Blog 6 1/3/17 The Quest March 1st 2017


Blog 6 1/3/17

The Quest March 1st 2017

We are thinking about the image on the wall, the equation pattern and where it would sit if we over laid it on the map.

We started with 2 triangles pointing into earth.

Q. Do we reflect it to the other side and make 3 diamonds?

A. Yes because the area you just did across the Atlantic Ocean is a magnetic field.

Q. Does if have different elements on the U S A side and what is it?

A. Yes its magna, electro-magnetic.

It means strong force mixing with another great force creating a hybrid force, the power of the heat from the manga the other element magnetic and electro magnetic = 10

I/we do not understand this! 

In the image on the wall, when it’s the full 3 diamonds represents the U.K in the centre diamond. Atlantic ocean is the one on the left and the new one is attaching to the pyramid portal Bosnia and in the Ukraine.

The details need to be understood, like exact point on the map as you work this our you understanding will become clear.

On the map its a shape is a diamond with a chard off shoot to the east.

This shape is the new symbol element called MageleMag


The weights and measures are correct to do this alchemy, the shaded areas is MageleMag.

It is the reflection from the central sun as well as the magna for the transmuting of these energies coming through the connected channel of the inner earth to the surface. It’s a multi D reflective plate that holds all the higher vibrations. It function in the 5th-12th D on the surface of Gaia.

It’s like the first little petal of the flower of life on the physical world.

 The next Healing

We wanted to be in the quiet light; we saw children dancinand playing, very happy. We tuned into M/F God and the Galactic family   there was a great wave of golden light coming into us so we gave it out to them to the children.

We were then directed to give out to the direct family, then the earth, and we were to hold it.


As we focused and expanded our energy, the room went soft as if there was a very light energy filling the space and me/us. The room is filled with this light.


This light energy is Arcturus, we ask, what is this space and were told, it’s the 5th-7th D space, we asked about the holding.

Because of the connection between you and us, we can give light energy through the four cone shapes of the golden ones that is direct from the central sun that is lining up with the equator of the B/Hole of the Milky Way.

At this time of year on earth, coming up to the equinox, the vale becomes even thinner and people will experience flashes of insights into the 5th Ds.

They will not understand directly, they will start to question.


What this light does is to bring in the energy to Gaia. We are receiving it and giving it, pure unconditional love consciously, this will completely soften the energy as it comes into earths orbit.


We have just connected to this light and have ‘be’-come it, we expanded It to encompass the spheres to the outer most spheres of earth and hold it. We have anchored it into inner earth central sun and it’s holding.


We  ‘feel, see’ an imaged of this energy reaching Gaia who is golden, it created little violet bubbles that sprung off the golden earth as it hit.

It needs to be filtered somehow.

I have just gone in to secure the light ball of earth and now I must shut my eyes. And follow the inspiration.


‘We are creating a mesh barrier to filter the ray that’s coming. Its alchemy we all did it, we have connected to your space there are many of us with you, its now secure, job done.



I/ we went into a deep place, connected, rooted and allowed our vessel to be the conduit for the light, the power of this is great, we focussed on one spot then there was a wall of energy orange brown in colour that was being jiggled about; to change its density to allow the ray to penetrate it, then it filtered though in little trickles of light.  Then it changed into a deep square type shape that was placed over the outside of the earth atmosphere to protect it, the filter is in place, all done using spiritual alchemy! HA!  Cool





The switching between the 3rd 4th D physical and the 5th -12th D is becoming easier now. It still has an effect of unbalancing us, we are getting used to it.

Everything looks softer and expanded when we are in this higher Ds.  As we hold it, we become softer and more expanded.

As we go deeper into this expansion the Arcturus crew are there and we are still holding the energy filter as the ray comes into Gaia, we close our eyes and link. Part of us is holding, the other parts are in different places doing different things.



 Telos, our link to Adama 

Let the process of ascension take you into the new earth reality where you are your higher dimensional self.

Learn to manifest your dreams in new ways, using the clear fields of divine light.

When you connect to this light it allows more dimensional light to fill your focused intentions to change your life.

Become conscious of the natural energy of the electric currants that’s flowing within the body

These fields will give you mastery over your changes in the physical life.

Go out into nature and allow your body to attune into the new harmonics; to let these light fields anchor your body, absorb this divine energy and listen to the sounds that resonate with your frequency.

There is power in all words they hold the sacred energy of light, find your own harmonic sound that makes you feel best. These might come as words, like, harmony, wellbeing, nourishment and alignment.


When you find it hold it in your heart and feel it circulate through your being, then you are ready to radiate it into the quantum fields of light.

The power of sound creates the new realities in your hearts and mind and in those who hear your words.


We are made up of living fields of light, when we harmonise with these spheres we are opening new realities.

Using these fields feeds our consciousness and empowers our body. It sustains and nourishes our over stimulated nervous system.

When you use this system you are aligning with the divine blue print of perfection that held in the energy field of your soul.


The window of opportunity is here to do this now, there is an abundance of light and it’s waiting for you to tune in and make it into you future.

Always anchor into and communicate with earth and connect to your higher being.

As you do this you become a beacon of light that can be used, this is simple, just tune in, connect to your higher self and anchor into earth. When you are in the true forces of nature, acting in harmony with these light fields it strengthens all that you do in life; to know that you are a clear conduit of light allows you to step into the action of creation.



The vibration of earth has shifted.

Collective consciousness has shifted

The intrinsic vibration within all living things has shifted.

Knowing this and applying it by going into the quiet space, connecting and anchoring into earth to support you; you can step into this transformation that is supported by these new vibrations.


Breath in, feel the energy go right down to your feet and then into earth, feel it grow and anchor; breath out sending the energy of light up through the energy bodies, let it stream up and out until you link with the divine and your higher self, experience this in what ever ways are just for you.


Let your consciousness stream out ever father going through the pull of earth magnetic field and allow yourself to blend with your divinity.


Feel these energies align with your ‘I AM’ presence and open, then expand out and feel your conscious alignment with your true being the I AM.


D N A makes you human; it also links to your divinity, to the crystalline energies and to all that exists.

Using intention and breath, go down inside your self, go into the space in your D N A that has created your physical reality, to step into it imagine the spiral in front of you.


The D N A in humanity is changing, the 90% unused D N A is being activated and being recognised.

As a light worker you can help this process by thinking about the D N A and contemplate on this information, then when you sit quiet and use the space to anchor you will see these images through the sense of your 3rd eye, then give out the unconditional focused love from the heart centre.


It is through your D N A that you anchor these energies upon earth. Tap into your D N A and feel the sense of creating a new alignment use your imagination and focused love consciousness. To do this see the ladder of the D N A and give it a tweak of light consciousness love and see what happens, love in your heart is the way to create.



The pain in our body says we hold negative energy that requires attention; we do the cry method, it clears, we are inspired to go into the D N A and change the frequency of light of it as part of the holographic model up grade.  Doing it! Cool

We can bring the frequency up to the 7-12 D now fully.

Let go of all other holdings with the lower Ds. Make all light within and outside the pale pearly cream with tinges of light colours, all of it. The Golden Globe, the filter over Gaia the gamma rays all is diamond glowing light. Repeat this through the day.




I have just read on the suzanneliephd.blogspot.

From you dear souls who have now connected to me directly, this has been happening every time I/we read the articles that others have written. There are only a few that have this affect on us. Sue lie is one that has shown this with the messages from her link tuned into the link to mine in the same space.

We get this with anyone who’s words resonate with us it can be any of the masters/ arch angels that resonate with us, we get a direct line, then as we read we are also hearing it from the master and they add stuff and transfer the words to easy reading and straight forwards with no cryptic turns.


This is what I/we got from this inspiration.

After reading, I/we asked if we were stepping into there space portal, we feel it and ‘see’ the shift in light.

Yes. We are talking to you directly through and channel that resonates with our frequency for your understanding.

You have discovered the portal connection and are conscious of using it.


