December. almost all of it!

Dear souls we come with the 1st Dec message.

As we approach the end game the pulses and waves of light keep coming, this has an affect on all souls on earth.

The light workers, empathic people and star seeds will feel the shifting from one stream to another, then back again, this can be confusing as you move through these light streams, we want you to say, ‘all is well and on tract, there is no mistakes everything is correct.’

We are so close to the New Year and the next phrase.

Its time for all light worker star seeds, and light beings to take up you’re true being fully.

To help your shifting transition, keep anchored into Gaia and focused on your higher being, let these shifts happening, accept them, as they will becomes the norm. 

Feel the different energies, when you feel you are connected to the higher streams of light give then your full focused, conscious attention and try to hold them as long as you can.

 When you feel that the stream you are being attached to, is not resonating in the higher level, let it go with the understanding of the differences.

As you shift, you are gradually getting used to being in the higher streams of light, where you feel relaxed content and loving. You are able to see your life through the higher light being, this is the place you will eventually be all the time in the balance of the ascension of earth.

 You will fine that your life will slowly change, those who are not compatible will fall away and those who are left will resonate with you in the divine light of love.

You will be able to be in the company of others who are not your frequency, without being drawn into the dramas that are happening and feel happy as an observer.

Knowing that all is correct within your inner self will give you a more balanced way of dealing with the actual world in a much more detached manner.

You will fine that you are not drawn into other dramas but con give out a balances view on a situation.

It will feel strange to begin with but you will get used to it as it becomes normal for you.

To start with you will feel that you want to be as before, until you realise that you can still be a part of everything, looking at it from an elevated position that keeps your emotions, feelings and consciousness in line and at the same time being interacting with all peoples.

You will seem to be in a very comfortable bubble of love and being given conscious support from your higher frequency streams while you go through your day looking after yourself and others from this perspective, you are able to give out love to all situations openly, lifting everything up into the higher streams of light frequency of divine love.

These feelings are growing within all peoples, mostly the many do not understand but for those who do, use your meditation or quiet spaces, tuning in as much as possible so that this shift becomes more and more natural for you.

Being consciously aware of this will allow you to be choosy about when and how you want to act, pro-act or react to what’s going on around you, so that you can take the connected rout through life that in the most comfortable road.

We bring you this information so that you do not get taken into the past that you have already let go of and keep your energy on track with love. HeartHehe



 Dear souls, the energy frequency,

that’s here on earth now is much lifted that before.It’s so light that it cannot hold negative vibrations; all peoples can now act directly with it, instantly.

The process of tuning in now is much quicker and direct. Try it out!

As we start to feel any negative thoughts rising and starting to repeat within our mind, be conscious of them, how they make us feel! As soon as we can be aware that we are in a negative stream it can changed within one minuet, use  imagination and breath into our heart, fill it with love, do this 3 or 4 times and feel how it will change these feelings very quickly.

 There is no need to go into the why’s and wherefores of these negative thoughts any more, that is the past we are all in this now and it allows us to be direct with the negative and just breath, give ourselves love and let it stream away from your aura.

 We are all energy of light; even our physical body has ‘be’-come the light frequency. The heavy membranes have been disengaged now and so as a human being we can slip Easley into the positive light of love.

The masters are very close  now and are as one connected to the source of pure love.

 Everyone is at different stages of consciousness; all peoples will begin to feel different within their levels of understanding.

Its has an a effect, the feelings of surrender will grow greatly within until you start to trust this light

This is the beginning of the growth of ascension to the light, many people are feeling anxiety about their lives and worries, its creating a negative wave, its time to let go.

Remember we create our reality, the more we hold on to the old, the longer it will be our life.

To create a new way for your self, sit and think about how you would like your life to be now.

Make a list of things you would like to change, like the bills, the emotions, the relationships, the money, all these that are a part of the old way of thinking.

If you cannot see how you can change any of these things, do not try to hard.

 Take one of your problems and focus your love consciously giving attention to how it can be solved.

Then just use your inner light rays of light, putting it into this problem and keep the focus, remember to do this as much as possible and sit back and watch it sort out to your advantage. Try it!  Thanks x HeartHehe



 A message of encouragement

 My friend in the U S A said,  ‘we are all light points connecting all over the planet bringing this incredible light and energy to Gaia’.

She is so right, these light points shine and connect to the flower of life grid that’s been set, it hovers just above the surface getting ready for the rise into the new beginning in 2017.

