OK Merlin we look at Earth Dragon energy pertaining to Wells, Glastonbury and Shepton Mallet, mixing fire and water, red spring and white spring, male and female

Merlin says:

The guiding light of Dragons hails from the 10th -12th D and they preside in Agatha inner earth in the inter-galactic macro/mega multiverse Ds of the creators grand plan remember these is NO separation.

The Dragons vibrations are in tune with the Whales, Dolphins their entities exist in all frequencies and vibrations they are as light as the divine Ain Soph and as dense as a rock.

To accomplish our goal we use all aspects of light fields.


You were gifted the vibration in June when you found the blue carpet with your own dragon woven into it.

You had to complete the job in hand before picking up this next spiral wave field that we a now riding into inner earth Agatha’s alchemy, its time to put the collection of the bones of Gaia; these are the stones and crystals you have carried home from all the sacred places you have worked in they carry the essence of these places for this next phrase.


The ley lines at Glastonbury and Wells is the power of the Earth Dragon light crystal energy field, fire and water, male and female on the 10th-12th D level.

It is to be mixed in harmony with the unity of exact weights and measurement’s with unconditional love focus of the highest fields of light from the hearts of all beings.

The return of the Dragon is the beginning of integration:

They are ancient fields of energy from the ancient lands of Atlantis and Lemuria and they exist in the sanctuary of inner earth, Agatha along with the elders from the ancient times who hold the information of wisdom and technology waiting for the time when Gaia’s heart can be re-integrated with her true being.


The Dragon field is here on earth flickering in and out of everyone’s perception as flashes of light, shadow or colour flickering in the periphery sight of the visual field, for those who wish to recognise this its here to help.


You will do this next June 2019 in third trimester in between your learning understanding and remembering will come to the for so that it can be shared and enhanced for this union of the collective unification for all on the collective consciousness and on the 5th-7th multi D awareness.