We are on Thira

We are on Thira to be the cartelist on the ground for the Trinitized light for the unified consciousness of humanity, it’s coming in through Thira on the active volcanic arc, inactive volcanic arc and the arc plateau as a conscious unified exponential down load.

Personal: the wedding and the family are helping with this and we are keeping a loving level up so that we are all feeling ok.

The over view of how the wedding panned out.

The travelling was hard, at the time of the wedding we were at the top of a volcanic mountain with a panoramic view, the light was glowing the ceremony was beautiful everything was in this very bright light from the sun, the glowing sea and sky and the love flowed I felt spaced out/ not real.

My experience was extremely emotional and all I could DO was focus on the love from all of your and the higher beings to hold this love within and anchor.

I need help to do this it has to be a unity between us all.

I had asked my daughter and some friends to focus at this time because the message was.

There is of great importance to recognise that this is NOT me alone but it’s ALL of us as one so that we can created the correct, strong frequency to create this Trinitized universal light focus.

WE ARE ALL-EQUAL and have our parts to play so that we can gain unity for Gaia /Humanity/Universe.

This means every light workers and semi awake souls are to gain this, I can only tell one person who is in the group, bless my friend she has organised it from her end.

Now the light is flowing with love, unity and consciousness to this place and I am holding it in balance.

My job is to keep this open and flowing the unity light is holding and flowing into every soul here, round and through the sub-strata and the tectonic plates of Gaia it’s perfect.

The reason it’s happened here is because of the volcanic activity and the direct line to the strata and tectonic plates leading down into the magnetic core of Gaia there is also a connection to all the other magnetic connections done since 2015.

There is unity, balance and harmony in, on around, Gaia and all living beings, it still has to play out in everyone’s life style this is the beginning

So that is it! We jumped into the volcanic energy of deep Gaia in Thira for a week, that is what is felt like, hot, bubbly, energy pulsing all the time, while keeping our control within the dynamics of the others and holding onto the light streams.

The best time was at night and early morning when all was quiet and the love connection come in and we anchored into the unity of consciousness.


A little bit of forward thinking info:

The first movement into the three levels of the Trinitized core frequency has been initiate into the magnetic core of all bodies, human planetary and inter- Galactic.

This is part of the long-term plan, its frequency is within every one and will take a period of earth time to be actually recognised and adjusted to, this time period is 3 Galactic years that is equal to 9 earth years then the second movement will be initiated and in another nine years the third one is applied.

Earth time is different to Galactic time there is no-time in the higher dimensions but for the sake of earth three D function its three earth days to one Galactic day this gives an understanding of how time cannot be given exactly.

The unity of consciousness is embedded into the core of man and Gaia each unique soul will merge with it in their individual way keep it grounded into Gaia connect to her magnetic crystals and all life on her.

The very ancient crystals are activated with this frequency in the layers of Gaia’s strata and are working from the 7th – 9th D of inner earth, Agatha. Sacred life is based on the geo structure of crystals and the vibration of mathematics all bodies hold crystals in their structure, all peoples are crystal beings.

This frequency will gradually initiate a deeper understanding of mans Galactic ancestry over the period of three tears in readiness for the second and eventually the third Trinitized light core.The way the planets and the sun are aligned and emitting plasma energy is creating a higher frequency light field.


Thank you given with much love x

This is a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to to all those who connected to Thira on the 6/9/18 with your energy focus, this connection was far grater than our human element, we, as ground crew gave the grounding on Gaia so that the conglomerate amalgamation of Melchior, Metatron, Michael + the Inter-galactic souls from the star systems and Galaxies from afar could formulate this part of the UP-GRADED LIGHT FIELDS AS AN ANCHORING.

21/9/18: Message For Mankind: Think The Galactic Way

Message for mankind: Think the galactic way by opening out into your Galactic Being, we the council of light are ‘you’ in this enhanced layer of frequency in ‘your’ physical bio-suit as connected beings on Gaia through the human participation, understanding and involvement on earth as part of the fields of all entities that are executing Gaia’s contemporary  /advanced/current/unique light frequency.

That which you are participating in now is this inter-galactic development of the biological suit, spend as much earth time as you feel you want to in a state of BE-ING in the moment in this way of THINKING, it is a new way to THINK about what you are doing.

You are NOT a lonely human functioning on the 3d earth. You are a Galactic soul functioning on Gaia in your SOUL TRUTH as a Galactic travelling being that holds the light frequency on earth, you have come Into the learning halls of the inter-galactic studies.

This next term has brought you into the 9th level of Galactic reality, it will take three earth years before you complete this and move into the first of the 1.0. Level  [the initial version; yes! As in the Internet set up].

It’s the 1.0. Level that goes beyond earth local frequency the earths vibration is a set HZ wave/light frequency.

 At this point I asked a question.

Is the 1.0? Another set of wave frequencies?

No! They tell me: it’s the measurement of the quotient light from the outer Galaxies via the 22 Galactic Diamond crystal light that is a spiralling connection to the entire conglomeration of this universe that picks up the 1.0. Spirals of the old HZ measurement and converts it to the measurement of the Multi D packets of Quotient light that are a compilation spiral, an aggregation that functions in space time of all universes.

EXPLANATION:  Instead of the flat wave measurement each measurement of the Multi Dimensional packet of quotient light are a compilation of spirals, an aggregation that functions in the space-time of the universes.

Aggregation. [Meaning; several things grouped together or considered as a whole].

This light is Anchored into Gaia in the Central Sun in Agatha, Inner earth, connecting to the crystal magnetic core, you are all holding it, you are the earthly consciousness attachment to keep this flow anchored in a totally conscious way on earth via your thoughts, to create an un-severed current of this spiral 1.0. Light.   We are the inter-galactic consociate connection to hold and act together in combination bringing this light onto earth while you attach it.   Thank you.

This info has been given to me, I can feel the connection in my hearts, higher and lower and my solar plexus, it is very new stuff and I am giving it from my personal perspective; each person who reads it MUST use their own perspective and insights to what is being given and what it might mean.

I looked up the meaning of 1.0.  And I got 2.0.  3.0. As well they relate to the way the Internet is set up, 1.0. Is First generation   2.0. Is the second generation?

The 3.0. Is not defined yet!

The words that came out at me when I tried to find out about the 3.0 were connection, intelligence and connected data, that’s as far as I got with it, I leave it open because I do not know what this relates to; if anything.


The intelligence fields say that earth is at a level of understanding and the use of electronics, Internet, etc. is a great part in this time of Gaia’s evolutionary.  On the 3rdD and 4thD many are caught up in the monetary gain through this media, In the Galactic bigger picture it’s a means to an end: this means the way info is/can be distributed by this media.

This info can and is taken on the 3rd D level going into the 5th-9th D level and applying the Galactic concept can bring the mind into the higher realities   In this case the 1.0. And 2.0. Is the initial version of mankind and Gaia’s up-grade into these galactic frequencies?

Know this and keep ‘being' in this way of thinking, it’s a new way to think about what you are doing,.   Remember! What you THINK creates your reality! Thoughts have the power to re-create life on Gaia.

To change your thoughts see the book by Dr Joe Dispenza, “Breaking the habit of being yourself” To get into the Galactic frequency you can THINK your self into it. Thank you x