We live in a world of energy fields that are very relevant to our environment and our personal life, some call it the unified field, and others say it is a field of consciousness that prevails everywhere.

As a spiritual being housed in a physical body we are part of this unified field it has also been called the god head and other spiritual names and because we have conscious thought we can choose to use our positive thought to change our lives.


70% of the thoughts that run through our brains are negative because we have been given our way of thinking through our upbringing and environment. Its no-one fault, our parents have received the same negative way of thinking and they just passed on what they were told. Our environment, school, politics and media have backed this up.


We have the opportunity to change this pattern and move into a new era, one of the first things is to understand that each of us is a powerful being of light whilst living on earth.

We hold the power of god within our D N A. it might be a small part but never the less its ours and if we chose to utilise it we can change our living patterns to being heaven on earth. It wont take away the sad bad and angry parts but it will give each of us a way to get through these negative thoughts and change them to see the positive.


Run with your thoughts within the natural energy of the natural flow of life. When you feel negative it is your inner self-experiencing this and you have to acknowledge it feel it and then let it go. Do not try to control your fears: see them for what they are. There are only three fears in our life and all the others stem from then they are Abandonment, Low Self Esteem and Mistrust. When you get fearful, feel it, find out which one it is and give it love and see how it eases it.

The previous charka information is to help you to start. And it will create an energy field that is connected to Gaia also you can uses all the Archangels and guides to help you through the changing of your negative thoughts.


This information is backed up by science and this has led to our spiritual self. Bruce Lipton research has proven the D. N. A. reacts to the environment that it lives in and not to our inherited pattern from our ancestors. Our physical body reacts to positive and negative energy. Positive thought creates a beautiful soft fluid energy crystal pattern in water and a negative thought creates a distorted crystal pattern and blocked hard energy that can’t flow. Bodies are made up of 70% water. What are we doing to ourselves when we are focused on a negative way of life?