August 2017


Hi there, the month is going so quick and the ride is a rough and tumble then sinking into unity consciousness and feeling softness and the inter-dimensional connection to the galactic souls who are just waiting for us.

As we bounce along this road going in and out, up and down, the power of the light is growing within and our ability to give out and share it with everything has become a unity of light conscious that is connected on a deeper connection of knowing.

This is some of the experiences I/we have been going through:

We do feel like we are resting within, today this changed we shed layers of energy everywhere we are in it all the time, our perception has shifted, this happened when we lay on the beach today and received the “L”E. quotient directly.

There is a feeling that we want to be dis-connected so that we can do the work.

 All souls are going to experience these gifts in there now; it’s this layer of consciousness ”L”E. quotient that’s been released and blanketed Gaia. Every one is working with their own group of beings that will take them through the next 6 weeks while the earth births and the new earth comes into being, you can share but it is you who is going to do it.



We went into Agatha, all the light bodies are there are there:  This plateau is open shining and is crystalline up to date, state of the art, and new portal of “L” E.

 We are in the stream of light that’s flowing into Agatha, inner earth is attached to all ancient technologies via The elder galactic star high beings, its as if they brought this frequencies ship down to us, we connected in a unity of conscious awareness.

 The words unity of conscious awareness have a ring to it, they resonate within and activate a deep connection inside of our vessel that emanates out from our whole body.

Sometimes this frequency makes us feel VERY watery, very “LIGHT”E. and it feels like everything else is so heavy that we cant lift ourselves up or move, we have to lay down, rest until it passes.

MongFo: This is the scalar waves ”LIGHT”E. flowing through the vessel in spread out waves of “LIGHT”E.

We are drip-feeding all souls this so that the physical perception can adjust to it slowly, this is the process; we stream it, then it is transmitted into the body, by putting your attention onto it, the unity consciousness of “L”E.

You breath, rest, connect then it balances and you can go on with your physical day, it will stop being an alien feeling and ‘be ‘come your natural light crystal over body inner body, it will be normal for you.


 3/8/17:   Meditation with the Arcturus beings of light on the 29th July 2017:

We brought the high Ds of the high galactic groups down into the body of Gaia through the portal of each ones hearts that are listening.

This instruction happened on all the multi Ds and all beings of earth.

We acted on our frequency that is the “LIGHT”ENERGY and merged this level of Unified consciousness, anchoring it into the earths core of Agatha’s central sun core being.

As this happened all souls connected to their own personal core, and Gaia became the cartelist of the local multiverse and because she is anchored in the way of the unified “LIGHT”ENERGY conscious awareness, her collective group, all planets and stars In her local galixy the milky way, also anchored into the new world multi verse collective and all changed their frequency.

It works on macro and micro, on people, planets, cells, molecules, the quantum bits change the frequency and it will change all others in their own resonating frequency of light in this case unified “L”E. conscious awareness.

Sue’s channel did this, when she spoke about the higher being coming in to the single soul, it open a really big channel of “L”E. it whooshed in through us and went into Agatha and it was VERY BIG.

Then it came back into us and we saw in our minds eye the vastness of this upon the universe/ multi verse. The opening up of this universal portal of change was done on all levels of life.

And now we can all rest within our inner being that is this wonderful new earth high hearts unified “LIGHT”E. conscious awareness inside the vessel that supports our “L”E body, soft, love, safety, comfy, easy.


 7/8/17:  Your galactic groups:

Dear Earth beings, every one of you is as one with Gaia, as you work within your own self you are also working directly within Gaia.

It’s you and the 888, Lion Gate this is the rebirth of you and Gaia, the 888, Lion Gate way is rebirth, sit back and keep the love focus on what you are creating is your lives.

Rest inside, feel the constant being of this place within.

Its time for everyone who is ready, to really step outside of your vessels and openly expand out into your true self, do not be scared, hold no fear, all is correct, you are going to break down the edges of you vessel, meta physically, this membrane has kept you encapsulate over this life period so that your true light could be nurtured and grow within, in a similar way of a pupa and a moth.

To do this you are going to do a visualisation with us, the way you do this is on an open eye consciously aware basis not in eyes closed, this activation is to be done with your wide awake conscious awareness.


Personal perspective:     As we focus within and feel the shaky energy we see an open area that looks like the silver white centre of the galixy, it’s a wide band of light inside of us and is being funnelled into this hole of light with a golden white with flicks of colours, flashing.

We are orientated to the north and the gold white light is coming from the east, we keep opening our eyes so that we remain in this open conscious state of being.

OK, we are the universes and the galixy is within the ALL that we are.

