The lead up to the eclipse and after: observations on what was achieved


Dear souls of earth we are in period of time that is transformative for all life, use this time be positively focussing on the very thing that each of you wants in your life for yours and Gaia’s future.

Keep your dreams in focus with the unity of consciousness light. We know how difficult is can be on earth with its separation, fears and given beliefs, we know! But for these next weeks, so that you can move a step nearer to your personal utopia, keep the thoughts positive.

There are many of you who are at the level of progress in the ascension that can and does this on all levels, connect to the new earth light and consolidate it into yourself and Gaia.

Keep remembering, keep conscious of where we are in this time, give out the unity of conscious light, and help it to penetrate even the darkest places within.

Send out the light into every corner of your life and that of our planet Gaia. There is more on

On the 10/8/17 we were told that everything was doing nicely in the adjustments, the 888 Lion gate is expanding our cells/ blood/ veins/ meridians, let it expand.

Bring your awareness into us at Agatha’s central sun be at one with Gaia while she goes through this as well, expand your vessel.

We realised that this is not only Gaia, it goes beyond our galixy, and its this part that’s slowly coming into focus, a much BIGGER picture!!


SO! This letting go and crying is not only personal, it’s collective as well we are letting go of the collective pain of Gaia’s past and present pain.

Personal observation: 

The light language is the quiet hum of light noise that’s within our body as we move our inner perception into the still quiet.

It feels more grounded and settled and it is a frequency that’s being given by the galactic beings for us to start to recognise that it is a direction in some way for our being and living in it as the new way of earth.

The releasing of the fears both collectively and individually has taken away the resistance of letting this frequency go.

The work to be done now:

The power is much more structured and not bitty, as solid as a wave can be in the quantum.

We open up and allow it to expand and we are connected to the greater central sun beaming into our bodies.

We perceive ourselves receiving this light code from the great central sun in the diamond star quadrant grid through the Milky Way centre into us, Gaia, inner earth Agatha into its central sun.

Then it comes out with force and is directed into all the power points on earth from the inner earth, every chakra and sacred places.


What’s being activated on/in Gaia;

The structure of this power has grown and is being anchored into the deeper multi D space within all life at the base level of the sub atomic, potential sea of energy, max scale; it has to be anchored in the pure potential energy so that the very depth of life and start to adjust to this opening up of the ancient codes of light language.

We took this into the deeper level of existence so that it will be attached, anchored from this moment, this anchoring will create a bond between heaven and earth in balance.

This has not been into balance since the fall of Atlantis, Its been missing the unity of conscious awareness of yin and yang, male and female.

The scale has tipped, we can feel it, we are turning into is wave with full consciousness and not having to shut our eyes.

We did it; we brought this into our physical awake time, thank you.

M3+ PI:  the information being given as a down load from the multi D is going into the un-conscious mind, you cannot know this as a thing, and it’s the feeling of it that you will yet know.

You will use this in sleep state until it becomes conscious, use it for the activation, stand in the power of this light energy and receive. We really recognised this pulse as it came in.


You are transmitting to our vessel we can feel it, we want to lie down but we went out for a walk over the fields and went bare footed to connect to Gaia, we got to the seat and rested, tuned into the fields energy and Gaia and sat there for a while.

Shutting our eye we saw white streams of light coming from a central point and fanning out across the earth, we thought that this was the next stage to the golden rolling waves the came on Wednesday.

We became aware of a feeling in our whole core body, it was asking to be connected to these waves coming in by expanding our self out to meet them.

By doing this we were expanding the collective consciousness of humanity on earth and bringing it up and out and into the white streams that instantly started to transmute the collective consciousness and the consciousness of the divine light streams.


The transmission is done, the total eclipse has fulfilled its criteria and has activated and enlivened the collective consciousness of Gaia and all other energies of our quadrant of the known universe, keep looking at the sky and taking pictures of the sun and see what they show you.

The work:

When we sat in nature we saw the image of the glowing lights of the conscious souls emitting out as dots across the globe, many dots they were separate. The work to be done was to unify these energies/ souls in the collective consciousness of Gaia, to bring them together as one big light emitting this unified heart felt love out.

