Moving on to the 1/ 6/ 2017: part two/three first contact

Moving on to the 1/ 6/ 2017: part two: part three first contact:

The release of the barrier of the Atlantis grids:

The reason I am giving all this information is because it’s an important part of the whole picture, without the build up we cannot get the correct outcome.

If you click onto this information and want to read it, you are part of this forward surge of light waves, If: on the other hand it seems ridicules, then you are not ready yet to take these light waves. Give it more time.


I am in the Ashtar energy vessel with all the light energies.

They are imprinting me with this message:

Merlin came in: Its really important for you to understand and accept that now you are at this level you do not let your physical ego drag you into the 3rd/ 4th D world of illusion, by your understanding of this your core will be clear for this upgrade; its done.


This means we can upgrade your aura and physical energy so that you can proceed towards this next phrased of earth healing.

You could not do this while your physical ego still gets a hold on you so that you act on it.

You need to become very discerning and only pro-act in these matters.

There will remain a part of your physical that will deal with its ego and you will still act on it sometimes, but not in the capacity of BJ of Arcturus

There is a need to have a cut off point with this aspect and an understanding of the normality of this cut off.

We have all had to get to this point before we could be the true beings that we are.

You are going to do this in your vessel while walking on the earth as human.

We can guide you through it, but you have to execute it in your earthly life.


Clearing negative energy within and releasing the barrier of the Atlantis grids:

This is really pivotal; no one has done this in this way before,

you are moving towards this and sharing it with other to show the way, do you understand?

BJ: Yes.

M3s+PI: Right now we can do the shift ritual to get this new channel established within your core matrix.

As with everything here we functions on the multi dimensional bodies at the same time, the matrix is also doing this within you. We can feel you have this concept clearly now.

For your comfort and confidence there is a circle of light beings collectively gathering around you and shining their own aspect on you for your understanding and encouragement to go ahead and do this.


We are all behind you while you go through this transformation within, open your focus on your high hearts and you core,  {Done}

Now set you attention onto your minds eye and see that the core is not anchored or set, it’s floating flowing about swaying.

With your love focus and intent attach yourself to it, feel it is floating and not attached, feel how it does not want to be this way, it wants to be anchored.

Now bring this focus and energy into our domain of frequency on the Ashtar vessel/ship and anchor it

{I am here.}

Now this is done and you have secured the core we can guide you to a con-trap-tion it’s like an energetic machine, move into it and actualise its frequency inside you and us and the whole universal grids.

This con-trap-tion is the doorway to the holding of the Atlantis grids barrier, feel the connection and take all of your energies inside this to the central mark where the central sun is. Remember its multi Dimensional.

Feel it and fill it with conscious love that’s rooted and anchored with this light frequency and is attached within this grid as a light beam.

Moving out wards into the galixy, connect, access and anchor the light into the star systems in our galixy and eventually into the star system where Arcturus is, then the local universes.

Move round the Galixy and then the universe, do the full circuit, then come back to base creating a light channel grid across this part of the universe.

Now expand yourself out to all of the light grids and watch it grow, send out the activation across the universe to all other galaxies and stars.

Hold this now and let it re-align your own aura and physical bodies.


NOW HOLD: You have plugged your consciousness into the universal grid of ascension that allows us to do our actions that is to bring this new earth ascension into being, actually being here, now on earth in the physical reality of life and humanity.

Keep holding, for you, this has opened and activated the true Shekinah light inside your body so that you can release any deep-seated beliefs that are left within.

 In doing this you have created these energetic grids and cleared a part of your own matrix to clear the unwanted thoughts.

You do not have to hold this for long; we are putting grips on it all the way across the unversed to hold it.

The Atlantic plateau, grids, cradle, Atlantis crystals and pyramids are the base from which we are working.


BJ: I am feeling this as if the universe is inside my central self, and this is where my 3 hearts and solar plexus is but on an infinite space. And I am holding it there. I feel like I am drifting away from you.

M3+PI: Come back; we are not ready yet, feeling you able to move away and then come back to it is good practice.


BJ: I can do that, it’s a conical shape, the big end is my physical function then I move down into the pointed end and come out in the Ashtar ships con-trap-tion and the universe.

M3+PI: we want you to keep going in an out of this at get used to it and for it to get used to you.


Starting tomorrow the 8/5/17 and going on until the 21st June there are going to be light flows moving through this grids from the next higher level of light that’s the next layer up in the pyramids of the Yahweh light though your physical being.

This will bring you close to you’re true self and what you are doing.

Three hours have gone by it feels like 10 minuet. Hummm I’m hungry. xxx

This has upgraded my matrix and released that negative feeling inside my core and has done this grid setting and activation.


