Dear souls can you tell us about the Dragon?

Yes of course we are the council of light it goes in line with Merlin, Glastonbury and Wells. It’s the Earth Dragon ley lines they are the subtle electro-magnetic energy know as the serpent, snake or dragon that circle the earth and cross over at sacred places such as Glastonbury.

There are two lines that run from Cornwall to East Anglia passing through Glastonbury called Michael and Mary after St Michael and St Mary male and female.

These cross three times [Tri], in Glastonbury at, Abby Ruin, The Chalice Well and the Tor.

This is energy fields of Dragon frequency its magnetic and connects to the magnetism of Gaia’s poles and the cosmic Magnetism of the higher light beings of the Galactic council who work with the galactic energetic ley line that run through the cosmos close to the planets.

You have been working on these magnetic hot spots across Gaia and the connection to the inter-galactic streams of light from the local universe clearing, unblocking, energising and balancing these channels so that the ley lines can flow with clarity.

Then expanding them throughout Gaia and way beyond and anchoring into the creators plan to bring this 10th-12th D energy of the dragon field back down into/ onto Gaia from the Melchior, Metatron, and Michael creator plans.


The previous work done by all light beings has brought Gaia to this point in her evolution.

When these two ley lines come together next June at Gaia’s heart chakra the male and female unity of balance harmony will be completed for the trimester for Gaia growth there is still many to come each one is as important and has to be completed before the succession can carry on.