9/10/17: October 2017: THINGS HAVE REALLY CHANGED NOW.


October 2017: Journal:  next book:

We are in October now and the changes that have ensued over the last 4 months have been quite extreme and have left me feeling out of sorts and unbalanced and I am not sure how I feel about anything.

I am very unhappy and I want to cry, there is so much disharmony in my birth family, they all seem to dislike each other so much, mum and dad are not here any more to hold us all together and they are all loose in their own way and there is no love there.

Is it just my perception on the way they are, am I right?

A: Yes dear, unfortunately you are right and there is nothing you can do to put it right, its theirs and yours chosen life path to experience.

Just be there for them and watch how it will pan out, it will be correct and you can walk away at the end of this trip and go home.


Dear souls I am away from my portal while I am here, or does the portal come with me?

Greetings BJ, The portal comes with you, it takes 3 days to be re- established to where you are you can feel it cant you?  Yes’:

The portal is you, you reside in the inter dimensions now and where you go your energy will automatically anchor into the area that you are in.

In this way you can open and establish hot spots of the higher Ds anywhere, when you go to Spain your portal will expand in that country and be not only established but anchored and activated permanently for the benefit of all.

In this way, we, of the higher order can be activated within Gaia as a residential energy hot spot for that country.

This has happened here on the Island through your presence, anchoring and activating the new earth energies for the benefit of all.

Your family will get the new order energy directly to help them to adjust to it, your brother will be able to carry on for quite some time, his discomfort will be relieved and he will still be here in the physical to carry on with his life path, its not his time yet.

We are your group from the Ashtar portal and we are from the galactic family of light, this includes the Atlantis elder who are the keepers of their hidden technology to be brought forwards now so that Gaia can re- establish her new earth prime directive of the 5th D and higher. Be love, light and be happy.

BJ: Thank you.


I have been with my birth family for a week and things HAVE change within my structure, D N A, thoughts and very being.

This is what came to me during this week when my sisters came together to lay our mums ashes in her chosen place so that she could be near to our dad’s ashes.The way to learn this new stuff about the celestial sphere is to take it ‘bit’ by “bit at a time, 1st I feel how it is on the half of the Celestial Sphere, then I will be able to ‘see’ it in its wholeness and these lines and flows are going to cross the whole of the sphere both inwards and outwards, its not just in the area you can see.

In 3 days I have set up and put in the 1st line of flow on the Northern Hemisphere for now.

It’s the September star pattern, the reason I am doing this is over the next 4 months September to December the planets are moving round the sky’s getting ready for Gaia to align with her sister planet Vega where she is going relocate her inner magnetic energy points.

This happens on the 21/12/17 when earth will line up with Polaris and Vega when the transference will be complete.

My job is to set star flow line across and within the sky’s that will become the new grids of new earth so that the technology of the ancient Atlantis souls can start to be re-established.

I have had a bit of trouble getting my head round this information and understanding it, I am told I do not have to know about the astrology side of it as its all about making patterns in the sky, I did the September one then took a break.

On the 2/10/17 the guides gave me inspiration for Helen:

My energy is changing, divine soul we are here at the caravan and Helen is upset, can you give her a message about the work done.

[Helen lives in victoria Australia and there has been a grid line/ flow between the UK and Australia, she has taken it over and.]

I have another Q for you, can you give Helen guidance for her security, we have told her about the lines between us was this correct, have I made a mistake in doing this?

A: There are no mistakes, remember, it is a lesson for you be careful who you give your information out to, it is right that you did this for Gaia and she will be ok.

This is a message for her and you will send it to her

Dear Helen we of the Arcturus group dealing with the line flow and grid work have come to tell you that, for your comfort, we have put a dome over the portal that has been activated in you area, it extends out from your favourite spot where you felt our love to you home and we have filled it with the violet flame so that everything that is negative will be transmuted.

You have also done this in your own right and dealt any negative doubt that you might have had, you did well.

Now that this line is set you do not have to do anything else with it other than be in it for your own personal learning and progression, it will be your own channel to guide you in your ascension, it is connected to Gaia and she will be your teacher and guidance as your mother.

She is the mother to all of life who lives on her and she will be your protection.

Be Love, Be Light,  Be Happy and know all is well with love and blessings from us. X

Dear B J, Helen is of the right calibre to be able to do what she has done. X

Tonight we are on the team galactic webinar and I am being asked to become more active with them so that they can help me with this next stage.

Dear soul this is correct and we do recommend that you do this so that we can all become united in this very important part of setting up the right conditions for this next stage of creation for Gaia,

We/you need the unity of this group to be able to formulate these conditions. Thank you x

7/10/17: eve: I connected to the team galactic webinar and felt the energy connection, it made me very tired and spaced out a bit, but it was correct.