The story behind this activation of the universal golden grids that we have just done:

I went for a walk round to the fields to get away from noise people and electronic interference.

I walked for half an hour then sat on the chair that’s been dumped on the pathway of this field. Perfect:


Having connected into Gaia first with the walking meditation, when I sat I tuned into the new Shekinah light within my deep core where I was holding; it took a bit of time.

When I closed my eyes the image of a barrier being raised up to be taken away, it looked like the barriers they have at a lock to hold the water back, it was being dis-mantled.


This is what they told me:

The anchoring and activating that you did has given us the go-ahead to dismantle this now.

The con-trap-tion that you went into to do this, was put there at the time of the fall of Atlantis, the elders blocked the portal with this con-trap-tion and the barrier so that the light frequency in the universe would not be able to be raised beyond the 3rd. D, this locked it out, now its being released, your job was to be the physical plug that was needed to be put into the socket so that we could throw the switch to do the action that brings about this change.


This light will flood the universe now and the other connected universes will be able to upgrade it back into its multi D state.

 Again; they did this to stop the ones in control from having access to this divine power; they were using it with their ego instead of their true being.


This was dangerous because the energy technology is very powerful and in the negative hands it was likely they would end up destroying Gaia and rendering her a dead planet.

This could not happen, so the elders took steps to stop it along with the hidden crystals, and codes.


To explain a little further, the theory of the many universes, like bubbles floating and bumping into each other is right to a degree.

The bit that’s right is that the information is passed from universe to universe in the same way that atoms pass on information through the membrane of each atom as it comes into contact with another, as they bump into each other they pass information between them.


 This is how the energy of the divine can be continually shared across the mansions of the lord’s universes.

The barrier stopped this, now we have lifted it to bring Gaia back to her higher frequency, this had to happen. The energy flowing and now being given is going into the hearts of Gaia and all her life.


You have taken it through you: you and Gaia are one, so it’s in her; the universe sits in the 3 hearts where the divine spark is and will exist there.


The con-trap-tion was made especially for this, it will now be dismantled and you can exist with the high hearts of this divine power.

We cannot act on these Atlantis codes crystals and energies on our own, there are some things that have to be done with a physical, conscious connection, that’s why we have you as our ground crew. Thank you: you do have the alchemy to assist others to feel their higher being, it will become your signature, but not yet; the process has to be gone through to reach the right time line when this will happen.

You time line is, first to edit and publish the journal, keep healing Gaia and wait for the outcome.


These releases and activation are the build up to the solstice that will then take us to the 21/8/17 eclipse; this is relevant because it’s building a picture of our future new earth vibrations.


11/5/17: I Had A Dream:  

I could see a Hugh active light: it was red, orange, yellow: It was much bigger than me, it was lines that were connected to each other; They were like a straight lightening flash in slow motion; it was in front of me and was changing into blue flashes then back again, this went on back and forth.

There was a coloured light being in this light that was flashing in front of me asking me to move into it; this kept in my mind even though I was still asleep

It moved into me or I moved into it; it was light, it affected me as if I was shocked like a gentle electric shock.

It jarred my energy and body, then it through me away and out of it, and then it stopped ,after that there were lots of white light blipping in and out; it was some kind of energetic change that I got.

I had received an up date of light energy.


My question to the Ashtar ship:

Did you push me into that lightening stream last night, the spectrum of colour? Now I am feeling like I am in the high state of being all the time: my head is spongy, my neck is wobbly, my skin is itchy and the ringing in my ears is loud and constant and ha gone up a notch; is this all ok, is it correct considering what I am ding here?

I am anchoring into Gaia but it feels like she is not there as solid entity; I know she is: but I cant feel it, it feels like she is spongy, wavy energy entity that I am part of; we are one; who or where do I anchor now! What is solid for me?


Ashtar: Nothing is solid for you now, this is the multi Ds, you exist in this space now, and it’s made of spongy wavy energy entities of the different forms of frequency’s that make up everything. Surrender to it as much as possible during your day,


This is your new light Christos over body and the Shekinah ark of light that will be a bit challenging; it will become your norm as time goes on. Encompass it and surrender to it with your 3 hearts, feel the love  for your self.


You do mind programming to achieve this; today set your focus onto your skin; cleans it, expand and surrender to it; try to remember this every time you feel the tension forming in your neck head and shoulder release the skin into surrender and expansion.


We did provide the lightening stream last night, we did not push you; you walked into it willingly; and yes it was a bit scary and it is one of the Atlantis light codes that we have access to on this vibration.

We are closely linked to them and they are orchestrating this process of re-newel of the Atlantis technology and information through us and all the beings on this stream of the higher self high souls of the brotherhood of light, we are one and all work in conjunction with the source to bring this in the consciousness for you and all those who are in the stream.


Listen B J; you are heading this surge forwards, there is no-one else; you hold the capacity of light to do this; it does not elevate you any where, we are all equal, we do have our own jobs to do as part of this process and everyone is as important as another, so there is no need to change your way of thinking about it, keep it normal.


Personal Information:

Dear soul can you recognise the bigger picture at this time; that of your self and that of the ascension process?

The time is now for the re-location and settlement of each way- shower and higher beings within their earthly vessel that are on earth now to bring forwards the new earth order, you and others are all re-locating into areas that will be conducive for this process and setting you up for what is to come:

We, want you all settled and in place where you can physically be relaxed and connected to Gaia in a way that is a direct line into inner earth due to the location and position of your new home.


These places that you are going to or have already gone to over the last period of earth time are energy portals that connect directly into inner earth of Gaia; Agatha, where we can work directly with you: the Galactic beings are in their multi D space that prevails the earth and universe and are now focussing on these connections to much bigger groups on earth.


This is coming in through the system of energetic streams of divine light that’s now been released from the Atlantis activation, these have been held back by the elders until now, they are being activated now.

Your energy is strong and we want you to be in a place where you are completely comfy and happy:

Once you get anchored into the Mallard grid portal you will find that everything you do will be perfect for you: you will not have to think about being alone or coping with physical life out in the Frey, get rid of everything that is not relevant to your new state of being.

This is all part of the build up to the 21st August.



What is the truth about first contact, the landings part three:

I had a long chat with my friend.

We exchanged information; hers from her course and mine from my group; we all work in tandem;

My Q: What is the truth about first contact, the landings, which is in charge of them?

A: We are.

Q: Will you show self’s, and then there will be disclosure from the governments about the aliens, or the other way round?

A: disclosure will come after the we have shown our selfs, we are going to do this across the total pathway of the eclipse along the west coast of U S A, it will be a projection, then the government will do the disclosure of all previous siting’s.

 Every one who is a way shower or light worker will help their circle of people to understand this when it happens.


26/5/17: The question of the landings: First contact:

Is it going to be as in star trek, close encounters or Independence Day?

A:  Independence Day without the violence, it will be opposite and done with great love.

Q: will it be that big?

A: Yes it will quell the authorities.

Q:  where is this going to happen?

A: Western U. S. A.

Q: More than one energy formation?

A: Yes many, lets get this straight; we are going to present ourselves to earth on the 5th D very soon; its time; everyone will be able to see it, earth is in the 5th D now and so are the people.



About the first contact, the reason we could not tell you before, is because the pattern had not been set yet: the outcome is not set; all will be well, when we do become visible, you keep your feet on the ground this is important. Keep the image of this in your imagination you DO have the ability to actualise these images of us.


I am being given information about the eclipse on the 21st August,

It’s going to be a total over the west of the U S A.

The energy that will prevail when the moon slips in front of the sun will be pivotal in the progress of the ascension on earth/ Gaia.


The eclipse of August 21st just two months after the solstice, will be the lightening refraction @ is best: the total eclipse will reveal all of the galactic light beings across western U S A + other countries within the refractive reflection of light: and it will change the whole frequency of light within the field of electro magnetic energy that’s closest right the surface of Gaia and bathe it in a very strong blanket of divine light and love that will affect every living thing on Gaia.

After the 21st Aug. nothing will ever be the same on earth, all will be in the 5th-7thDs; the ones who are still functioning on the lower levels will become isolated within their own groups and complexes. They will not have any power to bring about the holding on to the Old way, this can be disruptive and prone to aggression, something to avoid.


This wave of light will boost every heart beat of every life force into the 5th-7th Ds. It will cause the imbalance within this has to be the outcome.

Souls leaving earth @ this time will be part of the changeover and a crucial part.

The government’s will not be able to detract from the truth of the revelation on the 21st Aug, or even think that can, they will be afraid of their own beliefs and this will stop them in their tracts,

spiritual teachers, guides and gurus will help to keep the calm and explain what’s going no.


The money market will be re-configured in the way of the light.

It will cause some chaos, but remember we are all in the higher frequency now and in another 2 months; the adjustments that are made on a moment-by-moment basis to Gaia and humanity now, will gently ease everyone with an open heart into their own sacred space.

When this happens every one will have been ready to accept and trust their own convictions and not be afraid to openly talk about and give out love to other who will still need help to understand. Help to quell the old beliefs and fears that will be linked to the changes.


The grids that are in place are a connection to Agatha and forms across the northern hemisphere where we will be able to surface on earth and ‘be’ on physical earth in this new earth space.

The west coast California and Canada, are going to be visited by the Ashtar and Galactic beings in August, this will change and be pivotal to all this work: