December and into January 2018 energy portals of light;

“Welcome to 2018”, Rae said to herself, she was sitting in her room in Spain, being on her own gives time to do any work that was required by her higher being over the winter solstice.

This is a time when Gaia’s magnetic core was alighting with Vega’s to exchange magnetic energy from their core.

The energy was exacting, disturbing and it made her very tired, things came up from her unconscious during dreams, she had one about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

This dream was bringing up unconscious thoughts that she did not realist she had and at the same time the words, “it’s the winter solstice”, kept repeating all the way through as a a blue light was being put thought her and Gaia continually.

This day is important in the new earth energy, during last nights dream, Rae was aware of a blue light being given through her constantly and the words “it’s the winter solstice”, repeating all way through the dream, this light is causing an imbalance, Rae is being used as a receiver of the light to anchor it into Gaia.


The elders speak:

“This is the new element that we have been nurturing since 2012; it’s fulfilled and is being anchored into new earth Gaia in close proximity to the old 3 D earth.

You are the cartelist to bring it into, and onto, earth at the place where you are.

Its powerful, it comes from the outer diamond crystal grid, through the two galaxies Andromeda and the Milky Ways light centre and across the star grids, into earth, where it is anchoring into the magnetic core, through the magnetic grids that has been set up, sink your field into Agatha and expand, anchor through your feel into central sun and expand out.

On the 9th of January the re-alignment of the magnetic energy in ALL things has completed.


Rae listens, saying thank you for the information, she stands in her expanded universal self and anchors into Agatha, she extends her field out to them and as far as her knowledge of the universe can understand and calls it the Off-World Field.

“My field is as big as the cosmos, its attachment to earth as a pinpoint through my physical being, this expansion is to bring the cosmic upgrade into Earth”, Rae tells herself; “things have changed! The information and explanation of the way forwards is still coming in a completely different format.

Hermes Trismegistus came into my dreams he stood in front of me and told me of the way he finished one part of his progress and started on his secret path; how he did it.

He said, he did it in small steps and low key and people just followed him silently and I need to look at the ancient books on myth and magic to find my way forwards in my new path. The information is in the Akashic records through the ancient Greek, Egyptian and the Atlantis mythology.

Your guidance is to look at the Kybalion and other old texts.

Rae was feeling the undulating energy washing over her; “I wonder what I can do! I can feel it, associate with it but what good is it".

The answer is: make a cohered frequency of calm and bring it onto earth and balance as an undulating field of connected light wrap the violet flame to transform give out love and love.

“I can use it for my connection and balance to hold waves around any situation so that it quietens”, that’s answered my question”.


A universal soul has influence on the quantum super non-local awareness phenomena; the consciousness of your physical does have the ability of the ancient gods as depicted in the myths of the Greek and Egyptian gods. This is not in the way of religion.

If you take a peek at the very ancient way before the known history of man, its interest was an advancement of the evolution of humanity. You have connected to that origin source and hold the light of balance.

In my awareness I am holding, feeling and understanding the light language as extra sensory perception merged with the normal field consciously.

It tells me how I can be like the gods in the film of Jason and the Argonauts.

They say if that’s what it takes for my physical to be able to visualise and imagine it, then do it, so that I can do this new energy work.

Use your mastery as one of the Galactic beings as a unity connection to the great central sun, son of Yahweh.

This unity is a conscious group with the physical beings on earth and we work together to the collective consciousness unity of man and humanity.

As a unit we cover Gaia and her peoples with this light language streams with balance, it’s up to the individual to do it for them self’s by changing their belief systems; they can use the light language of the worlds, the omens and then act on them positively.

 The light language is a deep knowing from the Akashic files that have become a tangible feeling of energy fields within me that is so strong it has form within my universal field.


Rae Grasps the information: “my new mission is to connect to Gaia on this level of understanding, holding the balance in my new awareness and undulations, to hold Gaia’s balance on all levels, she is opening into her new earth creation of light in the undulating universal expansion within”.

I am a daughter of the order of Lord Melchizedek to reveal this ancient eternal order.

My connection is complete and I am a stream of light and knowledge while I remain physical.

What a privilege, Lord Melchizedek comes up in the bible as being a representative of God, he is equal to Metatron, Michael, and Merlin in status and they are the alchemists and they deal with the collective consciousness of humanity.

Everything in my past has lead me to this place to reveal the ancient order back into the collective consciousness of humanity so that the cosmos can transit into its next vibration of existence’.


The healing in the Off World Field:

 Rae tried to expand her energy to go into the O W F it was being blocked by energy with bands of light gold and deep green energy strips that were holding it.

She expanded it until it was a cloud of colours and her light could flicker into every particle changing it into light white energy.

She holds it, it is quantum healing, this is quantum healing in Gaia and herself, its hard to think that while she is focused within its happening on every level of life as well.

Appling the crystalline living light spirals and vortexes, makes it much easier for her to imagine and its sit well with her.

Rae focuses onto a specific train of thought to bring a deeper connection to the solar light and anchoring it into the Agatha C Sun, the healing and adjustments will automatically shift, heal and balance Gaia.

 She cannot repress her human trait of the emotional undulations, she has to experience both realms, as she trudges through the rest of her life, everything is correct.

WE are all one: