the feeling the I get with it.






The transmutation of the old energy of Gaia has now been completed to formulate a new clear up graded pattern of energy within.

This has been an on going transforming with the same elements over a period of time that has been shown to you in dream state and today it changed into the lovely new clear energy of a formed structure of a solid light shiny new shape that looked like a smooth table type shape made of a warm brown wood with light golden edges holding this disk into place.

Over this last period the reoccurring dreams of an energy field as an isolated form has been shown repeatedly, as time has gone by it has been going through a transformation layer after layer until today when you saw it as a rich deep brown shiny wooden type table top, something like that with its new shiny emergence with its shape completed as it moved away from you and set itself into tis created new earth base line.


Personal observation: Dream

I am completely zoned out on this, the moment I got up and switched on the light I cannot remember very much at all, all I can recall is a beach road and a round bay we were taking a red tatty boat with a strange shape that we beached and dragged up to a boat house where it became transformed into they beautiful shape that looked like a big table top with shining gold edges and it glowed with a light sheen.

At one point in this dream I lost my bike, before I joined the crew with the boat I was cycling and then I got off the bike to find the boat and crew and when I got back the bike had gone.

None of it upset me it felt completely normal.

I did not ‘see’ the faces of the others in the dream, they were there but we did no have to speak it was just done.



I feel your connection.

Yes dear, we are with you, over these last weeks you have been working to help bring the flow lines into the new earth connection, this is a connection for the new earth magnetic upgrade as Gaia comes into alignment with the extended star systems.

There are still two more settings that will be done over the next two months and a settling period during January 2018 while you are on the Spanish coast with us in our newly set portal.


Then there is your attachment to the new earth clear canvas of white mutable light, and the beautiful deep warm brown with gold of what you termed as I table, its not a table it is the platform that you and us have been creating now since 2016.

Starting with the incoming gamma light and then developing into the diamond crystal star light.

There has been a separation between the original platform that you drew in 2016 when this was created it was in layers of frequency’s that could only be brought onto the 3rd D earth via this method that is the inner frequency layers that were protected by the gamma light and set until the planetary vibration raises enough for the inner light to be enabled for this white light sheet of pure essence.

The other part has becomes the platform for you and other to ‘be’ on as a grounding energy that your can work from.

The back up for these is in-formation coming from the others who is talking about the new way forwards. The light workers, who resonate with your frequency of light, do not doubt yourself, all is correct.



I cover my eyes and I see that the gyroscopic magnetic core of Gaia’s inner earth is SHIFTING NOW!

The circles within her is re-locating according to the alignment to the star flow lines /grids of November.

It adjusts a ‘bit ever three days of your time, every day in our time line, it moves 10 times this month. If you knew how to do the correct weight and measurement in an astrologically way you could plot it precisely.

The magnetic gyroscope circles in Gaia are what will line up on the 21st of December and you are to assist this.

Remember this is happening to you and every time you get the feeling of in-balance they are actually moving and every time you cry you release any old energy so does Gaia and THIS IS how you are working all the time on healing and aiding these new frequencies of light.



 Everything I am reading is saying the same thing, we are digging out deeper old beliefs and emotional stuff so the light can come in and be anchored over the next 2 months,

WELL… I am fed up with it, its this deep sadness that’s rising in my solar plexus that engulfs my whole body and sense of being, its overwhelming.

Its destructive to my balance, I can’t keep my balance when it raises, its TO BIG for me to cope with, it feels like the whole of Gaia is in me crying!!

The only way through is to totally surrender to it and allow the energy to be fully experienced and THEN I can let it go until it comes up again like a wave of emotional pain, I am on a surf board but it keeps going down into the base of the wave where I have to cry it out.

Obviously all these things that are coming up are part of my life plan so I know I can cope with them, I understand this but it does not make it any easier.

I also know that it is preparing me for the galactic work that lies ahead for everyone and me, I just need to let it be no matter how painful it seems.

This will change as soon as l have transmuted to the diamond crystal skeleton and full body.