We are with you and are still holding the filter over the whole of Gaia’s atmosphere, this gamma light is the 3rd incarnation of light coming into the earths spheres, everything is correct.

This is showing you that you are not alone in any way of energetic knowing.


We can tell you forever that all is by design and that all that you experience is the truth of the source. Your physical self will always question these processes of ascension, its human nature; and is correct!

Through questioning everything you can come to a truth by the way it resonate with your higher self.

If it makes you uncomfortable, question it until you can filter out the truth behind the thought or action.

We the M/F God want you to become sure of your divine self and the actions you are taking on the sharing information to the rest of the people/world.


There is still a strong stream of the old beliefs that are within your matrix about who your really are and why you are here even through, all through your life proof has shone itself to be correct.


We have talked to you and actively shown you things that had made your human mind boggle. Things that seemed like some kind of star trek storyline of an on going quest.

As your time has panned out, these things have been backed up by other peoples blogs and articles, even this latest one from Arcturus through Sue, she talks about the seed of the next earth and the cradle to hold it until Gaia could absorb it so that it can grow into the P/form leading into the golden globe/ new earth.

This latest light wave that’s still coming from the equator of the B/Hole of the Milky Way is the same wave that has, over the last two years has gradually upgraded itself. Now it comes in as a 7th- 12thD light energy, pale in colour, strong in power, Great in its ability to trans mute all life on earth steps to creating the D life.



I/we have realised that we have a deep stream of resistance within; to know that we have it is good now we can do something about it.

We can ask for it to be released before we reach our old age self, we do not want to become elderly and mean as the stream gradually takes its hold, like mum, Ann and Vern; it is fear!  It must be mistrust! 

We ask you dear soul of the ALL, please can you give us the help we need to let this fear go, and to be replaced by pure unconditional trust.


Thanks for the request B.J. now we can move into your D N A matrix and re-dress this part in the way the direction of the 7th-12th D light shines in your holographic life.

We require you to stay tuned as you are and go deep into your space   body and see the upgrade as we do it now! Close your eyes and see the holographic set up the image in the textbooks and watch the light shift.

We did this, it took time to select the right vibration light we got in and are setting it up, it’s more than a ray it’s many, coming as a stream.

G/F it will change your frequency In ways that you cannot know until its done, then there will be no going back to old ways.

Q. Will we be able to function on earth if we do this?

A. Yes and you and Gaia will greatly benefit from this action. Are you ready to go into this space of divinity within the human domain?

We are tuning into your higher being and we are ready to do this.


Your courage is great and you are correct, so we will activate this light focus and let it stream.

You are clear about how you want your life and how you home and health are healing progress. When you get this stream in your holographic life matrix you will be able to see things others can’t, your fear will be greatly reduced to a gentle flow of ‘yes I know its there but it cant touch me any more’.

You can’t get rid of fears but you can make then light so that they flow away.

You will have to be very vigilant to how you treat your vessel who you mix with, we are with you and will make sure you know how to deal with the new ways. Be aware that this is happening and see things change!!


3.00 pm

Emotions came out in the form of crying from the pit of my stomach we squeezed hard when we felt it.

 We are compelled to go into the chamber to get prepared for this change; the violet flame burnt all of the debris and we squeezed it out.

At the end off the cry I was transported into the Pleiades Alcyone temple of the violet flame, the Pleiades are all around me and i/we was asked to rest laying on the front. They said they are going to remove the filter plates that are over my back.

Q. Why do we have them and why do they need to come off?

A. They are placed on the back area of a new born soul who is going into a Frey and they need to protect the back from an energetic bombardment that was here on earth when you were born. The others in your family were not of the same high frequency as you are.

Now the energy has changes and you are strong enough to withstand any kind of negative approach.

To release them will allow the break of your vessel to be off, then see how far you can go as a free spirit/light person, you will be able to expand fully as a light being on earth.


You will have your own safety net eventually, until then we put your energy in a very light flexible cloud of light, both in size and movement for your safety while this process takes place.