 The words from the galactic family, are for us to keep our light focus as we move into this new era, keep anchored into Gaia and connect to our higher self, sway with the ebb and flow of these next three weeks, with LOVE in our hearts, everything is correct and on target for this transition, connect to the heart of Gaia and feel the divine light grow within.

Do not let anxiety and fear grab a hold, when we feel that rising, change the thought and remember who we are, why we are here and we are anchored and connected to the higher source of the central sun.

Celebrate this festive season with this love light shining out to the whole of life and humanity.

Our power is great and will be paramount in the transition of this time, its needed greatly.

We of the galactic family, mother, father god, support you, we understand how difficult it is being human and transiting, we will keep giving little messages to you for this period of time to help you to keep focusing on the greater picture with love. X 


The 21st Dec is the winter solstice. 

When the sun reaches the lowest point in the sky, it stands still until the 23rd Dec when it starts its transition again, and it’s the beginning of the New Year in the cosmic clock.

The 12/12 opens up a portal of light streams and stays open until the end of Dec. This and the 21st-23rd portal of stillness makes the power strong and we are able to penetrate the divine light of the central sun into Gaia, anchoring and rebalancing and adjusting anything that’s needed.

Solstice and equinox are times when the changes and adjustments can be made to earth and humanity.

This year is even greater than past times, we of the galactic family request all light worker, way showers to keep on track for this special year by emanating your love light ascension to assist this transmutation of earth and life.

Give it out to the flower of life grid that’s over the globe creating feedback loop through into Gaia, this will be created and it will remain, anchoring these cosmic rays deep into middle earth and attaching to the galixy and beyond.


Will You Help

To all light workers, we, the Galactic family, Mother, Father God, are requesting all light worker to send out light rays to penetrate into the outer field of Gaia.

 We have dismantled and transmuted a fear based negative energy field with the help of anchored light worker.

There was a build up of divine photon light that was being held back from the natural flow by the fear that’s rising up in those who are feeling these changes and do not understand why things are happening.

 They are projecting their negative fear energy, unconsciously, with great force because they are to fearful to allow this energy change, they are not surrendering to it, on the contrary they are holding on to their fear based life style that’s creating this field over earth, they cannot help this, its a re-action

The flow is now running beautifully but there is still fear that’s being created by those who do not understand.

 To help this situation, those who DO understand and have surrendered to the light, can help to keep this flow moving,  by sitting gently, using mindful, unconditional love focus, consciously and the imagination to keep this flow of light, to allow the transmutation of this negative force, the light flow will engage by the 21st Dec.

Your input will ease the disruption that’s happening now and give a hand towards helping us.

We give much love and blessings, we are not leaving your side.  Be at peace and in bliss. x


Getting ready for 2017, year 01

The galactic family are a group of light energy being from Archturus, Pleiades, Orion, and Sirius star systems

We work with the divine source of Mother / Father God as group.

All light workers originally came from these star systems and have chosen to be in a physical form at this time of great change.

The light frequency up-grade that has happened is connecting all planets and is in a position, ready for the New Year 2017, and 01.

The channelling information has shifted all workers are adjusting to this. We have been working with certain souls on the Gaia all the way through this shift. Now we are ready to bring into the physical world the progressive energy patterns of understanding for the use of all peoples.

 The work done so far has opened up the portals all across the globe, as soon as you can adjust to this light, you will be able to feel these portals and directly attach to them for your own personal progress and energy boost and the progress of the whole of humanity and life.

 We are not talking to you on the physical level; we are resonating with you on the inner energetic level. The ones who are compatible with this way of communication will be able to take our messages, it’s about how you feel within and the power you hold.

Many are responding in this 7th D within, when these waves are being activated through the body, it is having the effect of making it uncomfortable at times.

Understanding this does help, but always get medical advice and take any medical procedures that are given.

The science and medical progress has also shifted, as a human living in the earth environment and being part of this great forward step in all aspects of life use and accept, and be happy to embrace all the these wonderful advances, use all methods to ease the physical body into soft comfortable space.

 Everything is correct, there is never any mistakes, if an action has brought about things that not comfortable, stand back and try to see the bigger picture and understand what the cosmos is trying to tell you in the situation you find yourself in, remember who you are and why you are here with LOVE for your self.

This is a bumpy road it’s not easy, as the conscious feelings grow within let them lift your physical self out of the lower negative streams even when these lower streams feel like they are swamping you, Hold on.

Be conscious of your old pent up thoughts that are still around you, first you must recognise them, then allow them, for a very short time, 30 seconds before you consciously change them with the power that you hold within you hearts. If it takes a little longer, no worries, as long as you are ‘be’-coming conscious of it.