We focused and asked for the higher beings to be with us and to help us to understand what needs to be done, we felt our energy expands outwards to the universe and fill every bit of space and with this came the unification of the divine light connecting all the lights and souls into a massive area of energy of light as it flowed around, inwards and outwards into all life within the universe that is focused within the earth fields of existence and all life as one.

There did not seem to be any restriction on it any more it was flowing inwards and outwards and we are this energy.

We were to hold this open for the eclipse to do it’s bit when the light flashes out from the corona in all its glory.

We went and sat on the beach with the peace and quiet and the wide vista of this area stretching out in front of us as we focused on the moment of the total eclipse and connected to the light.

From our personal perspective we felt that we were in an energetic bubble with no edges and we just gave out in a way that felt like a void, we were the void giving out the energy on a scale that was not perceivable from this earthly perspective at all.

When we got home we watch a James Bond film, as a bit of light recreation to relieve the power of this, now, today, we still feel very wavy.

We went to the boat and enjoyed 3 beautiful hours floating in water in complete silence at one with these lovely new energies.

We notice the energies are still expanding within. It’s as if yesterday opened the gate for this and since then it flowing and slowly building inside our body, mind, emotions and feelings that all feel different and soft and expanded relaxed.   It also greatly enhanced the ‘on the ground’ collective consciousness of man and Gaia.


The perspective on this:

The unity consciousness that been building, I saw as lots and lots of light dots with gaps all over; this action we just took has changed it, all the gaps are gone and there is a constant flow right across Gaia permanently.     We must keep focussing on it and giving it the power from within,

There will be many folk focussing onto this at that same time, think about this and tune into the world and as well as Gaia.

The information is coming form the corn circle through the hieroglyphics written in the cone.

This is how these light codes are understood, not with words, if you tune into earth and let yourself be in the quiet, you are giving the symbols the space to filter into the consciousness that you are, then keep aware and see if you can recognise the message when it comes to you.


We have had the same dreams for two nights and this is that the new earth is terra forming. At first it was empty but gridded. Last night the grids started to be enlivened with gold, silver and white energy streaming across it continuously and it all started to light up with colours and shapes.

We are consolidating this new earth light at this time and all this who are aware with you age also doing this until it fulfils in the following weeks the changes will slowly become understood and the observation of ordinary folk will gradual begin to accept that what they see IS the higher beings.

All the way through they have been within everyone but have been marginalise by the life style and outside influences blocking the vibrations of understanding.

When we lifted the frequency for your understanding it was also for the whole of peoples on earth at this time.

When we down loaded information into your un-conscious state it was the same for everyone. The dreams are even more important than ever.

Every one is getting these dreams, they can are will be ignored by many but they will be giving the understanding to all souls during these dream times.

For the next 4 months this is going to work its way through the unconsciousness until all peoples will get to know them to such an extent the it will become a normal way of being and that we are real and we are here to help and guide.

There will be collective dreaming over this time period so that each soul will suddenly realise that they DO know that we exist and that we can be seen through the right way of observation.

This is how the higher beings have decided to get their message over to the many on earth; this decision has been made during this New Year lion gate/ eclipse break.

Its been written, it will fulfil, be love be light be happy

We dreamed that the work was done and we could join the group in their meeting place; we are not sure what this means yet but we sat with the group.

There is one other thing that has come into our mind and this that when we receive the information with the light language is a case of recognising it as a piece of information that we have had forever and not recognised as this before because we have always been told that anything that we cant see is not real.

This is our perspective on it, but we have noticed that the things that are being given as ‘non words understanding’ of the light language are things that we have always had as either a feeling or a thought about a feeling and how we have interpreted it.

One thing that stands out is this dizzy, wobbly feeling; I realised that I have always been wavy and when I felt it coming on I would resist it and block it so that it could not be.

I was held by the fear of what this was, so I never let it be until now and do you know, its ok I can let it be, flow with it and experience whatever its trying to show me.