End Game,we are coming ingot 2017

We are coming into 2017,

The light portals are open flowing and high. ‘ The tide is high and I’m holding on’. It is staying open, flowing, as we ride into 2017 --- 01

Dear souls we give you the energy to allow us to take you along on our wave as we move into 2017 –01.

You are on this arrow wave that is the way shower, there are billion’s of wave-Letts coming along in the wake, as we give energy to this light wave of love, it will not crash, it will fall gracefully into the Jan 1/1 and move forwards in a powerful flow of light and love.

A new understanding comes as you breath in, absorb the air into your body, feel the change.


25/12/16 the diamond template

Feel the incoming energy through the body, its power; take it down into Gaia, Agartha’s, diamond crystal central sun.

We are going down into inner earth, Agartha to central sun, crystal diamond centre where the masters are waiting, Adama is drawing us into the centre. We sit at desks in a circle with Adama and the masters in the centre, they are on a turn table slowly turning as each one comes in front of a student they fix and open and ask the student to tune in to them.

They are activating a template through the 3rd eye and pineal glands. It makes a triangle shape in the head and we feel it.

It’s a diamond triangle it functions on all levels of light, now it will flow down through the vessel. Its not a single shape, it’s evolving into many patterns, colours, manifesting what’s needed, and it has energy of mutable essence. Every one is receiving this upgrade within their physical body

We are told that the ATMA transtit is divine light now, lesson over.


26/12/16 Archturus and the truth

The archturians have backed up the information of the incoming waves at this time. There has been a gamma the delta wave flows, they need balancing, and they go into inner earth.

The radiation background is being monitored and measured, these waves are unprecedented there is no scientific explanation for them. A more powerful microwave is flowing across Gaia, electro magnetic energy much bigger that ever before.

These pulses are triggering energy changes within the physical body, no matter how you look it.

The effect of this pull is to show our truth and the truth about our world and its leaders.  You have earned the power you hold and are be-coming mindfully aware, consciously, of how to accept and change things in life that’s not sitting well.

For all light workers, and way shower, through your trust and knowledge, your progress is about to jump forwards into a new way of being, your light is great, glowing and attached to these pulses of Gamma and delta waves energy, wrap your love round Gaia and these pulsed to welcome them into our new way of bing, know that this information is backed up by cutting edge science and spiritual awareness that’s spreading like a blanket to bring everyone into their connected place.

During Jan there will be 3 light influxes of electro mag energy on 1/1, 11/1 and the 21/1.

To help this all light workers keep your energy soft and flowing and give out to earth while the pulses come in. it will stop any kind of hard core change in the life systems of all.


The story carries on:  Last year at this time, there started the new sequence with our light body core to do with alchemy.

I/we was asked to hold a flat circle of light at the North Pole in our multi D state to balance and hold the gamma wave as it came into the earth’s atmosphere.

 This year I/we are holding this even bigger platform in place.


29/12/16 our quest now.

I/we stand on the edge of a vast platform of space above earth, its muted white/ yellow/ cream, and clear space.

It goes far beyond our sight. Now we see a big platform and we go into the middle.

I/we are in the centre of the platform with the auric fields and masters they are all around.

We are told to connect into Gaia and the higher beings with the golden dragon energy, it formed a channel down into Gaia and beyond and up to the high being, it makes a continues circle of light that spirals though the universe and back to earth, to this platform.

Then it expands into a golden tube that forms over our head and connects. This energy is a stream from the Yahweh, coming from the great YAHWEH.

I/we have to hold this!

We hold, stand and feel the power of light flow through, there are tiny star-Letts that are flowing down onto earth thousands of them, and they are for everyone

 “You are holding, feeling and bringing in this vibration, you are channels from source, the Yahweh light into the platform, you, Gaia, galixy and centre sun. It can transmute all life on earth through this process of alchemy.”

I/we are standing in the centre of the platform with the auric fields and all the streams from other masters.

Adama connected us to the central suns of earth, galixy and universe. I/we are deeply embedded within this connection, and hold the embodiment of the divan source Yahweh.  Now hold it.



Hello dear soul we come to help you in your holding of the central sun, Yahweh light, we are ascending into your matrix now; feel us.

We can feel it in a spiral of light entwining through us, me/we/ Yahweh/ Gaia/ universe.

Day 2 of the holding and the new D N A spirals are here, we are able to bring to the mix the very star dust that your vessel is made of, this has to comes into your D N A to change the structure of the body into crystalline energy.

Be hailed dear sister, as you anchor, balance and hold this vast platform of divine Yahweh light, you are energetically attached to this infinite YAHWEH!  The Yahweh that you hold is but a reflection of the infinite YAHWEH!

There is misconception about reflection, it holds its own power matrix, and it’s as strong as the real thing.

When you see yourself in reflection, it has an energetic action directly on you. The Yahweh is doing the same its having an energetic reaction on you.

Remember it’s on all levels of light.

You are permitted to hold this as your beacon and are shaking yourself down into the inner space of Gaia and spreading out into a natural element of the divine love you hold as a layer of you in your own right where it will become accessible to all other who come to this golden platform. Feel this, create this.

The central oval shape in the centre of the platform has opened out and is flowing this Yahweh love over the golden platform, already giving form to your creations, I am being reminded to tune into Gaia all the time.

Due to the upgrading I/ we are holding this platform from within as a fully integrated human into the multi D s.



Message from C.O.H and Mother /Father god.

You are holding the platform of the 7th D light shield, Underneath is the lower 3rd D Gaia. They are interconnected and both functioning together as different Ds, the work you are doing is holding on the lower level while the light workers are transmuting the negative energy within. All you need to do is hold and be conscious of where and what you are holding, ready for the others to come.

Keep hold the 1st wave is about to come in. is already trickling.