Now we are going to sit and focus on the plates so that they release. We give them a blast of the light frequency that you are merging with this will loosen their grips until they float away. This is happening with all energies and all the grids and your hard centre core is replaced with the golden light of love from the divine, it will fill you.




Personal, 9/3/17

I have just asked to change our deep core frequency of light to allow all of our beliefs, now time and historical, to be released so that we can ‘be’come our true being on earth. And not hold any resentment inside our D N A we have been in the Alcyone temple since yesterday morn having these holding plates removed, this morning we feel they are greatly reduced, now I read this article.



Sun-orientated Prisms On The Multi Ds

As a human being on Gaia we can find the knowledge of our divine self within the sun-orientated prisms on the multi Ds.

Our heart centre is a projector of the solar light from the sun this changes their resonance of the D N A.

Up to date our D N A was limited when trying to access the multi D time lines, more than one hologram drama at one time, several films at once.

The activation of the unused D N A has opened this perception up to accessing the multi Ds.

By being an active part of this ascension, the increase of photon light and the dimensional shift of Gaia has activated these markers to allow a new projection through the sun Gaia and the heart centres of mankind.

To turn this key you match the vibration of the background energy of the unified field of creation.

The unified P/form of this energy is unconditional love, the crystalline Christ consciousness and the vibration of our divine human D N A contains markers for this universal consciousness.


This is then added to by the massive star gate, this is caused by the alignments of our solar system lining up with the equator of the Milky Ways B/hole, the gamma light that’s being projected by the great central sun, this is re-uniting Galaxies into alignment with source command of the new. We give blessed love


9/3/17 eve

The portal has opened in front of us, we are told to sit in it and focus the light through out conduit, and we do feel very different about everything.


11/3/17   Dear soul we feel flat!

A. Flat is good for us to re-set your D N A and we can do this now, just be for this time, inside your being.

‘Being’, is to be how you feel not as you think you should be, your brain does not know what! you really want.

This acceptance of how you feel and find out what is happening on the true inner self.

It’s your brain that we are changing because it’s been set up with the 3/4/ th D beliefs and not in its truth; separate yourself from the mis-leading 3/4/ th D brain patterns until we have altered it.

Feel the pain, don’t think why, think of it, feel it.

Q. What do I do? How do I re-act to this?

A. Now, sit and be quiet, go within as we change the D N A of all parts of your vessel.



The energy waves are still coming in; we can see them in our minds eye and feel them.

The only way to explain this sensation is to say; like when we lain in a warm calm sea and floated completely relaxed as the gentle movement of the tide washed us back and forth, warm familiar, comfy as it merging the physical into the waves of the flow of the tide, expanding.


As we sit in the room and breath anchor and connect we feel this way, as if we were in the sea of life and the waves are gently rocking us into an emergence. Peaceful, slightly sleepy, very soft, filled with love.

Do you know I don’t feel like doing any thing! My head is spinning.



My heart holds a scar from the heartbreak of the past 4 years it’s left a scar.

We are going to heal it, breath into our space, breath into the Tan Tien, and up and down connecting to the all, then give out to all.

The heartache got worse, we asked and was told to go into the pains and expand it.

We did quantum healing until the dark part of the straight core band unfolded from one end and blossomed out as it went away. It got to the other end and then came back on itself, these were two strings in the D N A. one is to attaché to the magnetic bits of the physical body the other to the diamond bits in the D N A which has been upgraded to the diamond crystal of the central sun.

Bring them together with the new energy they form a new molecule within the D N A. Given enough cosmic time it will be part of the new earth.

Then I got the 2nd pattern of the 2nd equation.


Divine inspiration from M/F God and Galactic Council

The message is for all souls on earth and guidance for all light workers.

The energy change that’s occurring is creating tensions within the human body both physically and energetically.

We are approaching the great central suns alignment of our solar system and on the macro the re-alignment of the galaxies in the known universe.

The giant cosmic clock is resetting itself to accommodate the new frequency’s to create the new earth.


 Earth/Gaia is pivotal in this process because it holds consciousness and physical of everything that’s living, we the people have conscious intelligence and hold the ability to totally use this to give the boost of living energy to this process.