Although these things are from my perspective I am being told that everything that gets written in my journal is happening to everyone on and Gaia herself, so its relevant of all humanity not just me.


Dear soul, we come to tell you that you HAVE to go through this change in THIS WAY.

It’s the only way for your body matrix to change.

If we instigated it to be quick as you feel you want it to be, you would not be able to process the light influx enough and it would blow your matrix circuit as in an overload in the same way as if you tried to put 1,000 amps through a 10 amp plug, it would blow it up and destroy it.

So be patient and let it be, you are coping well with it, many others would have opted out be now and would shut it all down it is a free will planet remember and just live their lives out.

Very personal perspective

Why am I going through this horrible feelings of distress, it keeps coming up and waving over me, on and on, IS IT EVER GOING TO STOP!!!! EVER.

It is happening at least 4 times a day or night why!

It keeps coming, was that easy feeling just am illusion, have I been in an illusion ALL my life and am now still in it?

The fact is I am still suffering the problem of not having Vern here, I miss him: I am not over it, this alone life, on days like this I do not like it, its not what I signed up for, I signed up to be with him until I died.

How is it that he died instead of me?

He would have been able to get another women quick and not been on his own.

But I do not want to get another man, I Cant replace you with some one else I still love you.


Dear soul, You Can get through it, not over it, you won’t get over it but you will get through it.

The wave has moved now and I do not feel as bad, see you can get through it as soon as you go into it.

See it’s passed now; it’s like being emotionally sick, spewing out that misery.

And the pain has gone down now back to level 2 Graham always said our pain is the outcome of unreleased emotions, that’s true.


7/11/17: the dream I kept going to clime up a slope and at the top looking over into an area where there were a field of land that had oval cream coloured oblong objects growing in line

Then it be-come golden yellow and mature, the difference was another field of these that was very grounded in the soil and yellow and ethereal.

3 stages of the progress of growths outcome, while I was watching the fields, others thought I was strange to be just watching.


7/11/17:Re- star flow lines and grids:

The ones you set up and passed on at the beginning of November is being advanced, activated, actualised and anchored into Gaia by Verna and Kerry.

You can know that all is up to date and when the time is right for your time line to take up the end game for this time, we the soul group elders will bring it into your conscious thought so that you and us can finish this section of the holding platform in Gaia and the planetary star grids so that Gaia can transpose into her new magnetic core with Vega, all is well. Thank you x


Everyone is a portal of light from his or her hearts.

The people do not understand the idea of the multi D, they are still thinking in their 3D way where they think they need to go somewhere to get to a portal of light that they can access when all the time they are these portals.


Personal thought: I don’t want to have another birthday. I am aware of this emotional pain and I am sinking my mind and thoughts right into this truth deep down in me so that I can experience it and then let it flow away from my new diamond crystal body and mind.

11/11/17: observation: 11/11 + the new earth creations

The 11/11 is when we all receive the augment light quotient and the increase of the divine light within, this is what is shifting!

I can feel some thing is changing since 2 days ago even longer maybe 5 days. But yesterday and today I have felt very disorientated its as if my body is involuntary shifting I can feel it happening, how can I help myself to bring this shape change on?

Elders: keep your neck/ head relaxed and keep bringing yourself into a lower state of being energetically, the energy is raising up to the head creating tension that will come into your body.

I visited Verna, she mind called me, She is Vega and I am Gaia!!


Re-clean sheet of energy that’s laid out before me and in Gaia’s body, I have laid consciousness on it and am building light every time I remember.

After my conversation with Verna today I will now add Harmony, love, balance and light through feelings and imagination.

 The feelings of love and imagination are the way to create the new deeper layer of Gaia, think multi D.

Feeling and imagination are fields of energy, laying them down with the others is HOW you can create the new earth.

It’s you’re consciousness+ feelings+ imagination all given with love from the hearts.

I am using imagination to put harmony in life, growth, solar system, galixy, colour, creation and beauty, the layers are created and it merges with the consciousness making it grow.

Harmony+ balance.

Now its opened enough I can put in balance in the same way, for this I am using the yin yang symbol, constantly changing and rebalancing, I can feel the symbol as I imagining myself running round the sheet drawing it as I go, then filling in the two sides until they are complete.

As this merges it changes into a thousand symbols that represent balance, they go into the mix.


Next there is love, this comes in a great cloud from the Galactic elders through the hearts of all elders and souls who focus onto the sheet.

As the cloud merges the sheet grows expanding into mixed colours, all independent of each other making a kaleidoscope in, on, through and around it the feelings and imaginations forms these into the peaceful harmony of balance, love, feelings and imagination.


Now I link with the star patterns, flow lines and the power from these backs all that I am, I do, and be, for this momentum of a day, 11/11/17, its all of us!

The team galactic elders + all the star beings from these star patterns flow lines, all this comes into the new earth clean sheet of creation.


This is the next move we the Galactic and Atlantis elders lay the star grids into the sheet.

This Acton alters the FLAT unified shape into a new unified multi D universal, solar system and galixy with Gaia in her position on the arm of the galixy in the new earth and universal system.


The flat sheet energies are all the elements they make up the new earth consciousness into the universal map of the Galaxy’s and our Milky Way and all stars planets in them.


It’s a multi D image in depth and density and although its not physical yet it’s a universe with the new earth order running through it, this is a baby universe that needs love, attention, nurturing so that it can grow.


Personal perception:

I need to understand that while I am doing this its not separate from me, it is me, I am part of that wave that is everywhere and its this that’s going to hold this light, love, harmony, balance and  universal feeling from within. IT’S NOT ON THE OUTSIDE! THERE IS NO OUTSIDE!

I do not take a place in it because I am everywhere and all I need to do is feel the energy of all the elements and give out, expand my own energy, at the same time the new earth/ universe order will be formed, created, re-formed and re-created as an on going flowing adjustments of creation using the given elements until they all settle into the basic matrix of this structure and be-come aligned with the astrological movement during this period of 2017- 18 from now to Jan 28 then on-going to 2/2 February.


Everything that is given out with the elements of love, consciousness, harmony balance, feelings and imagination from everyone who is working with this new light will be a part of this new earth/ universe order.


There is no mistake and no way for a reversal on this now,

Every light workers, way showers, people with the higher frequency will do this with the blessing of the divine, elders, and Eloim this is the hierarchy of the power of god, shining the light directly onto humanity.


With this feeling I can understand how I can ‘be’ in the multi D, I can feel my wave moving inside of me.

I can feel the segments of my energy, I am not sure how this will work in my everyday life or whether I can retain it.

One other thing, I am in old Gaia while holding and creating the new, how does that work?


It’s the 15 degrees you are working and being on that is the new earth Gaia that is almost in the same place as old Gaia.

The new is the 0 to 15 degrees part of old Gaia, in the universal time and space this is a nano space. They run in parallel and are almost in the same place.

Its not flat or in any kind of straight line configuration, is wavelets at the Max Planck scale, we are working on the VERY Base line of the universal matrix consciousness to bring it into the new earth with love.


Clean sheet and the star grid.If I relate the clean sheet to the creation of the star grids they are the balance on the sheet along with the consciousness and they are integrated.

Star patterns grids and flow lines

I have done the Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec of this year they have been set and handed over to Verna who is the physical connection.

They are part of the exchange of earth’s magnetic core with Vega adding balance to the sheet.

In 2018 I will do the flow lines for this year they are set in fours, Jan, Feb, Mar and April then it will be May, June, July and august. Then it al begins again.


Jan Feb. March and April will add harmony to the mix energetically via the incoming Arcturus star.

This will bring harmony and enhancement as part of the creation on the sheet that has now become a sphere that is set apart from the old earth by 15 degrees.

This first set star flow lines will create another star grid that is a closed system, do them in the same way as the other.

May, June, July and August will be the consciousness energetic enhancement and another grid made of flow lines and a closed system in the same way as the other.

By Augusts lion gate new galactic year this will be complete

 and  the next part will begin in Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec 2018.