 9/10/17: October 2017:

Things have really changed now, everything is going so fast that its hard to keep up with it, the energy work that I have been doing since 2014 has finished now and I have had a period of time off while everything changes.

The new work is to involve the planets, constellations and stars, its to help Gaia to realign her heart chakra and inner magnets to her sister star Vega and I am to use the Celestial Spheres as a guide and way to understand this.

I have been reminded that in 1999-107 I have drawn the diagrams for this: at that time, I did do a lot of sky and star watching and learnt I bit about this aspect, then it finished and I put the diagrams away and 2 years ago I  handed them over to my daughter along with lots of other diagrams and pictures that I have done over the time period.

She has been studying them and they have been relevant to her spiritual work.

Two weeks ago she came and gave me a book and told me to remember what I had done.

I had already been told that I was to move my focus to the sky and I had connected to the compass point around Gaia, Verna gave me the direction to go further.

The book she gave me gives details about where the planets are in September, through to December and how they move round the sphere.

 I am to link a flow line from earth to the AURAGE star group then to the star Polaris and then to the star Vega.

 Each month this moves round the sky and each month the Arcturus Galactic Elders, higher beings and myself will connect these lines in all the different positions.

This is just the beginning, I am to do this over the whole sky even the bits I cant see, its going to be challenging and I will have to do some study and deep meditative focus to get to understand it.

 The unity of the team galactic is part of this and it is to help with the unity consciousness of humanity and all life in the universe, bringing in the new earth light quotient and new earth.

I am also being told that I will go to Spain for a period of time in the winter, so I can be warm but also they are saying that the anchoring from Spain is important.


I have found a place to go in Spain for 7 weeks, Ann has been there many times and she says I will be ok for English food, she said its quiet and I will love it, it’s on the beach with a balcony with a side view of the sea.

When I looked it up on the map its parallel with Ibiza just across a narrow strip of water, as I looked at this I was told that yes, its important and its linked to the Atlantic cradle grids.

 I am going to use myself as the anchor through Gaia and the Ashtar ship that we anchored last year in Ibiza, The Elders are going to attach their magnetic light line to Capel on the coast of Spain and I am going to anchor it, this will create a flow line to be used for the stars from this magnetic portal, because its magnetism will draw energy from the other 2 places on earth, the North Pole and Bermuda.

 This is another  link to the Atlantis Elders to bring in their technology in.

The inner earth central sun is the connection within earth and it’s the grand central sun of the 22-galixy diamond star grid that is connected to the sky.

The pattern is; I stand on earth and connect to the central sun of inner earth with the anchoring line that I have been building over the last 5 weeks by breathing along the compass lines round earth.

 I connect to central sun of the inner earth with the flow line that goes up through our galixy’s black hole to the grand central sun of the diamond star grid then it will flow back down into earth.

I will ground it and create the flow line to the star groups, Aurage, Polaris and Vega.

I am doing this here in Shoeburyness and I will be doing it in Spain for the 21st of December and for the whole period of January.

 This seems too big for me to do, it will be the team galactic group energy that will help me by just being connected this will be enough.

That feeling I had while I was doing the connection to the group is the power that can be utilise to bring in the new earth technology from Atlantis.

Its this that is sent through the flow lines to the stars and anchors into the great central sun of the diamond star grid again it is then sent back and forwards as it build up the light quotient to make the basic structure for the future new earth.

Gaia is changing and re-aligning all parts of herself so that she will function during the forming these new technologies, constantly moving and shifting as each flow of light comes in and has the desired effect.


The pattern has changed now! Through the interaction and conversation with the Others in Team Galactic.

Everything is energy, in the D world we are energy, all life on Gaia is a part of the collective energetic upgrade.

The interaction between all life is the way the energies can be evolved, everything on earth that talks to or interacts with you has a message to share with you, even a flower, weed, tree, bug or butterfly is giving you its connection to the energy of earth.

When you speak or send a message, exchange information with someone, there is something to learn or understand.

My personal experience of this is: I have been at a junction, my way forwards in the Gaia upgrade information for ascension has been blocked, I did not know how to proceed, for the last 4 months things have been changing and I have not been able to get a handle on where to go from here.

My elders told me to be active with the team galactic and that would unblock the way forwards. I did this and yesterday the channel has opened and the way forwards is a shining pathway now and it’s thanks to the members of the team, thank you dear souls.

The way it has worked is through the focus of thoughts that the physical contact has activated, no-one has to think deeply about what it means, its as easy as just speaking, ‘how are you’ or ‘good to see you’ and the thoughts that follow create a conduit between 2 or more people, the energy will be exchanged and this action opens another flow line for each person that brings in a new aspect on the individuals pathway, and it has done this for me.

After the webinar my elders gave me the next step into this new earth way of doing the Gaia healing and shifts.

How can we ever be expected to understand this, its multi D and our physical brain is unable to process it.

I see it in little glimpses of things that it might be, I am NEVER sure, but I take these as little arrows that I can ponder on and ask for more information.


The planets, flow lines and the celestial spheres

The planets flow lines has become bigger there are more planets and star systems involved now, Sirius is on the southern hemisphere on the other side to us, the new line starts with Sirius, it comes through earth to Orion in the low east, then up to mid east to Pleiades, then on to the Auriga star group Capella, then onto Polaris in the Ursa Miner star group and across to Vega, then it goes back through the earth back to Sirius.

You tune in and connect to Central Sun of Gaia and to the great Central Sun in the 22 Galixy star grid through the black hole of our Galixy.

This then comes back to you and then you join the flow line and go round that circuit of stars and take the Galactic 22 star grids great Central Sun into the flow lines and anchors into the stars as you go though them then back to you and back to Gaia and 22star grid.




Yesterday was when Jupiter comes into Scorpio.

The reason the unity with others is needed is because of their interaction as a group, each one shares and builds up the combined unity energy making it stronger for the collective consciousness of man

These flow lines are new crystalline pathways of light frequency quotient that are connected to the 22 Galixy Diamond Crystal star grid in the outer universe it’s connect to Gaia via the black hole of our Milky Way.

This is known as trinity star gate of the new earth systems the unified action and feelings are resonating with our hearts.

Galactic and universal levels are merging in this NOW awareness; and are still holding their individual essence while they unify within the Ds.


The activation of the crystalline grid and new earth systems:

In August it became fully activated, this caused all the crystal structures in and on earth to be activated, it opened the access to the universal galactic and Inter Stella Galaxy’s that I am now working, this explains my new path.


All ancient and old the codes are activated and will work together with this grid to bring in a time line experience of the divine Christ that is opening in our vision, personally I am seeing them in the sky/cosmos.


The sunlight has transformed its photon light during the equinox it appears as a change in the quality of sunlight it is affecting the consciousness of life.


It is our awareness of thought and interaction with others that creates and shapes our life. It is our awareness that brings the energy in along with interaction of the new world energy into our physical life.


Our unique perspective interacts with all things that we are experiencing and changes it according to how we feel. Be happy. Be light, as this will impact our life.

It is the subtle awareness that is our connection to the subtle realms that is the new earth energy of the higher frequency Ds.


Today I am going to create the flow lines to the other star system on the Thorp Bay beach.

The cosmos stuff really spins my head, I feel like my brain is being re-aligned but at this moment its like a gyroscope: I just cant get one image settled in my minds eye, then I realised I have got it wrong.

For instance, I went to the beach at Thorp Bay, got the compass out and faced west, looked at the book, worked it all out, then realised I had it wrong and all the directions were opposite to what I was doing.

Then I turned to the east which was the correct way, I did it, imagined it and traced the flow lines, then I got up and walked across the path and tried to do it again, but I was disorientated and could NOT re-align my self so I gave up and rested, my brain is addled!!


13/10/17:  my question is? Has the octagon been travelling round this universe for all these years, since 1999/ 2000 when I did this work affecting each time line with its alchemy?

A: Yes and now its come back to your view again and you can take the next step.

I had a dream: I was VERY BIG and the area of the cosmos and earth was like a holographic toy in my hands, THIS Is how we do this work.

There is a link between 1999 and 2017 in all that I did then to what I do now.

And, in connection with Verna I am to do all of it in the diamond crystal light that is different to the laser beams I have used, and now I have two budgies called pink and Floyd. My cat moved out in her own right, she found another owner.


A star came into my vision in my 3rd eye, he tells me; Yes BJ you are with us in all that you do and we will help you in the work that is needed.

So connect to me when you are ready to do any of this work and we will show, support and give you all the answers that you need, please document it for us and post it.

By the way you reside in this dimensional space with us all the time, become more aware consciously of this in your everyday life.

I have drawn a picture of the heavens where these new flow lines are being set I questioned it.


15/10/17: Q:  is this image right?

A: yes, you have got it right.

Q: is the galaxy’s Milky Way and Andromeda prime in this?

A: Yes, locate them in the Celestial Sphere.

Personal observation on my feelings and emotions:

I get 5 minuets of instruction on this cosmos stuff and then have to let it go and feel this uncomfortable feeling inside and wanting to cry.

