Since the golden sun “LIGHT” E. streams were attached and down loaded we have felt very weird; now we have balance a bit, its not so “Alien’, talk about flipping in and out of Ds, this has stayed all day humming in our ears is a constant; low hum with other layers of whooshing.


Its slowly settling down within, the waves are still coming and swamping us so that we have to lay down, sit and rest, breath, connect, expand, everything.


The power of the central sun inside us keeps us shaky. We have just got to get used to this new way, if we imagine that our whole self, [both parts] are one energy ball shaped like an egg that holds the ALL.


When we go into the other world of earth living, the egg sends out a part of itself in a stream of golden white light that then interacts with living in a physical world, its only a small part of our all.

The rest of the egg stays in harmony with the higher beings in the multi Ds and go about things in this airy place; most of this is very sketchy in the way of recognising and relating it to anything we have so far experienced in the physical life.


We can hold it together when on the ‘outside world, coming back into the light is a relief.

It’s like starting a new job and we don’t know where everything is yet and to learn we have to keep doing it, this has upset our vessel.

We can see how it will be when we are attuned to this way and have gotten used to it.

These latest light pulses have pushed our being into a completely new way of experiencing life.


This is an account of our experiences moving in and out of these different frequencies of light and Ds.

We have stepped past the wall of the everyday reality and have moved into an area of the Ds in conscious awareness.

We know we wrote this in our life path, this is why we find ourselves in this place and time living on our own. It gives us the perfect opportunity to step into this unknown territory with confidence and love, we have no fear of it, apprehensive; yes, we are, the journey is on going it will not stop.

 In May we re-wrote our path way making our vessel healthy, this was followed by physical changes that had to be worked and released negative E. in the pained area.

Then we had to go through this old muscle / nerve memory to released it; this coincided with May – July so far.

Having released all that negative energy that was in the two lower chakras and Tan Tien, the effect has made our vessel, unwell, it made space for this last 2 days re-adjustments on all levels, spiritual alchemy of the ALL.



You have taken one week to learn and change the pattern that is not good for you and put it into practice with excellence, then you withdrew your mind away from the dramas of others and stay like it, but still carried on dealing with it and stayed out of it emotionally.


The other thing you’re doing is consciously taking in quotient light. Through every action, we require you to do this to build enough to raise you to your preferred place and free your self of every single thought of doing anything, let it all go, clean slate.


As we read this, Judas is talking to me!!

This is a direct message to help you to stay on focus with this light focus from within.

Stay in the “LIGHT”E. within to absorb it and fill the spaces everywhere, the feeling within of expansion and the bits of energy are like little lumps of physical matter being expanded, you are holding, focussing and anchoring energetically into Gaia.

You must feel rested and flowing, you are creating the new earth as before. Now the grid structures are complete they are absorbing the “LIGHT”E. through your focus its as if you are the caps over northern hemisphere on the U K + US A+ Russia.



Since we received our light aura through the 12th ray, we are able to explore our inner self and have found that our inner space is the multi verse of the ALL and its HUGH!

Our perception of this inner space connection is strong, the integration of this with our vessel creates little ripples/ waves of none integrated ‘bits’ that seem to wobble under the perceived changes.

This happens when we are trying to do physical things while focussing on the inner space.

If we just stop for a second and go inside only, this brings back the balance, it’s a place that we recognise as our meditation space, our home place.

We have always been in this place within even as a child, we can remember, we were always told that it was not real just imagination that has no relevance to the life we were living.

This is not a truth! In denying and trying to stop these imaginations we did our vessel harm, we hurt our self trying to live a life style that is not conducive to our true being, this has been our experiences.

Now that’s changes, we live in our correct space here and do not have to deny any part of us.


We are with our galactic home and family and we are being instructed in the way of spiritual alchemy of the “LIGHT”E platform that we have created.

The “LIGHT”E. is the way of magic within Gaia and now we reside on it as its new earth “LIGHT”E frequency.


It’s the magic of the sacred light language, as we write about it and think about it, it becomes wonderfully tuned within and we lose the feeling of our vessel as being a solid object.


 We have been crushed by the societies rules of fear and separation NOT ANY MORE now we give this back and say thank you and no thank you, we do not want it any more, ITS NOT OUR TRUTH its yours so have it back.