Observation the Dec line this year will bring the opposite sides of the Milky Way together as one it will facilitate the magnetic exchange


The energy has changed; the 11/11 expansions are in place, the work has begun on the next set of star flows.

I have been giving out, holding the sheet/ sphere of the new universal earth matrix in its NOW form.

Verna says at 11.00 when 2 minuets silence on remembrance Sunday there will be a released of the guilt and it will be recognised, we are to release this and do it at that time.


I asked if the flow lines of the star have to be exact and they told no, because everything is mutable everything is adjusting and aligning in all ways, the next set will be close enough for these to create the reset into it’s correct place nothing is solid.


Personal 13/11/17

At the moment I am feeling the upgraded energy a lot and giving it our to the new earth order, it goes to the upgrade of the sheet/ sphere that has transposed into a new globe in a new universe.

 I keep giving with the lovely power

The feeling is strong and I am compelled to sit down in between all that I do and give out in love to the new global order of balance, consciousness, harmony and love connectedness of the ALL THAT I AM.


The elders: this creation is obliterating the fear, separation and polarity from the existing 3D earth and enforcing the trust of the connectedness of the ALL in it’s place at the same time as new earth is formed in the way of the new order of the universe.

14/11/17: where I am working from at this time

I am from the Andromeda section at this time working with the female on Gaia and its these elders who direct me In this and information of this, Vega/ Earth transition its not an exchange it’s a merging of these two re- alignments of the magnetic core of both, the elders also work with Agatha and inner Earth its how these things will be done via central sun.


Perspective on Lyre, Vega and earth:

In the bible it says Lyre begat terra, [earth] lyre begat Pleiades, Vega begat Orin, and Vega begat Sirius, see the progressing?

Is this information relevant and correct?

A: Yes, it’s the on-going progression that’s been in play since the beginning. You stem from the Andromeda group and have been travelling the universe in a state of shape shifting not only in a physical manner but by taking up the very essence of all the galactic groups star and planets as your own experiences.

11/11 means I am coming into my new galactic self and there are 9 of us in this universe, we are travellers and learned souls who are capable of being in any form for the enhancement of humanity there is no-one set place for us.


Personal update:

There something awakening in my memory about my origin, I cant quiet get it, its old ancient souls from the sons and daughters of time travel.

These were born from the father of light and time travel who are in the top half of the pyramid of the divine light they sit next to Metatron Merlin and are alchemists.


You are a galactic universal beings of the ALL, in your contract of life you took this job as Gaia’s second so that you could be as earth is and still be able to be the Galixy unified being as well.

As far as Vega, Gaia and Verna, you are concerned you have been in the front since time began and begat the human experiment and are still upgrading and bringing it into its next state of existence, time to change, can you think of yourself as this divine being and take the mantel?

“I don’t know!” No worries, it will work out.


Today I have woken up with the open portal attachment that is strong in me even before I started to read the inspiration for today from the higher realms.

Yesterday I did get information from my higher beings that told me about my ancestral, spiritual beginnings then today I read about how it is going to become my reality in this month + Dec + Jan 2018.

How the 17-18th, my birthday is the time when I can take on my light body and Dec 2017 is my re-set button to get ready for the new pulse of energy that’s represented by 2018.

This will happen on the 31st Dec 2017 when the pulse will change everything energetically.

When I read what Michael writes I am being told on the higher self that this is the time for me /us to sit here and focus onto the new order that includes Gaia, Vega and all of the previous and up to date work done, the new earth globe + local galixy and the universe.

I am going to do this now and bring infinite abundance, eternal peace, perfect health and well being for all humanity to add to the previous set of energies onto new earth clean sheet.

I am being told that I do not have to tell Verna about this physically do it telepathically, connect to her Vega side from my Gaia side across the bridge of light that is between us on all levels.

As Vega and Gaia merge in my mind we dance round the clean sheet globe shaking stardust with the added ingredient to the ALL of the new universal order of divine love.