OK! I can feel it, I have to experience it and cry, part of me wants to run away and just forget the information and go back to how I was 4 months ago, but I know I can’t do that.

This way of thought process has eased the negative feelings Verna says its old ego and brain hard wiring that causing these feelings. She is right and as soon as I thought this the feeling lifted because I do not need it any more and I can change it as soon as I think it



We know about your life and we are working on your chakras, angel wings and wheel of light at the back of your head, its realigning to our high frequency photon light that is beaming in from the diamond crystal star grid coming onto/into earth through your physical matrix.

Its bringing yours/ours personal portal into a much higher frequency and you are feeling it.


Dear light souls of earth, each one of you holds your own portal of light deep within your core, this is accessed through your hearts, the high heart in the pineal gland and the physical heart/ thymus gland, these are being activated as this high light frequency comes into earths energetic and physical body.

ts stimulating the DNA that’s been asleep and unused for millennia.

It brings about a change in your perception to how you feel, see and want to act.

The light workers, way shower, and light seeds will feel this change within, accept this a as gift, sit in the quiet and breath into these feeling and allow this light to ‘Be’ within your perception, visualise it in whatever way suits you, as soon as you acknowledge and feel it by giving yourself time to be in it, you will open and expand it.

As you begin to feel it, know that its your own portal, where ever you go and at any time you choose, feel the love light of your own higher being/ portal, that is in this space and you will anchor it into Gaia’s new earth energy, making a connection to Gaia and the collective consciousness of humanity.

For you dear’s souls, who are awake and active, when you do this your portal will expand: on the higher D level it will add to the collective consciousness of humanity so that others will become aware and start to open their own portal.

The collective consciousness of man is where the growth into the new era of light can be actualised by your focus.

Its where the awakened can consciously be aware of working on themselves and know that they are activating the levels of light energy that’s been holding everyone in the collective consciousness of man, changing its frequency gently so that it filters into the hearts of all life.

We are asking you to give your time and conscious thought to this as much as possible so that the portals can become activated in everyone.

We, your earth elders of ancient times are here in your portals with you and we hear the heart felt thoughts that say; ‘I am to small to make a different’, this is not true, each one of you is a co-creator or creator of life, the power you hold is the power of the divine light that’s been subdued for eons of time.

You have now become aware of your light and now we ask you to become aware that you are the portal of light and as you give yourself unconditional love consciously through your thoughts and feeling you are big enough to affect the growth of your portal and the portal of the collective consciousness of all life. BE LOVE. BE LIGHT. BE HAPPY. Spread this across Earth. X



I do not seem to be able to connect to anyone master or guides that had been giving me single instruction since I can remember.

 They are all still there but none are coming forwards to speak

A: No, this is because we have shifted our focus and frequency into the next level of being, the energies in this band of light is collective, there are no single entities.

The group is still with me in the shape of the elders of Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius, Atlantis, Lemurian, Orion and Pleiades. Out of these I work directly with the elders of inner earth, Agatha where they all reside.

I am being told that:

Your mission is to bring in, anchor and hold the Diamond light of the universal upgrades, this involves all of the previous energies that you have been responsible for anchoring and holding in Gaia over the last few years, 72 to be exact.

72 years on earth is but a blip in the enormity of the infinity of all life. 7+2 = 9 and on the 17:11:2017 eve it will begin again @ number 1, this time you start on the Galactic plane of existence your main motif is still for the development of Gaia as she is also coming into her change into her Galactic existence.

You are taking on your Galactic over body that will allow you the freedom of movement within the realms of the universal galactic federation of light.

This is the Ashtar portal and its where we all reside and you go to school/ university, a universal teaching place where you are the light thread that flies round the universe connecting and attaching the flow lines of light to re- construct the Atlantian/ Lemurian and Agatha’s ancient technology.

I have done the star connections/ charts and now I have handed it over to Verna, I will give her back the book, by the time my book  gets here there will be another focus of the star charts for me to ‘see’.

The reason I dreamed about that big energy field and a smaller one was to initiate me into this universal Galactic light federation field of the divine.

I saw in two nights ago from the outside, today we are IN IT as part OF IT.

The transfer was turbulent and disrupted my physical body and mind for 3 days that is equal to1 day in the Unified Galactic light field.

Now we must think about it, embrace it and ‘be’ it in all our own right, start to think in this way as much as I can, change my view about where I am going to where I am now!

Sit and imagine how it is in this new space with all the elders, even though these masters are called elders they encompass every aspect of life, young and old and ancient all together as a full united information for us to tap into


Andromeda is 2.2 million light years from earth, on the map of October in the sphere it is north eastern sky this gives me another flow line on my mapping.