There was an article on era of light about changing the prismatic effect of the sun this is about the reflective light of the suns prisms.

This article is talking about the sunlight and the way its prism light is directly angled at our consciousness and has the effect of creating our holographic life dramas, through our heart centres.

This serves as a projector of our reality onto the reflective screen of Gaia allowing for many films to act out at the same time in real time.

This is how the hologram work’s.

The suns prisms project the I AM light via the link to our heart consciousness onto Gaia’s surface as our personal life hologram dramas, our heart centre consciousness is the connection to our physical sun and the great central sun.


It Is Happening now! The spring is here in the northern hemisphere. The sun holds the reflective prisms of light that is consciously connected to our D N A frequency and vibration.

We ask the light workers to be aware of this cosmic change, take time to sit in the sunlight, ask for the personal up grade of your newly awakened D N A strands with unconditional conscious hear felt love, ask for the new you and all life to be openly changed. Go deep into your core energy and feel any old residue of negative energy and ask it to be transmuted or reversed.


Do this consciously for the next few weeks as much as possible it will reduce the resistance in Gaia and within you personally, also. You are helping to birth the new world and as with any birth there is trauma and pain until the baby arrives.

Doing this focus and going into the quiet space as much as possible will give help and energy to the flow and transformation to make it smoother.


 13/3/17 M/F God

Dear souls becoming aware of the higher being that’s living within the physical body is not about rituals that take lots of time out of the every day life, Its about becoming silent within and feeling that quiet peaceful space that’s available now for all. Every one takes time out from the ever-active life style.

Most people do this after they have worked all day. Lots do it via watching the TV program and a glass of wine, there’s nothing wrong with this.

There could be a tenancy to fall asleep easier at this time; feeling tired is one of the symptoms of these energy changes.


Next time you sit quiet and relax think about yourself as relaxing into a new wave of light energy as you watch the telly. As you mind starts to relax and you find yourself loosing focus on the telly, think about totally relaxing into it and allow yourself to be absorbed into it with love. Let go and go into the feeling of tiredness with accepted consciousness, it’s the act of being aware consciously that’s important. To be conscious of your way of relaxing, everyone knows how they like to relax, use this method to allow these photon energetic lights to flow within you in your normal routine.


When you have wound down using whatever method is yours, think consciously about how you feel and know that its this feeing within you that’s attaching to the new photon light energy coming into earth at this time.

Even if you cant attaché yourself to any of the ascension stuff and do not want to, you are evolving energetically anyway, using any of the relaxation methods will automatically take you into your higher frequency of light, no matter what. Becoming aware consciously of this will greatly help you to move into this relaxed space even when you are not in a situation where you can sleep or dose. To be consciously aware is key to helping your true self to come forwards in your life. Thank you.



13/3/17 eve

We stop, tune into the light wave and we are told to watch the shapes colours and feelings that are evolving,

Q. What is it?

A. You are this portal it is you now and goes everywhere you go.



It’s the day of the leaving party for mum we must smile for her and all the others, ok.

Its been a good break, we have been given two symbols the, Egyptian key of freedom and the David’s star, these are light language and they are sacred to the stones and crystals you have received on this trip.

Dear soul we smile on you today and lift you into the higher frequencies to stay in for this day and the rest of your life on earth, You will not slip back any more the star gate has initiated this.



Our Question is:

Is that message from Michael correct is the change happening on 20/3/17.

A. Yes and yes, it wont’ be in any way harmful to anything! It is just a turn of the cogs of the cosmic clock to allow the other cogs to be initiated into the new light so they can be absorbed into the new Gamma wave light.

It’s the adjustment of the frequency so that there is  the transmutation and emergence of the equal balance of the divine light on earth solar system galixy and universe.

Q. Is there anything to do?  A. Not today.

The filter grid is inserted into the fields around Gaia and set to go.