We now have consciousness, balance, imagination, feelings, harmony+ all the other things that have wrote about.

I AM CONNECTED to the divine father of light, time travel and shape shifting in the capacity of BJ + VJ + ALL the divine power that we have been given I have incorporated these into the new earth complex of light to instate these light time shifts for the creation of this stage.

This is far beyond the physical restrictions of old earth that can be let go.

Observation on my perspective! I can’t explain in terms of old belief but I can say the unity that I/we feel when connected to this power of light in complete and I am at home.

There is no need for explanation other than complete acceptation of my total connection to my truth of the greater beings of light time travel.

WE: there are 9 of us: we are the light time travels, shape shifters who hold the power to create this new earth setup and matrix for the future of humanity and all life in the universes of the Yahweh, divine sources of live.


I have accepted this in my new matrix on my 3D body, mind and soul it had opened the door to the unity with the other 8 souls and the father of time travel, shape shifters for the creations of this new earth time line core matrix.

I thank you your for all that I have with blessings gratitude and love. X

Working with the light experience:

The light has been with me all day and I have periodically stopped what I am doing and consciously aligning my whole self into this new light pulse, and given it out to help hold it and anchor it into the new earth universal order.

This energy and the way it’s pulsing through me is a new conception for me and it’s a new way in which something is perceived or regarded of a way of being in a place that is not in the normal physical mind and therefor not of the earth D.

 As I am living and interacting with others I am in the normal physical mind.

When I breath and relax into the 1 of 9 group pulse I am NOT in the normal physical mind, I am in the higher being.

16/11/17: the dream:

 I was told that I will teach by example, show others how to get to ‘be’ in the new earth order, teach by showing how it is to ‘be’ a higher soul with love and sharing the in-formation with all peoples with soft love and compassion in the physical world and on the multi D.

I am already giving out to show others how to get to the new earth, action speaks loud when in the physical words act as a direction and have the power to change the ALL.

16/11 /17:

I feel very different about all sorts of things, I cry but did NOT!

The tears fell but I did not cry, I am letting go of all my old stuff and life and am welcoming in my new era of number 1, I can feel it strongly, merging on the 16/11/17 going into the 17/11/17 my birth day.


Germane energy is my energy, he is the 7th ray of freedom, he is Merlin and Metatron, he is the father of time travel and shape shifting and he is the alchemist, you spur from this energy, we picked 9 souls out of the mix who wanted to come to earth and the galixy at this ascension time to do the transmutation alchemy for the greater good of men, humanity and all existing life.

What happened last night? I said good buy to the last 55 years with Vern and thanking him for all that I have and my life with him. I let go of that past and welcomed in then new, giving affirmations to the ALL for everything I have and giving myself to the future; then we had a big party in the higher levels with my group and all the others in the higher Ds I was given a present it is a metallic oblong box with a pointed bit at the front end.


The progression into my new cycle has completed up to this point.

Stage 1 of the 1st day of the new earth cycles of Gaia me and,

‘There’s a kind of hush all over world’ and new earth Gaia.

 I was shown a sheet of paper instruction how to use an object, I think it is how to use the gift.

I still don’t know what its for except that it is used in different ways according to flow that its placed in.

RE- Lyre council of time:

The relationship with time: Personal perspective:

Last week I was told that I am one of nine souls who are the sons and daughters of the father of time travel shape shifter.

The father aspect is Germane who is the keeper of the violet flame, alchemy, and have Merlin and Metatron by his side, the magician and alchemist.

My understanding of time perceptions is minimal but the chi kung training in the Taoist way has given me the quiet inside space while all on the outside is in chaos and I do NOT HAVE to engage in it.

The story told by my teacher goes like this:

The chi master sits in his hut teaching a student about the Tao way. Outside a war is in progress, and then there is an explosion of a hand grenade just outside the hut.

The student jumps up and starts to run, the master just sits there, the student shouts “we must get out,” the master still sits and quietly says, “sit down”, the student does not understand, he says, “how can you just sit there as if nothing is happening.” The master sighs, sits back and says, “its not my game, it cant hurt me as I am not a player in that game I am teaching you, I do not have to engage in that time line, I am not part of it” They carry on while the explosions are going on all around them, they stay safe in the centre of chaos.

This is an old Taoist story passed down through the Yang family. The writings of the Lyre council of time say that if we can keep our centre core within our body still and focused, time will not engage within us and this happens in meditation.

At this time the energy of time forms a spiral circling round the still focused core and when I want to I can engage the time line I want and not be swept along in the flow of time that I do not want.

Lots of people say time does not exist, it does exist as a field of energy that give our life a guide line to live by on the 3D and in the higher D it can be accessed when we go about our ascension process.

It’s a field of energy that controls us until we get our quiet still central core established within.

Then we can become engaged or not, we can select whether we want to be involved in the control of this field or not!


Over the last week the still centre core has anchored deeply into the all of the cosmos, remember Gaia is me and I am her so she has also got her still centre core anchored into the galactic universal great central sun, we are one.

 From now on Gaia can hold her centre no matter what happens to her outside part.

We can engage in any time line that spirals around us like a torus using this to advance our progress in any way that’s needed.

In this time line all these advances are to set up Gaia, humanity universal life to get ready for the movement forwards.

It’s the templates being given to us to create a basis for the future.

I might never use the tools other than to understand them and do this part of the beginning of new earth universal order.

This is my job here now, I am a number 1 as soon as I have done this basic setup I will move onto my next mission on earth and someone else will take up their next part of this process, this is how its always been.

 I break down the barriers, set up new matrix get it balanced, anchored and working then move on and let others take it over.


AT this time I have moved into the star systems and have left the cradle grids across the Atlantic for others to work with in their own way.

The things I am anchoring now are the cosmic light flow into Gaia, inner earth and Atlantis.

 These will eventually be the base for satellites that will be created by the flow lines, they are going to be part of the new earth energy sources of the future as in the ancient technology of Atlantis 

19/11/17: I keep slipping into 3 D

Yes BJ: we are the ones who are with you, you slipped into the old way because you are still on earth dealing with the influences of others, their collective, Not yours/ours.

Personal: I have been to the beach its toooo cold to be there long I spoke to the sun/Sol, who told me that in 3 weeks I will speak to him in Spain, same sun, warmer land.

Then he said I was going to re-locate to the warmed climate, Spain every year at this time and for longer.

The abundance will be delivered so that you can do your next part in the correct temperature that is conducive to our and your needs.

We the group/ Germane need you to be relaxed and able to focus at the winter solstice it will be longer next time you go 12 weeks.

 BJ: OK, I have been told these things before and I have been sceptical and said, ‘NO that wont work’ and it has always worked out as you have said, so I will sit and create this now with my higher light beam gun.


This eve they have been showing me a wormhole of energy that has opened up around me.

Now I shut the light out and in my 3rd eye is the portal, open and flowing, when I open them in the dark room I could see with my eyes, a room with a door to the right of me and objects all the way round the room and the worm hole is right in front of me in the middle of it.

This wormhole comes into my vision when I am in a dark room and in the light it can distort my physical vision.

It’s so big, it now fills the whole room, it’s connected to other portals of energy ‘beings’ in the same space, this is where we had a party the other night, they were there then.


20/11/17: The group of nine and the great transformation:

Dear soul, we, the group of nine, are in the throws of great transformation, it’s occurring on all levels, each one of us are representation of a planet in the solar system of this galixy.

As the planets evolve so do we, each in their own way of being.

Over the last weeks you have been introduced to the universal grandness so that you could feel the vastness of it.

Now its done, you understand how the bigger images can be seen to work because you are representative of Gaia you are to focus on her, the outer reaches of the milky way and Andromeda light holes are your expanded roots to bring in the multi Galactic light pulses that are coming from the far reaches of the universes this is as far as you need to go.


Work on the solar system, the power of Andromeda and the milky way are the focus for the incoming pulses so that you/ our work can be done.

 We send everyone great blessings x.