The black hole of the Milky Way is 27.000 light years away from earth in a star constellation called the arrow, its located in the sagittal in the Northwestern sky this gives me another line right by Vega.


 Got the book from Jude Currivan The Cosmic Hologram.

P 10 is talking about the power of in-formation is greater than all other energy.

Q: Is it meaning that the information we hold is the power?

A: Yes, a lot of it is unconscious.

Q: Is my conscious thought that is the in-formation creating these flow lines for the earths alignment of her magnetic self to Vega, and it is the base for the new Atlantic technology of the 2nd moon of crystal?

A: In-formation is the consciousness of man.

Now I am talking to myself so that I can get some kind of understanding of this new in-formation:

Can humans get the unity of in-formation in the way of consciousness of love light and heart felt focus to be -come the new way of Gaia.

The latest experiments of the Schrodinger’s cat prove that there is NO environment apart from US, the conscious observer US!!!!

NOW we have this emerging of the informational approach and holographic perspective.

The information is in ‘bits’, these are packets of photon light.

I am being told to learn about this cosmos stuff in ‘bits’ of information photon light packets that are within my matrix from my higher self.

In this way my tiny brain can write and draw and use my imagination in my physical way so that it can be created.



Dear souls’!

When I begin a sentence with these words, I am talking in mind thoughts with all the souls that are in the portal they are there in streams of flow lines of their own light bodies, NOT in the shape of a human!

My connection to this is complete now the level of deep calm inside my being is also complete up to this time line.

This does not stop me from being on the wave and going up and down with the emotions that I still have to experience as I clear the old beliefs and hard wiring.

As the time line evolves so will Gaia and myself.

When I open a conversation with these words the energy of the group is directed at me and they select a ‘front men’ to assist me in the way I write about, draw and understand all of these changes as they are happening.

SO! I ask; the way I am feeling is as if the old has been cut free and I are able to go forwards into our new budding BJ on Gaia. In my minds eye they are showing me a bud of a flower.

It’s a big bud and represents the lotus flower bud of life, it makes me feel cosy, warm and complete as a bud, I can sit in it and let the growth within exist in its own right.

The opening of these buds will not happen yet: this is a holding time when all of the transmutation between a garden, seed and a plant buds and eventually the lotus flower of a 1,000 petals and eternity.


Now the souls speak to me through my thoughts.

They do this collectively, well done thus far on the way you have worked out the cosmos stuff.

Even though we are arranging for the right books, information and understanding to come to you, it’s you who have to use them and work out things that are not physically know to you.

The reason you have chosen this path is because you are very good at being open and expanded enough in your physical attributes to be able to do this.

This Is To Do With The Flow Lines That We Have created:

As I focus with Gaia within on this day 21:10:2017 we are receiving and holding the diamond crystal star photon light ‘bits’ of information and anchoring it into inner earths central sun from the great central sun of the 22 diamond crystal star grid,

This grid is transmitting information to the cosmos through the quantum ‘bits’ that are the make up of consciousness + focus, heart felt love, it is being given through thoughts and is being given out to any one who can take it consciously into their physical being/ life, and THIS IS you.

You are receiving light language this way, even though you are not able to understand this is terms of your physical way of receiving information, you are able to know that; “A”, its happening and “B”, you can understand the feeling of it and let it ‘be-come’ a physical outcome in the form of drawings, writings and understandings, it comes in little ‘bits’ until its made the full picture in your mind as imagination.

This is the way to create anchor and actualised it on Gaia and your self.

You do not need to think, worry or do anything else.

You are automatically anchored into the collective consciousness of humanity now and do not have to actively ‘go’ there, you live there and all that you do is bounce out waves of positive light that is reverberating thought all life you are the cartelist for this.

By 21:12:17 it will be upgraded, after this has happened there will be more disruption on/in Gaia, your job in Spain is to connect the holding crystal diamond light photon in-formation for inner and outer space of the milky ways star sol/ sun, via the transitional path of the flow lines you have created across the cosmos.

As this path moves into its exact position, on the 21:12:17 the light source will flash and shimmer as it connects and transmits the Gaia energy to Vega re-aligning the magnetic holding crystal with everything as well as Gaia.

Once this is done you will hold it up till you come back to the UK when you will be fully transposed into your own light over body, ready for your next 15 years of progress and so will Gaia and all life on her.

Where people are concerned this will be make or break time many will break and reject it, many more will break and their life will transform, Gaia and you will not break you will shift accordingly but on Gaia the shift will disrupt her physical body.


Each month will create a pattern across the universe with the spikes setting in different places until 21:12:17.


If I am going into this new light D body, lets go the whole hog! Bring it on!

I already feel like I am an Atlantian, Lemurian and Arcturian alien and its that part that’s beginning to take over my old 3 D body and making it a diamond crystal light shining.

It’s my thoughts that keep bringing in the old, a memory or a feeling then the emotions then I let it go.

Q: can I just transform as quick as a snap of the fingers.

A: not quite it will take 10 weeks and you will come home a crystal body that will shine



Dear soul,

Keep remembering to think inside the bud within and holding it, on the macro and micro you are doing this for Gaia + the collective Consciousness of man.

Imagine you are a pin point of light in a sea of swirling spinning mixed energy of this collective pool of energy, and see how every time you think and focus on the inner feeling of the bud within your energy, its give out sparks/ rays of light that rainbow light colour that is laced with violet flame of transmutation forming a nucleus of light round your being here in this D.

Your job it to do this over the next 3 months that will end when you get back from Spain 28:1:18.

See it as if your light is a spark that is igniting in the collective consciousness and its spreading, firing out, burning its way through this dense negative energy of the collective consciousness that prevails.

The power of your love, heart felt focus of unconditional love light would give this its correct divine softness and all encompassing energy to softly change this aspect of the collective consciousness.


All night, all day yesterday+ the eve before I/we have NOT been right in my body or mind and head, All night in my dreams I have been aware of a feeling that I need to understand what the most biggest energy field that prevails everything is, I can see them there’s two fields one that is very big and I wanted to know and understand this aspect but could not quite ‘Get it’.

Now I am awake and I still feel so fuzzy in my sense of being, even though I am awake I could still be in that dream state.

The elders come in: We are downloading information so that you can ‘be’-come expanded enough to be able to reach out into the local universe, the Galaxy’s, Andromeda, Milky Way and the 22 Galixy star system so that you can be the conduit and cartelist for the bringing in the ultra diamond light.

The very big energy field that we   are introducing you to is the build up of the Gamma light that started in Jan 2016 when you were holding at the North Pole that’s been transposed into the diamond crystal star light.

This is that energy field, now you are going to surrender to it within your deep soul core, it’s a big step for your mind, body and souls, its linked to the new star patterns that you have put ‘out there’ by giving them to Verna, she is doing her focus on it, this is activating the changes in the energy field that has been created by you and us over this last few weeks.

This is what you are feeling because its inside your physical body you are releasing old beliefs and negative energy by crying.

It will clear in three days we give you the love that is the cartelist of releasing of your old energy, let it be.

Re-  Dr Sur Lie construct connection with high self:

Oh My!! I am in the process of full disclosure within my actual life!!

And I feel there is NO way back now and I feel very uncomfortable.

Let me explain why: all the way through this process of ascension there has always been a comforting thought or a way to get into an old comfy way of feeling no matter what I am going through in terms of life upheaval.

 As time has gone by I have been aware of these places gradually going out of my perspective until I find I do NOT have them so readily, like watching a certain program on the TV that has always been a comfort of me.

I am digging deeper into my old beliefs to find a place or thing that still does appeal in this way and are having trouble finding anything that is not invasive in our mind.

There’s NO- where to hide.

 I am not finding it liberating all the time, sometimes it is and we do know that it’s connected then there are the other times when I just cry.

Over the last 3 days since I handed the star charts over to Verna, this is how I have felt, your article Sue is helping me to accept, understand and surrender to it.

I am going deeper and deeper into the Now of knowing.

I have been told that I am progressing into my higher D of the multi D self.

This is accelerated because of Gaia’s advance.

The difference in my light worker route now, is I become confused when these energies are lifting me up and re-directing me, when it used to happen I could visualise the way through a physical jungle cutting down trees and undergrowth to make a path.

Now I are swirling about in a non physical energy soup with NO WAY TO ANCHOR or no place to grab and hold onto to get my equilibrium, the only way though this is to do 25 minuet’s of chi kung breathing and excise, thank god I have this knowledge to get me through, I could not cope without it.

Others have people about them to ground them, I have NO-ONE in my life now who can do this, I did have Vern for 50 years, now I am on my own.

The way to anchor now is into our own 2 hearts and flower bud portal this will automatically anchor into me onto the higher D energy portal of Ashtar.




The triple portal/gateway, 10/10, 11/11, 12/12 ending on the 21/12/17:

The 10/10 was activating the new beginning.

The 11/11 is the initiation into our greater size [augmented] and high soul mission.

The discomfort in the 10/10 is an indication that our soul was in the process of the triple gateway.

We are not in November yet and we do feel better after we read Celia Fenns article from A A Michael about these upgrades we have been feeling very dis-connected from what we knew and did not have any kind of connection to the new yet but now we know and we are coming into the 11/11 portal that will show us an arrow of light to catch onto for our next assignment.



I feel very confused by it all L and do not understand can you bring in some clarity please?

ELDERS: Yes, turn off the music its blocking your/our focus, yes we stand in front of you, see us through the images outline of the outside world through the curtain, we ARE the image.

Read out loud this message and write anything that comes to you as you do this.

To begin with your 1st star mission has been done and passed on to Verna.

 The 11/11 gateway is when your soul accepts and begins to express its new mission on earth it is the released of the deep levels of old ‘stuff, beliefs, imprints and limitations that will allow you to fully embrace your new reality and your new perception of your self and your soul mission in that’s reality.

Foot note: what you felt at acupuncture yesterday was the integration of your three hearts/ three Tan Tiens into one, the big bud within, NOW when you breath see it as breathing into it in the old way except now when you take the in breath it connects to and turns the wheels within as one BIG TAN TIEN with three internal ones all connecting and creating the hub wheel of the ONE,J do it now and from now on always see it this way.

You begin by breathing in through the nose as usual and take the breath down to the lower Tan Tien 1st from there it will expand out wards and upwards at the same time filling your whole body with this diamond crystal light flow.

Imagine you are inside Gaia and as you do this so that it happens within Agatha, fully connecting you and her to all other aspects of this new light frequency within.

Then as this energy permeates through you and Gaia it will focus onto the central sun in Agatha and instantly be connected to the star grid system that we have set up recently for the transformation between Gaia and Vega’s magnetism for this months transition.


It is the fractural patterns:  that is in the Max Planck scale that Jude is talking about that are the building block for these states of change, they change there 1st with the power of your heart felt love and thoughts.

Even if you do not understand this aspect completely, understand that its this image that will give you the greatest way to focus, you do not have to understand it in the same way that a scientist will view it.

Personal: I am sitting and doing this visualisation now and I can feel the connection into the higher realms of the Diamond Crystal Star Grid in outer space through Agatha central sun.

We are using the image of a very big flower bud that is rooted into the Central Sun in Agatha, its feels very comfy and safe, after spending these last few weeks feeling disconnected and afraid and lonely.

Our tummy is still jittery and I are aware of the back problem hurting when we step out of the comfort zone, IE when get up and walk.

Augmented means having been made greater in size or value:


SO the 11/11 is when I accept and begin to express my new soul mission that is now been made greater in size, yes that relates to the way I felt when I said the it seems to big for me in the last article on the web.

Observation: it’s taken me weeks to get to grips with this.


The 3dr 12/12 Gateway:

I will gain the power to begin to manifest in my life my new mission through the holographic grids of new earth. I will be ready to embrace the new earth future timeline as they manifest in the present moment. I will become aware and take action without fear.

The 21:12:17 will be the climax and completion of these energies and you will be in Spain and will balance them with the divine light and the Power of the Galactic Centre as it aligns with earth.

You will move forwards in the spiral of creation at the higher, deeper and more profound level.


At this time you will be in line for the connection to the Vega, earth alignment that was set up in 2016 Ibiza on Vedra the little isle in south of Ibiza and the Gloryhole at Findhorn where you experienced the first image of the big bud shaped energy force from the Metatron portals.

This in-formation from Celia Fenn is good and very relevant to us, Michael is saying that the Galactic elders say that some of the babies born since 2012 are here to enhance the light quotient on earth to assist the ascension. There is a diamond light moving across the planet through these children and it comes from the future time when galactic consciousness is fully anchored on earth and the wisdom of time travel and tine creation is fully understood.

As more and more come into their physical bodies their galactic signatures are raising the frequency of earth to act as activation in the awakening transforming process.

Me, an old light worker has been very confused over the last period of time.

The disruption in my daily life has shown me that I am in a state of re-organising or balancing out energy’s. It could be called a re- orientation period to bring me into alignment with this new direction.

 The old way has to be let go so that the new can come in.

The previous works have been to focus on transition and awakening now we have to work on facilitating the creation of a template of the acceleration of this process.


The template is to assist the awakened ones into the new earth consciousness, to do this we have to be PART of the template:

Q: what does that mean?

A: living in the consciousness of new earth and being aware that this is what “I AM” doing.

At this point there are two ways to go; there is the augmented soul mission where we will continue to work with the wisdom that we have gained but be aware of the new perceptions and new approaches that are needed for this.

 The other way is to step away from the past completely and embrace the new future.


How doe’s the very big field, the collective consciousness, and the star systems of the new earth, fit in with this?

1st the information you gave out to the webs was the collective consciousness boost that was needed, its done.

To be part of the template means you use your self as the holding anchoring into the Central Sun of Agatha and the diamond light star grid and run the flow lines of the new star charts.