18/3/17   We Are Lost

Dear souls I/we are lost in the gamma wave light of the Christos over body. We are wavering; we are anchoring into the central sun crystalline energy of love but feel like we are floating around in the Ds of earth and are not attached to it. The emotional body within is complete and free. We can feel it and it too is unattached to the 3/4th D.

This is a very unusual feeling that is now consciously my wholeness of being.

I no longer feel there is two separate parts of me, we are one, I AM THE TRUE BEING THAT I AM now, whole, a master on earth, my physical vessel is now blended with my true being and act as one truth of the I AM THAT I AM!

These words explain how this can be, I am the I am that I am. Physical and spiritual. Now we are one.

Now I can take on the Christos over body of light as my own as a junior master, I have graduated from the 1st lesson of ascension.  As a junior master I am requesting for my unity of consciousness.


These are all my mentors from the higher realms to help me to understand how to proceed now in this next period of my roll in the ascension. Please direct me.

We bless you dear soul from us the galactic fed of Ashtar and we are in unity with every level of light up to the brotherhood on the progress of light, this is the highest level that can be expressed within the frequency of light that you can hold.

It allows us to speak to you in one voice the voice of unity, for the time being you are adjusting to this new experience on the 20/3/17 your Elohim part will be imitated into the core light frequency of the brotherhood.


At the moment your D N A is just at the end of the adjustments for this to happen.

The last four weeks has shown you how to use your power to change the negative into positive by your actions. It has shown the others in your family just how powerful you are; they all hold a great respect for you and your brother has learn that by your actions. To do this with your birth family is part of the path.


19/3/17    3rd Equation

Another pattern has come out of the pictures on the wall that makes the 3rd equation.

These equations patterns are the base line / matrix, being set on the new earth for the building of a 5th D earth. There’s no need for you to understand the maths. You do understand the imagery and the related symbols and this is setting the new earth up.


20/3/17  Happy equinox.

I am really aware of the activity of the higher realms while I sit here in this quiet space holding the filter over Gaia while these waves comes in.

The coming together of my family last week was beautiful; we re-set our course as we celebrated our mum’s departure, beautifully so that we can all stay together. They are so lovely and I love them so much.

I am- I AM going to do the singing and guitar playing and perform for my love of all life, my mum and dad, and all others who have passed, both related and music icons.


My new intentions for my true being. I AM going to sing, play, and perform music. Going to finish and publish the book. Going to keep the unity of my family both extended and direct. Going to move into a bungalow with garden. Going to keep my health. Going to carry on writing and sharing the light waves across the world.

My star tribes are the souls who give my inspiration all my guides.


Q. Do you have a message for me Ashtar?

A. Yes dear sister we do, as you are aware of your ‘I AM” body with clarity we can drawn you closer to the Ashtar command ship and tune you in.

You are on the ship attending seminars and doing the course work for your final transformation into a master walking the earth plane. You will fulfil this by the end of year 2017. Then you will be in place next year, to begin the full transformation.

This process is not a quick flash of a happening; it’s a process that has a time period so that your physical can adjust along the way.

As you are now aware you are functioning on the 5th + Ds and have moved off of the 3/4th d earth.


You are now vibrating on the golden globe frequency of light.

Those who cut loose from your life are no longer relevant.

You move forwards now leaving them on their own 3/4/th space.

We confirm that you are seeing, hearing, feeling things that are going on within these ascended Ashtar ship and all of the other ships that are now in your focus.


You need to remember that others do not see this aspect of life.

This will become clearer now as this year pans out. It will be like your house, life, are being super imposed across the vision of these ships, star groups and masters, your feelings will be-come so linked to us that it will be your normal life pattern you will become consciously aware of our communication in every level aspect of your life as you do now, as time pans out this will be your complete life connection as you can feel you have been doing this for awhile now, it will only get more so.

Your expression of art will be harmony and resonance of music for the next period.

You will use all the images that have been given to bring the light language and the codes into your frequency on the golden globe to create the bones, base line of the new earth so that other can easily follow and moved into their own 5th D reality on the new earth. We will instruct you in this as and when it’s needed.

