OK Merlin we look at Earth Dragon energy pertaining to Wells, Glastonbury and Shepton Mallet, mixing fire and water, red spring and white spring, male and female

Merlin says:

The guiding light of Dragons hails from the 10th -12th D and they preside in Agatha inner earth.

In the inter-galactic macro/mega multiverse Ds of the creators grand plan remember these is NO separation.

Everything that earth people know about Gods, Elf’s, Fairies, Masters, Non-local phenomena, Guides, and Dragons is the truth, their vibrations are in tune with the Whales, Dolphins and Elephants as earth physical beings and humans.

These entities exist in all frequencies and vibrations they are as light as the ain soph and as dense as a rock.

There is no swapping from one to another there is only one.

To accomplish our goal we use all aspects of light fields.