9/10/17: October 2017: THINGS HAVE REALLY CHANGED NOW.

9/10/17: October 2017:

Things have really changed now, everything is going so fast that its hard to keep up with it, the energy work that I have been doing since 2014 has finished now and I have had a period of time off while everything changes.

The new work is to involve the planets, constellations and stars, its to help Gaia to realign her heart chakra and inner magnets to her sister star Vega and I am to use the Celestial Spheres as a guide and way to understand this.

I have been reminded that in 1999-107 I have drawn the diagrams for this: at that time, I did do a lot of sky and star watching and learnt I bit about this aspect, then it finished and I put the diagrams away and 2 years ago I  handed them over to my daughter along with lots of other diagrams and pictures that I have done over the time period.

She has been studying them and they have been relevant to her spiritual work.

Two weeks ago she came and gave me a book and told me to remember what I had done.

I had already been told that I was to move my focus to the sky and I had connected to the compass point around Gaia, Verna gave me the direction to go further.

The book she gave me gives details about where the planets are in September, through to December and how they move round the sphere.

 I am to link a flow line from earth to the AURAGE star group then to the star Polaris and then to the star Vega.

 Each month this moves round the sky and each month the Arcturus Galactic Elders, higher beings and myself will connect these lines in all the different positions.

This is just the beginning, I am to do this over the whole sky even the bits I cant see, its going to be challenging and I will have to do some study and deep meditative focus to get to understand it.

 The unity of the team galactic is part of this and it is to help with the unity consciousness of humanity and all life in the universe, bringing in the new earth light quotient and new earth.

I am also being told that I will go to Spain for a period of time in the winter, so I can be warm but also they are saying that the anchoring from Spain is important.


I have found a place to go in Spain for 7 weeks, Ann has been there many times and she says I will be ok for English food, she said its quiet and I will love it, it’s on the beach with a balcony with a side view of the sea.

When I looked it up on the map its parallel with Ibiza just across a narrow strip of water, as I looked at this I was told that yes, its important and its linked to the Atlantic cradle grids.

 I am going to use myself as the anchor through Gaia and the Ashtar ship that we anchored last year in Ibiza, The Elders are going to attach their magnetic light line to Capel on the coast of Spain and I am going to anchor it, this will create a flow line to be used for the stars from this magnetic portal, because its magnetism will draw energy from the other 2 places on earth, the North Pole and Bermuda.

 This is another  link to the Atlantis Elders to bring in their technology in.

The inner earth central sun is the connection within earth and it’s the grand central sun of the 22-galixy diamond star grid that is connected to the sky.

The pattern is; I stand on earth and connect to the central sun of inner earth with the anchoring line that I have been building over the last 5 weeks by breathing along the compass lines round earth.

 I connect to central sun of the inner earth with the flow line that goes up through our galixy’s black hole to the grand central sun of the diamond star grid then it will flow back down into earth.

I will ground it and create the flow line to the star groups, Aurage, Polaris and Vega.

I am doing this here in Shoeburyness and I will be doing it in Spain for the 21st of December and for the whole period of January.

 This seems too big for me to do, it will be the team galactic group energy that will help me by just being connected this will be enough.

That feeling I had while I was doing the connection to the group is the power that can be utilise to bring in the new earth technology from Atlantis.

Its this that is sent through the flow lines to the stars and anchors into the great central sun of the diamond star grid again it is then sent back and forwards as it build up the light quotient to make the basic structure for the future new earth.

Gaia is changing and re-aligning all parts of herself so that she will function during the forming these new technologies, constantly moving and shifting as each flow of light comes in and has the desired effect.