Already the equations are this! You have set them so far; you will not be able to fully understand this in the same way, of the way you have been taught on the 3rd 4th D earth.


But you will fully understand within your 5th D Christos over body; to aid this we require you to be fully acceptance of all ideas feelings and all visual pointers as you go about your life on earth.

Connect to all life on earth everything, all elements, all science, and all quantum levels.


You are looking at life from this new perspective of acceptance it’s the key to knowledge and your new sense of being. Bring this into your belief system, earth systems and peoples systems of understanding. Live it with the power of the mastery of light that you are, be it in every way with unconditional love heart focus.

Swim in the freedom that this brings you. Your emanating the love you feel, your field of light is as vast as ours now! You carry it as a weightless cloud of divine light and as you use your mindful focus, so it will be delivered to its direction. We will bring into your mind the areas and souls who are to be included in your/our time line for up grade.

You do not need to make any decions about where this goes, we will totally direct you, you just relax and go about you life with ease and anchor love from the central sun of the divine light reflection of the  YAHWEH.


There are two parts to this; one is going into it; two is staying in it.

The vessel can only see one reality.

What reality do you want? To sing, write, share, stay healthy, and to be who, I am!

The Arcturus says Gaia is re- calibration her base line.

Q Is this to do with the equation patterns?

A. Yes we all work together and this proves it.

During this time the 3 /4 th D will be released and all souls will be able to move if they want to

There is two Gaia, one is the 3rd and 4th and the other the 5th + D golden globe, there is a separation between them.

 As Gaia becomes lighter, the connected planetary consciousness will expand on all levels 3rd. 4th and 5th D everything is receiving the photon light, eventually the 3rd 4th D will not be able to function with the higher D and will break away to find a more compatible place to be.

No one will understand this on the 3rd 4th D because it will seem that nothing has changed Connetion to the AL makes everything possible. x



And one more from M/F God

Dear souls we give you great blessings at this time, the 2017 spring equinox is the transition into the 5th D earth that’s coming to its completion. This is the 1st part of the re-adjustment of the frequency on Gaia, so that the separation from the 3 /4 th D into the unity of the 5th d frequency’s can be started/ initiated, there is no need to be fear full of this process its completely naturel to the nature and nurture of humanity.


It is a gentle flow of pure love light that’s coming in from our local galixy, its consciously flowing over, into and around Gaia and all life. We recommend that for the next week you just feel these waves of love flowing around and within you if you have chosen to move with them.

For all souls who do not want to take this on board then we recommend that you carry on with your chosen life style. ALL IS CORRECT!

There needs to be a support between the new and the old for the process to be fulfilled, the souls who stay on the 3/4th D earth will greatly support the base line of the new 5th D earth, golden globe while she is in her infancy, the connection of the old to the new is like an unbiblical its necessary for growth.


This is the beginning, this year 2017 is pivotal, the time between the equinoxes’ and the solstices are periods of time when all souls will be affirming and re-a affirming their choices or where they are want to be. The period of the actual times of the planets, equinox an solstice will be the times of adjustment to be made with the influx of extra light frequencies of light.


It can be an energetically disruption time so we recommend quiet anchoring connection your inner space into the centre of earth and that of your higher being and just experience it with love and mindful focus on what you require in your life. To co- create and use your divine power to bring about the changes in your life.

Being relaxed and flowing with it is key to your comfort and progress, do not try to control things, let life pan out.


During this time of co-creation use your light to shine on any of the negative things that are occurring on earth with your unconditional love, you will make a difference, your light will make a difference in the divine light of the ALL/ Source/ God. The source needs the conscious awareness of each souls love to be able to fulfil its own destiny; it’s the unity of the ALL as in every body/ thing that has life.

We are all one, when humanity understands and starts to be consciously aware of this aspect; the balance becomes whole as in the yin yang symbol. It will move in the flow of growth and decay, as it should do with a comfortable continuity.

The source is this flow of balance and harmony is the conscious part of this continuous growth of love.

God bless you, remember to ask us for help when you need it, we are here to give you as much as you need. Thank you x

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