As we hold this image, within the band of the portals edges become yellow and like a cloudy band on the edges, this is the set up.

Now we are going to actively move our consciousness into this to do the release, we go even deeper and deeper into our centre core to the portal and channel of light.

Take the feeling within into the whole of the vessel, head included.

Take the direct gamma light from the galixy centre as it opens and focus on staying within, resting in united conscious 3hearts love.

Keep it on your mind; NOW allow it to happen while staying consciously aware of how you are feeling, as it happens the colour is red from the freedom flame with a deep hue of rose red fills us and gently cracks the outer shell of this egg.

We watch it fall away and disintegrates leaving a void around the edges the red falls away and gold white fills the void now it goes back to red and this keeps trans muting.

Its transmuting; I am crying out not to change, the old is fighting back, we give it love and tell it that is can come with us, it’s a bit of old ego, everything in us


This is NOT easy, it as if we are getting rid of an old thing that’s easy that we know; to step into a place when there is no certainty, an abyss of the unknown.

We let the waves wash through us as we let go of the layers of unneeded energy and allowing the layer to transmute into our new body.

Because of our attachment to Gaia we are in Agatha inner earth and she is going through it as well, we are one.

The light beings are all watching us we sit on the central sun of light and do these light expansions.

We sit and the elders shake energy over us and the colour red come back and the process continues, nothing needs to be held solid, all is in a consent flowing movement, in, out round, up, down its fluidness of the that’s being transmuted, there is still a block at the head, it is shaky the rest of us is not any more, the sphere is still a little bit tight.

Now we yawn and stretch now we are one with the energy, we are still in inner earth relaxed.

There is a part of us that stays in Agatha; the rest is back into our room and feel very heady. All we have to do is keep remembering what we are doing this week with the 888 LG Galixy, we feel very wavy/ watery.

The integration is allowing this wavy feeling have its head while we go out and about, do not shake it off, stay in it.

This is not easy, as we do anything we are so floaty, dizzy and queasy, we have to stop and take a breath, refocus and then carry on. Its difficult, like a part of us is trying to swim against the flow, it much better to swim with it, we are safe in our letting go, we are in a river of life and it we let go we will beach further down the river onto a sunny, sandy beach of the new earth.

This full moon+ eclipse is so expanding we cant do anything but go with it, its beautiful light energy we are thankful that we can know and fully encompass it consciously.

Gaia and we feel as if we are the expanded conscious unity of the divine love and we are blanketing all other life in and out of the physical earth, with love.


8/8/17 Gaia:

Today we are better; did we go through an energy field?   

Collective Star Beings: No it was the build up prior to the “LIGHT”E. opening the 2 suns being together you felt that and expanded into it.

The work done in the Ds yesterday was to RECEIVE the 888 Lion  Gate surge, by this action you/us/Gaia anchored this into the plateau and in turn it penetrated the grids of the cradle and then into Agatha and back out again 3 times into the whole being bringing this new light into Gaia from the centre of the 22 galaxy diamond multi D grid, our local galixy.

There is a connection to our sister galixy Andromeda that is connected too ALL others. It goes this way to earth and the other way to Andromeda, and then it connected round the local universe.

This is now actualising, we all need to keep aware consciously of this transmission and keep open to it; it’s coming through the conduit of the vessel.


The work:  This is from a Gaia perspective:

 The great central sun of the 22 Galixy multi dimensional diamond grid has resonated deeply with us and now we are being given a down load.

It feels like they have switched on a power in our solar plexus, the sound is fuzzing, the energy has over laid our being and we feel a bit disturbed inside.

We expand into it and the C.S.B.s come in:

We tell you that yes, the information is good and relevant to you/us/ Gaia and all souls, what’s been said in the writing about the 22 Galixy diamond star grid which holds the Great central sun.

‘This is the quadrant or local universe area we have spoken about, now we require your attention to allow our connection so that we can activate it.

We lie down and focus within:

We are being used as a conduit for the bringing this ”LGHT”E. into Gaia, it makes us feel apprehensive, we are taken into Agatha, there are many light beings working, all nations, we lay in the area of the central sun and the workers are taking a small silk like thread of the light that’s being sent through us and drawing it out and attaching them to nodes and gaps and objects that are here in this space until it looked like a divine spider has threaded all these together and they are all attached to the light they we are holding

This light is being transmitted to this Atlantic technology to re-set the process of transmitting the ancient codes and information back into its original place in the hall of construction with the Atlantis original technology.

We stay there until these connections are made and set back into the sister central sun. This will apply to all galixy in their quadrant, then be taken up by the other being who will give out to all other areas in the mansion of all universes.

Now we can come back to our room. CoolCool