This makes you part of the template as the imitator the holder the activator, the anchored, you are a part of the template already.

It all fits in, as does everything else.

The dream of the big field was the elders showing you their field and how to get our field into that shape.

Thank you


You are creating a new pattern of life that will include time spent just ‘being’ in your single moment doing no- thing except sitting and being.

As these new energies come into your new perception and you feel them for instance NOW! You feel wobbly and then the palpitations in your chest, heart chakras all three, this is not a heart problem it’s a re-adjusting of your core energy into the diamond starlight.

To aid this download its beneficial to be relaxed and clear headed as you think and go into it instead of trying to divert by doing something.

For the last two hours of your time you THINK that you have done nothing in you 3D reality, in the multi D reality you have allowed and assisted us greatly in the transmuting these high-octane frequencies into yours and Gaia matrix, just by sitting and being consciously aware of doing nothing, keep feeling this flow of energy within consciously now as much as you can.

This energy flow is the BIG diamond light flow field that you dreamed about.

It is a massive field that is filling all the space of the flow line grids that we have created since 2013! WOW!

You feel like it is filling every single ‘bit’ of your body mind and spirit with all the diamond crystal starlight from the outer reaches of the universe.


You are working on all levels with this flow line, the holding, the diamond sheet flow and being on Gaia all at once.

Everyone who emanates their light IS feeding into this diamond flow, it’s a very wide band now not a line, as all these energy’s come together you keep the balance, think about it as levels of light, they are all diamond and are all at their different levels of frequency from the dense to the sparkly, your job is with us and we transmute them and facilitate its flow in/on an ever widening band through the universe, solar system, and Gaia.

You are out here with us in our D as well as on Gaia, SO start to THINK about that!!

You are a bud anchored to the central sun in Agatha, holding all them portals and grids and the flow lines, and living your life, AND you are up here conducting and being the catalyst to channel the 22 galixy diamond crystal star portal and the effect that this causes when Gaia is also going through her own transition of the time in this now with all the cosmos planet constellation galixy an star groups across the universe.


Each time these magic numbers come round, 10/10, 11/11,12/12, 21st December and 1/1, they open another portal within the main one adding to the alchemy mix, all this needs harmony and balance and your light being does this.

I am focusing on the feeling, then the awareness of a big area like a sheet fanning out flowing forwards from my perspective, I cant see where its going or where its come from, I don’t even know if its on the earth, round it or though it, my image of it is a great flat diamond glimmering sheet stretching out in front and all round, I cant see what is behind me, and this is what I have to keep tuning into as much as possible.


Now THIS is a mind experiment/ work, there is no outside evidence that can prove this at all I have a load of question?


There is a picture I drew in 2007 of sheets and star groups this what I am doing.

I compared it with the latest star charts I did last week of the flow line, when its upside down I can pin point the north, Andromeda and the Orion belt on the old one with a line on the new one, this throws up more Qs.

The answers: The one you did in 2007 was the basic template of new earth, back then, now, its evolved over the 10 years and this new one is the next template for new earth, and yes, this is the spaces that are being filled in with the diamond light as well as covering the flat space in earth, this is an area of flat space with in the circle between the top layer of earth before it gets to the molten rock, it is a dimensional space inside earth but not as deep as Agatha.

It’s the bedrock of the new earth template and the place its filling now is the area of the star pattern that we have set out over this last few weeks in the September and October shapes that I have done. I will do the other two in a ritual way that’s to be given. Look at the picture and see how it’s layered on levels, and all you need to do is keep connecting into it.

30/10/17: observations

I am consciously focussing on the inner feelings that are being transmuted for my own up grade into the new earth existence of my physical body+ my inner metaphysical state of perception.


The Acturians are running this new earth through my physical body through what they call the central channel that runs from my head to the base chakra.

And they are saying that I am doing it by my conscious focus that is helping it.

The white diamond sheet of creation IS the template that was originally begun when you were holding at the n/pole, it came in as Gamma ray now its diamond crystal, the image you drew in 2016 is this sheet of flat energy and from it will rise the future creations on new earth 1st then in all other realms each instruction you give it will allow this to emerge onto the sheet from the basic Max Planck fractural sparks of photon light.

You are consciously thinking deeply and then writing it down, this has already created and captured the fractural pattern of this from at the very base line energy wavelets, ‘bits’ in the Max Planck scale and even now it is beginning to form as the new instructions being given out from you very special signature of light body.

Remember, catalyst, conduit, and augmented/upgraded galactic assignment.


Foot Note BJ: This is such a responsibility but I am ready to take these steps now with devoted love for being this new earth all time line