The changes will come in quick, in the new year, there is plenty of work still to do, with the help of you, our ground crew and the divine light that we all hold we can move seamlessly into the streams of light of the start of the new year 2017, 01

 As we give out messages in this new future we are talking on the assumption that all who are reading and actively following these channelled are already in the way of the new era.

 This means that we talking on the understanding that you all know that you have chosen to be the ground crew and that you are all masters, re-learning to bring through your divine power of love to anchor into Gaia. You are remembering who you are and adjusting this information to let yourself grow back into the true being, the masters that you are.

As we come into the 7th D light of year 01, you will be able to create your own portal in your home or garden or any chosen place on Gaia.

To do this, there has to be a resonation of the divine light, when you find the spot, think about it give it unconditional love, ask for the divine to help you to create and open this portal for your enlightenment

Find the ones that are already activated by using your intuition; feelings and imagination stay connected to the pathway you have chosen.

As the year pans out, others will quickly pick up on this new way of thinking, about who are we and how can we help.

 This movement forwards is like the growing flower of life, focus the light on love, mindfulness, imagination, dreams and understanding of connected consciousness, how to use the divine source through the Great Central Suns.

Go with your dreams, feeling and imagination.

How do you want your life to be! Focus on these wants? Be CLEAR on what to create for yourself, be focused and clear and imagine yourself in this situation, this is how to create.

We are within you, as soon as you can recognise this feeling of our love becoming your power you can have a direct conversation with us as the ground crew.

Be Love, Be Light, Be Happy. x CoolHeart

 The Message calling for your help, has been a success, even if you do not consciously do anything on the physical, the fact that the information of sacred word is being read, acts on the conscious multi dimensions and that’s all that’s needed.

 The ones who did sit and consciously focus, created a great power of love light that was taken and given out into the right places that was most needed, relieving and releasing the negative fear based field. By taking the 5 minuets to be conscious of giving out the love, you are showing by example on the multi Ds, others how to ‘be’- come ground crew.

By connecting directly to the collective consciousness of humanity with us, on the energetic streams of the multi Ds, you will automatically lift the stream into an acceptable energy for all souls, creating the platform for the future ground crews to stand on in their physical life.

On the 21st of December we place these energy streams into all life, creating this platform, you in your divine light are activating and anchoring it into the Grand Central Sun of the inner earth Agatha.

We give with great love and we thank you most heartily for the support that you give to us. We all work together as one in conscious love of the divine source. Thanks x  CoolHeart

DECEMBER 12/12 2016


12/12 is the time for restructures of the merkaba or setting of the platform they are one and the same.

I am told to sit consciously and mindfully and open up to allow this energy to be activated and anchored into Gaia and myself, for the next 9 days. 

The Archturus healing group and us the 3 Ms and Galactic family are mindfully focusing on this wave of sacred divine light to penetrate through the new sacred light symbols into Gaia and you.

Yes, its caused you discomfort, but also focuses your mind on what’s happening and is important right now for you to do this focus until the 21st Dec. there’s nothing more to be said at this time.

Personal. I am being called back to `Ibiza for the next solstice and full moon 10/5/17

I am being told to draw a 2016 calendar logging it all, and that

next year is to be a repeat of this year on an energetic level, re- anchoring  what was done in 2016, mindfully, consciously, observing it and re- anchoring them systematically through the year,

Codes, pictures and emotional changes, all need to be tended like a flower and deeply anchor it into Gaia.

The incoming energies from the North Pole has made my head spin. It’s coming in going down to Findhorn, Shoeburyness, Ibiza, and Bermuda, up to New Hampshire then on to Quebec. Then back up to the North Pole.

This is the platform or the merkaba that’s upgrading with this light, its transmuting negative swirls, which are everywhere.

The light cuts through the swirls of ego illusion across the earth.

I am being told to be aware consciously, focused, mindfully onto the changes that I can feel, I need to be open and aware of this down load and feeling it.

Dear soul, during this period of accelerated energy streams coming into the life force of everything/one, its best for you to remain alone, its giving you the inner focus to anchor into Gaia We, the 3 Ms are directing you now. 

The alchemy begins; remember it’s the power of the inner grace, merkaba, platform, and golden dragon. We do want you to focus of these layers of light.

Layer 3 deep golden diamond crystal light stream of alchemy anchored in you and Gaia.


DECEMBER receive light codes and lock them

There is nothing to do except ‘be’ and receive these light codes that are being given to humanity.

Its strong because its the coming together over this solstice wave of light, you are being bombarded with the ultra light, accept it, open to it, take the maximum energy.

A locking system of energetic electro- magnetic force will lock these divine light codes into, onto and round Gaia, life, galixy and universe. It will happen on 1/1, 11/1, 21/1, each time a sacred number comes in January will be an electro magnetic lock on the down load that’s being given on the solstice.

By Feb. it will be locked into the sacred codes of light that have come through these portal.

For all light worker, way showers, star seeds, the time is now for you, your feelings are growing, you are being inspired to allow this openly, let it grow, nurcher it with great love, share it with humanity, give out your compassion to all living things with great love light of love coming from you hearts, divine self.

We can see that this inner light is abundant; that your light has becomes an inner glow now penetrating within,

Into the diamond crystal central sun of inner earth and is attachment to the galixy central sun in the cosmos.

You, the individual can draw on this connection consciously.

Give your self quiet time, breath, anchor and tune into your hearts. Stretch upwards and allow you body to stretch and expand in every nook and cranny.

 Feel the ultra light connection, use it for your own personal needs, and then give it out to any situation that’s still resonating in the negative 3d way.

Stretching greatly, your physical body opens up all connected bones muscles tendons organs blood vessels and nerves. When you stretch, feel these opening and filling with the ultra light.

Breath this ultra light flow, streaming into you from the universe, anchor it through your self into Gaia and up though your high heart.

We are blanketing Gaia with our deepest love light for these 2016 solstices celebrations 


Receive the Intention of Your Soul

We are encouraging you to receive the intention of your soul; this will bring about a mixing between the personality and the new aspect of your soul self that’s being down loaded into your being now.

As these light energies start to filter through your life, you have become aware of receiving the intentions of the soul.

Recognise these intentions, practice living them and bring them into yourself and your reality, this will open up the channels to the soul that allows you to receive what the soul wishes.

Trust these feeling and thoughts, the soul self is the divine part of you and it has all the knowledge of the all time, past, present and future. It wants to share this information for the process of ascension, give permission and be opening trustful enough to act on them. ;)

 All people hold the power to create what they need or want. Consciously sit and think about what we want on a deeper level of light.

Use imagination to ‘see’ the new creations of life as real, feel how it will be to have these changes happen, write them down, keep them in focus as much as possible, give the our unconditional love to create them.

 Remember we are all connected to the divine soul from source, we work to bring in the light and anchor it into Gaia and ourselves with harmony and unconditional live.

 We are divine beings grounded on Gaia for this time of transition, all other masters and we, the galactic light beings are focused on earth now at this time, solstice brings in the New Year 2017 –01.

Earth Healing.

The area from the U K going round the cradle is the first part of Gaia to be in the new light body. We have put platform over it to steady it while the light waves come in. This platform is anchored into earth’s central sun energy coming in from the galactic centrel sun through the Milky Way portal.

All way shower, light worker, star seed, will be drawn to this area in their multi Ds self’s, it holds the ALL.


The Solstice Wave  

Words for all peoples given with great love, as the solstice wave moves towards the New Year, you can choose to surrender to the light and flow with it consciously with mindful focus on love and creating your own future.

It sounds easy, it is easy, if you want it to be, understand that it is how you choose to think about it.

This is working on the inner self first, deep within all peoples the inner self/light.

This is where all souls who want to run with this wave must focus, within your body, on all levels, feelings emotions understandings. How do you feel, are you ready to move with this wave so that you go seamlessly into the new year of 01.

 Light workers, light beings and star seeds are familiar with this feeling, how you have grown, how you can connect much quicker now, how you are feeling about the truth of your self. It’s very personal, do it for YOU, no one else, don’t even talk about it unless you feel drawn to.

This is for your progress only, go forwards, head held high, take up the mantel of light consciously unconditionally with focussed love from your hearts and be here on the first wave of light travelling forwards into a new way of being. Be proud of what you have decided to do, stand by your descion that you made.

 We can see the light of many more souls hovering on the edge of their wave, not sure whether to jump or not, some are being pushed by their own soul self; others are waiting to see who will sink or swim.

We can assure you that you will swim when you decide to come onto this wave of light.

If you worry about protection see yourself inside a bubble full of green/blue light and know this will protect you.

A lot of this change happens in sleep state, you may not remember it.

As light workers you have already consciously gone a long way towards this next phrase. This part is a powerful jump and we call on you to make the jump. We all stand together in this, all divine beings from source.

Make your own protection and know that we also put protection around you, now take our hands and we will all ride this wave of light together as one true love. Peace be with you x