When we do this we put our whole being into the platform of the Atlantis new earth rising and stand beside our galactic fellows of “LIGHT”E. taking our place with them while being on Gaia as their ground crew.


We have drawn the shape of the grids onto one of the image of a corn circle that we drew a while back, it looks like a cradle that’s holding the circle/earth; it’s as if these grids are supporting the earth, they overlay the earth with a gap in between.

Q: Is this correct?

A: When you first started to place these grids we called it a cradle that was to hold new earth, this picture is that; they are a supporting set of grids for new earth.


We are resting in our sense of being inside our vessel, we are at the ALL location with all of the high souls, and they are all here in the “LIGHT” E.

It’s not like a physical meeting place, its streaming energy of colour light and the silver frequency of the galixy centre from this quadrant of the multi verse.

Every stream knows what to do in its capacity of mixing, blending and creating the new elements that have been set up over this last year, this will create the new ‘LIHGT”E. of Gaia for this next years.


Dear B J your presence at this meet is required, when the streams have transmuted and the next set of frequencies is set up by this action you will be required to anchor them into the earth portal.

Once again you act as the conduit to connect this councils frequency of “LIGHT”E. into physical Gaia, NOW you have progressed into the 7-12th Ds and using the ‘rest within your being’ is the way you hold this new “LIGHT”E on Gaia.


EVERY TIME you remember and rest within, you are consolidating the “LIGHT”E. on Gaia in the sacred place.

The mustard seed is setting new shoots both into their roots and leaves as the new tree/ Gaia grows, now the need is to feed it, this is done by conscious awareness of all light workers, together we will bring this into play in the way of ascension.

We spent time just resting within and we held the ”LIGHT”E.

it’s so easy to ‘be’ this energy and experiencing the multi Ds on Sirius, Orin, Arcturus and Pleiades meet place Andromeda, Agatha.


When I was a kid I was afraid of this resting within place, I have always felt it and I have always blocked it by doing physical diversions.

We used to think it was a wrong place to be, ‘should not be there’, we did this all the time, we were brainwashed into thinking that this place should be avoided.

Now it’s like coming home!


Spread the “LIGHT”E. love consciousness unity, with Judas:

Judas Hallelujah:

As soon as we started to read this he came in so strong, we feel the power of great love rise within and we expand into it as we stopped all action and focused on this feeling.

With Judas directing, we started to spread this love “L”E. feeling out to all souls in the area.

We see all souls here opening up to their own light beings and inviting them into this space.


The connection to the “L”E. is very familiar to us; we have always had this inside us place. When we were young we thought we were ill and it was all part of the ‘illness’! Joke! It never was or is.

It’s our natural state of being, the part that has not been brain washed, our true self.

No matter how much we were ‘told’ that it was not right it always came to the for and we had to cope with-it in the world of denial, now we can totally expand into to and ‘BE” it ALL the time. Thank you xx Judas.


The other thing we are understanding is HOW powerful the light code language is; now we are tuned into the “L”E. flow, as soon as we read or see something in nature the word resonate within what ever way they come, we instantly feel the deep connection to the unity consciousness in the form of the inner resting place, 3Hearts.


It is so great that we are taken into the frequency and all the high beings come forwards with their unity of love that the swamps any kind of resistance coming from the ‘old way’ of belief it just wipes our doubt and replaces it with, ALL is correct and true when in this space of unity of love consciousness.

We find ourselves co-reacting to this with the breath and expansion of our 3hearts and to focus on the thing we wish to give our to, and to know that what we think in this space is what we create so do NOT think negative about anything, its so strong we cant ignore it all.


This was our meditation while Sue was doing hers with the Arcturus souls.

The earthwork on the 29/7/17 with Sue:

We brought our hands together at the Double M points in the palms of our hands, we open this portal then slowly opened our hands outwards and in the middle Gaia was floating between our hands.

Then we opened our hands and arms wide open until we were in the universe with our hands still round earth; we spread the “LIGHT”E. right into the planet, then we gave out from the 12th ray chakra; angel wings; the golden cloak and the wheel of light to the power of the Galactic Arcturus souls who were coming through our vessel.

This “L”E. coming is of the high heart soul light beings from the Galactic council that consists of ALL elder souls of the local planetary systems.


