The realigning of our hologram: By changing the word that I have written in my life pathway since before I reincarnated on earth: The personal healing also acts out on Gaia healing her pain

Some time ago I set up a model of the holographic theory on my own life and body

BJ: I know I can’t blame anyone for my situation; I know I wrote this in for myself; can I change the written script: my future?

A: Yes.

BJ:  Will you help?

A: Yes, now that you have decided, we can help, we had to wait until you decided, remember it’s a free will planet, we cannot interfere, but as soon as you have made the move we can give help.

BJ: Say; I go into the potential energy level and am able to read the script, can I just cut the bits I don’t want any more?

A: Yes, you cut out the mental depressions with crying it’s heavy energy and replace it with strands of very light hook-ups across space you cleared. These are very fine strands of light use your imagination to create how this might look and how you might change it, focus and do it.


Now go to the muscle and nerve memory and see how they are; not right; to heavy; remove the negative heavy energy lines cleanse the place where they were with water and hot air. Then fill it with 2 hearts conscious love, fill it.

The muscle went easy the nerve is harder because there are so many small ones.

To help this I am told to do the nerve exercise every day, open them up and expands the negative out of them and then focus white light 2 hearts conscious love.

Now, see the holographic set up and aim the light beam to be redirected to the new instruction and start to do the exercises.


On the solstice this changed when the sun and moon line up they flood the earth with refractive reflective light, it happens with the same refractive reflective light that can be seen in an eclipse.

Two days after the solstice, I am asking all my groups from the Ashtar ship to help me. I don’t feel grounded and I am energetically spinning and unstable?

A: We are here, the solstice energy is pulsing through your vessel so that it can be re-aligned, you are open to this and are taking on the true light body that you are and the physical adjustments are giving you these symptoms.

Help your physical to integrate this using your extra expansion methods as you breath into the 3 hearts now, and the Tan Tiens / 3 hearts. These are blocked, feel it and expand, it holds your old belief and still needs to be worked on; both physically and emotionally, as does Gaia, you need to be more focused on the lower heart/Tan Tien.


Every time you sit and tune in, go into it and expand it, feel the action of this within the whole vessel, focus and activate this lower heart beat, sacral and base chakras and the lower tan tien these are connected to every part of the lower body.

BJ: This has made me very sad because I have abused my body through my life but I did not know, I am so sorry.

A: Well now you do know you can heal it; you must know that you will have to carry the scars of this in you 5thD body until it has been transmuted; over the next period, up to September this area in you is transmuting and this will cause noticeable dis-harmony; keep this area warm even in the summer months; breath deep into Gaia until you feel attached to the central sun, Ashtar point; yes it feels different because Gaya is much lighter that before.

The anchoring of your whole self, sink all of your body into central sun In Agatha.

Use massage of the lower back to help.

BJ: It feels like my whole pelvic area IS hurting and it emanates down my legs, I shall take pain control.



Self-healing and adjustments:

Can I change my own written life path by changing the angle of the light beam in the hologram to focus on my new earth body?

 I/we have re-directed the beam to a spot in my pathway where o do NOT have a damaged lower back and body.

Now I am being directed by my higher self to do the correct exercise both physically and mentally; change my thoughts on this process.

I realised that I have not concentrated on this lower body with the right thoughts and focus; my focus has been; ‘I have a problem that wont go away so make the most of it!!’

My thoughts will be; from NOW ON; ’my lower body is expanding out and the area of discomfort will be so expanded that it will be re-aligned into their correct place and be open and relaxed.


The galactic, and Arcturus healing group:

Good morning BJ we are here to help you with this; the action you take is do the same set of exercises that you did today, 12 slow squats, hold on if you have to. 5 minuets of chi kung then the opening exercises; then do the 1st route of the form; Always consciously focusing on the lower heart connection; opening up and expanding all the lower body out up and down while you do these.

Use constant, conscious focus on this area all the time that you possible can. We will help to remind you; it will cause you dis-comfort; you will need to take pain control while you do this.


On the inner work, when you sit, breath into the lower Tan Tien and open the chi small heavenly circle, connect it to the high hearts, let it fill with expanded love, then take it down into the lower heart and all its connecting places of dis-comfort.

It’s a conscious breath away. One breathe!

This will eventually release all of the blockages in your lower body so that the light can flow through.

I have been doing this action for two and a half days constantly, every time I lapsed the light beings poked me to go back into it; today I feel very different, this is how I felt in my early 50s.

The pain level is @2, very good, I have changed my stance to as wide as I can get, its horse riding stance.

This is the first time I have been able to do this without pain, I have been working on this for a while now it’s paid off and I am back into the original chi Kung stance.

Strange thoughts:

As I was moving into this in a conscious way I could feel it was right when I could feel like the dent of it from before, I just found it and shuffled into it like an old jumper, really comfortable and comforting.

Graham, my Tai Chi master came into my dreams and helped me do this and he is with me now.



I/we changed the light beam first and re-wrote the story; then I had to do the physical, emotional and mental; I started with the physical, this brought on the emotional and then the mental to sort it all out.

Now I just need to keep going with it until it becomes completely natural, how long! I don’t know until it’s fixed.

I have been doing intensive healing with the help of the Arcturus healing group; all day I have been expanding my lower body through the 3 hearts/ Tan Tians.

I am being reminded all the time, I have a different gait when I walk, its more open and feels like I am walking with a soft bubbles covering the upper area of the legs. So I am walking with a wider hip joint.

Arcturus:  The light beam has been altered, now it is up to you to alter the physical body with the new instruction and you will continue until its set in completely. This feeling of how my lower body is: it’s how it was when I was pre 50.

My bones are moving back into their original place before I hurt them.


The way I am working with Gaia has altered in ways that I am still trying to remember and understand, confusion is big at times and at other times my clarity is very good and I have managed to sort out all the problems that moving throws up, as Sandra Walter group says, the disparity between clarity and confusion is much greater now.

 When confused I cannot do anything except sit quiet and tune into my light body, then I have to go with what I am told I am ‘being’ in this moment and let all other thoughts go.

I can recognise these waves as they pass trough my vessel and life.

This has coincided with the physical re- alignment; I realised that I have been holding my self-physical body and emotions to tight in the lower chakras, the sacral and the base; this has affected the other 5 chakras giving me discomfort.

I have applied the Tai Chi principles to my self, doing the correct exercise to release this hold and get back to how my body was before I damaged it before the age of 50, all I need to do is keep this up, do it all the time.

Although its exercise its also 75% thought! Keep remembering that I am re-aligned into my full working body and keep mentally being in it.

It’s to open my whole being; not just the physical, this reacts to the emotions, feelings and mental attitudes, causing illness, disease, pain, and negative emotions and feeling feed these.

To change one thing I had to change all the rest of my energy bodies, i.e. thought and feelings towards the way I see my life; this has worked. Thank you: