I/We ask Merlin, have we fulfilled our mission?

Merlin gives a message:

Merlin say’s NO, not quite yet, GO BACK and link to the Thira experience.

 We the Inter-galactic beings are with you and ask you to feel the connection to the Agatha crystals through the levels of the multi D onto the surface of Gaia these are arranged over and in Gaia so that the spiral vortex waves being initiated from Thira can be easily picked up by the conscious field of Galactic and humans conscious, intelligent perspective, it does not matter if it is not recognised physically because the creator’s grand plan is set up so that the physical molecules will be initiated by their crystalline makeup.


We infused and anchored the T light into Agatha’s sacred crystals to activate them and open the harmonic resonance to reboot the other sacred crystals and pyramids on Gaia aligning them to the cosmic harmonic frequency of spiral light waves of the order of Melchior, Metatron and Michael.


The work that has been achieved over the years by all light workers can be incorporated into the unified unity of consciousness of Nova Gaia with the inter-galactic multi D chakras re-booting everything to begin the next phrase into new Gaia.

We ask all souls to go back three years and bring everything that has been done up to date by merging them with your own unique energy vibrations

using imagination, bring it all together as one big experience of perceptive creation.

Do this in inner earth, Agatha ready for the next adventure of conscious evolution for the ascension of humanity, Gaia and all life in the universe. Thank you x


Confounding it IS!

The inter- galactic multi Dimensions is a vast field of pulsing energies, a mixed soup, nothing is solid, its all on the frequency scale of spiral waves that are separated by their difference frequency’s.

There is a light spiral that creates a bridge between like to like frequencies across this vast soup of fields of energy, it’s a time bridge of light, the time part is the amount of space it will take to create the bridge to connect to another spiral wave of the SAME frequency adapting it to ONE united vibration for everyone to receive this.

There is no linier time or space outside 3rd D earth.

Things loop and are spirals going back and forth looping in cycles, every time the cycles, spiral and loops occurs there is a change in its frequency that brings it into the succession of evolution of the creators plan for ever expanding inwards and outwards INFINITE.

250,000,000, 25,00,000 a year, day week it’s all cycles, loops and spirals.