The next move was to take Gaia down into the solar plexus of our vessel, we seemed to shrink small enough to ‘be’ inside our own solar plexus as a quantum particle.

We took it down into Gaia through our lower chakras into Agatha and anchored it into the central sun; Mong Fo was watching us, we then repeated it two more times, 3 altogether.

Then we came back to the room and we could hear Sue’s voice that was soothing the way forwards so that the unity could happen.

The unity of ‘LIGHT”E. now resides within the all of Gaia and all souls on her.

Two and half hours before the webinar was due to start the Arcturus souls came in.

I/ we have just been told that the Arc group is coming in now; its two and half-hours before the webinar.

They are coming in as gold and white streams into our 12th chakra soul star self and want to reset part of our mantel! We do not know what this means.

To adjust it so that we can remember parts of our previous life energies, if not actual remembering it will be an inner understanding of knowledge; this is Atlantis technology, and it is the picture equations.


Now we lay back and rest inside of our being to open for them, they come straight in and we DID NOT FEEL a thing, we were so blended with their energy that there was no sensation of change, they move in and added and transformed the energy strands.

Then a song came on the radio, it was ‘saved by the bell’ by Robin Gibb, a favourite of ours, so we sang with him and gave it the very deep breath, the work was done. The harmonics is the key to this as it was with hallelujah, harmonies, and conscious connection through the harmony of song.


They told us that we were to open this channel when the webinar started to give maximum energy to Sue while she did her meditation, as we did this it open up the stream for our meditation.


We, as the Arcturus groups working with you both, we used Sue’s energy link, plus all the others who were tuned in, coupled it with yours and ours was enough to activate and bring in the Sirius sun energy through the central sun within, it needed extra-united consciousness from all souls who were linking at the time.


“This activation is the new earth 888 / Lion Gate 2017, the beginning of the growth expansion of the seed that has been planted by all light workers on every level of understanding, the mustard seed, this is now putting out roots and green shoots of new growth; it’s the growing season here, keep watering and feeding your own seed within with conscious unconditional love, and feel it grow.”

31/ 7 /17:

This is all linked with this last set of upgrades, since the Acupuncture, all grids/portals are pulsing with the crystal 21th chakras “LIGHT”E.

We see it as live energy crystal patterns over under in and out of Gaia.

Every grid, portal, energy spots are now live on the ‘world wide web’ J J He! He!

All other places that you have worked on are now open and actively shooting out “LIGHT”E. and all is crystal.

The inner ground hyper tunnels are all enlivened across the globe; the cradle is now set in crystal.


Go in on the 5th D, feel the fluctuations within then do it again and go deeper, at this level you can ‘see’ the landscape, we focus on the plateau portal. In our mind we see it as flat across Gaia but in the multi verse reality it’s NOT flat.

It has no nucleus, it’s a Hugh great area of energy, in and out, up and down, there is no perimeter, it just merges with the All and all people are milling about in it doing there life.


The pyramids under Bermuda and the sacred pyramids in Croatia are powering up, they are getting ready for the 888, Lion gate, eclipse “LIGHT”E to be transmitted during this period, they are being monitored, the evidence will be over whelming to all earth bound souls, evidence on graphs, visual, recorded sound, and the power from within will explode into all physical life.

It will be a “L”E. quick expansion within everything, as it happens; there will be a shift of time as well, the clocks wont tally, this will be followed be a wave of light that will seem to move into everything at the same time. It will seem quick from the old 3rd earth.

Many will think they have had too much wine and take no notice of it. Many different groups on all level are monitoring this and there will be over whelming evidence of the shift in “LIGHT”E.


In other words we the galactic council + The ALL are going to completely be-fuddle the brains of the 3rd Ds and realign the whole matrix of Gaia during this period. Be ready to experience the things that have never been seen before except on the higher realms of consciousness where all souls have.

 When you do the three stage resting with the chi kung inner breath method you are cutting off the brains physical function and transferring to the 3hearts brains of the unity consciousness, this is the place of the connection to this new way of ‘being’, the outcome will fulfil on the winter solstices.

 As BJ you will carry on holding, emitting, sharing the “L”E. at this centre, be the conduit for the 12th Ray/ Chakra souls elf, high self to bring in the next level that will be the 2018 planetary alignments.