Here we are in September, the energies of the last two months have been a roller coaster of a ride and the changes within have been great. Everyone has come forwards in his or her own individual ways ready for this next year of progress.


You are strong enough to take on the weight of the changes in the Galixy, others are not, you have received the release of the 3rd D, yes, it makes you feel strange as you move into these frequencies but your perception is tuned into these feeling and your 3rd D will not inhibit them.

You are one of us! And you cant ‘not do the work’, your higher being is in control of your all and always has been!

Your option is to carry on with what’s needed and you will, now take the day off.


Dear Kuthumi and Hilarion,  this is what has occurred to me over this last 3 months, ‘I’ am giving over to the needs of ‘my’ vessel and these symptoms have balanced out, ‘I’ cant define how this is, things look different, ‘I’ have noticed the power manifests in me in wonderment and its magical.


Be blessed dear soul, you have already gone through the trials that others are experiencing.

We are taking you into your next stage of progress, on this level you cannot learn from the majority of the articles that others are sharing,

You are to take up your position, as emissary in the new frequency, the meaning of emissary is a person sent as a diplomat representing a special mission.

The meaning of diplomat is an official representing a county abroad or a person who can deal with others in a sensitive and tactful way.

Back to Kuthumi:

What this means to you Is you are to express the ‘LIGHT”E energy to others in ways that it can be understood but is hooded for the protection of your true being and will not be recognised by the physical world. On the multi D world you are with us and the work done is still the same.

You activate the power and use it as directed to any place that it’s needed using your status as emissary to gain access to areas that are closed to other or reasons of security.


You wear a hooded cloak of the invisible in the arena of the physical world, but as soon as you open up and tune in the ‘LIGHT”E power is instantly recognised by people who are ready to respond and be imbibed with it.


The meaning of imbibe is to take in and assimilate ideas or facts, or to take in as if drinking, imbibe fresh air, or to receive and absorb into the mind, whole body, imbibe delight through every pore.


Q: For KuthumiI: I feel as if there is a membrane or something stopping me from openly explaining this new way of being, ‘I’ understand how my whole body being is this light; I can feel it.

A: You are in transit there is a need to understand that others will not understand.

Because of the human element you can ask for any one to be with you in any way you want as long as you use the correct process to ask. Always ask the masters or guardians of these souls.



A couple of things:

‘I’ was been feeling a bit angry at the injustice and control of the reality that we are all living over the last two days, I was aware that it was happening and ‘I’ did change it round but it kept reversing back until today and today my soul is not feeling it any more.

How can ‘I’ help to eliminate this in the collective of humanity?

The Group answers:

You do nothing for this moment this is a period of recognising these discrepancies and coping with them and not reacting to them.

We can give out to these but its not our prime directive, there is a much bigger picture that you and we are working on, we will let others do the ‘on the ground work’, you have given out to family and friends asking for balance that is enough. Thank you.