Too much to do! No time! Panic! Alone! Too much to do, oh dear!! Help Shocked

 Jump into this feeling and sort it out, its not real, is a fear, Let it go.

I found an old book and there is the picture of a 4-sided pyramid with 2 rings called the rings of truth in the 1990s.

Now it has developed in the pentagon pyramid with rings of truth, they are the same: the frequency has evolved into he 5 sided pyramid, it’s taken 42 years to change!

Q: Has it?

A: Yes it has; the awakening in the 90s began it.

4/6/17; Cut Off:

I feel like a have been cut loose and now I do not have to be attached to anything, and now I am off line as well.

What is happening within?

A: Yes-dear soul you are cut off, free; free from the old ties of the past 72 years, things that have been life so far.

Q: I feel like I am in a waiting chamber.

A: You are sort of, it’s not a chamber it’s the Ashtar star ship: you stay here for now, as Kyron says you have a very active inner life:

You are anchored into the central sun of Ashtar space @ the central point.

This is not a physical anchor as before, its an energetic core connection to keep you while you go through this transitional period; it will fulfil by the 21st June, on that day you will go and sit by the east coast and receive the ultra anchoring of the new earth within.

For the energy to fully change there has to be a time of release; release of the old in its completeness: cut free: you are @ this point in time, as are many others but they are unaware of the magnitude of this event: most of them will be changed a little then they will happily settle back into their old comfy way. 



I am being given information about the eclipse on the 21st August,

It’s going to be a total over the west of the U S A.

The energy that will prevail when the moon slips in front of the sun will be pivotal in the progress of the ascension on earth/ Gaia.


8/6/17: Moving day:  Well we are here in the mallards;  Another grid:

I do feel watery and wobbly not settled @ all.

new alignment @ the Mallards; the back of the flat is facing north east, the angles are not direct, the position of he furniture and bed are important, they are the direction that I sit and meditate in both the bed and the settee from the position of the television that lines up with the lamp on the wall, my chair is facing 03% East, I tuned into this line, [I worked it out on the map.]

It took me into the space of the reflective light. The guides were called ‘the collective star beings’.

This space is given to me by the reflection of the crystal wall lights that shines up into the ceiling with the crystal reflection light coming out like rays of the sun, there are 4 of these lights they create a lovely ambience.

While I was focussing on this I got transported to a place of this light with suns and crystals and light rays everywhere and it is big.

The is set at a different angle slightly, its 36%N, when a line is drawn these two, chair and bed line up at an acute triangle. I looked at the map it goes right across the whole of Russia.

Another grid: when I sit on the chair and the bed I am connecting to a line of light that’s between the line up to the north and east across Russia, isolating it into another area on Gaia to be focussed on for transmutation.

This is the 2nd one: the first is the Atlantic and the 3rd will be Arkansas and Arizona.

We end up with 3 sections: three symbols come together and form a sentence.

The two lines come together at a 45% angle in Wakering Essex in the UK, the base line goes across in a straight line to the Allusions islands, the top line goes across at an angle to the point the is the connection of the first line at the north pole.


9/6/17; My re-connection:

Last night we re-connected to you, our lovely light body: we had to be re-aligned to this place: the orientation is quite different to Cook ham court.

My living space is facing north and North E; the angle of the focus is a 45% angle from here. The shape is a triangle from here to Russia then back up to the north point from this place.

10/6/17: The Grid is building:

The energy of this grid has began to fill up; focus on the space and open it up to your 2 hearts consciousness and expand it into the grid.

I can feel the wave moving through me, then I can feel an opening of the crown, pineal gland and I could feel the energy coming from the point in the Ashtar ship central sun and the waves were coming from them, @ the point, to and through me into the new grid; now hold:

We are the conduit for the point to put the high frequency through us so that I can direct it with the conscious focused imagination and visualisation of time, place and what’s needed: we, @ the point can’t do this, only physical ground crew can do it, and that’s through you, like a plug, now hold still.

Personal: I have took steps to get re-connected to you by walking on the beach for two evenings and keep trying, now I think we have.

Gaia is strong

Do not fear for Gaia, she is healthy and strong, Earth is the mother of all life: she nurture life like its her small child and even though the kids make a mess of her land she does not mind, its what lots of kids do, they make a mess.

Gaia is so strong; she could rattle her bones and destroy all life on her if she was suicidal. She is not; she is a mother who wills nurture her children, so never fear for her. She is smiling down on her children



Another day in paradise, another night of pain, discomfort, there is still work being done.

I drew a line on the map and there is a spike on the map where the Findhorn and Shoebury line is, it’s in the space in between on the map. And slight bump over the Azores.

I put my pictures up on the walls; it is like getting my friend back.


Today we re-connected to the physical Gaia when I sat @ the church in Shoebury and realised that I was anchoring back into her physically, this is the first time I have been able to do this since she cut off in May. Now she has on her 5-7th D body.

 This is the first time since the beginning of May that I can feel her as solid energy, now she has taken on her 5-7th D body and its physical, I had to let go so that we could both evolve our own energy, Gaia body has ‘be’-come real and so has ours and I can feel the light and happy feeling, it makes me smile.


We are up-graded and connected to Agatha, Atlantis, Lemur, Just right.

WHen you took the pictures down @ Cookham Court the alchemy had been set but needed to stand on its own; and you had to as well, so that you could release all the old and make way for the new, that’s what’s been done.


You set the pictures up @ Mallards yesterday; and they re-aligned to the new earth grids, you have added 4 new images, feel them, this new placement and angle is not to be set in straight lines or set in any pattern like the work done on the light codes earlier this year with the same pictures, these energies are now evolved as you are, we all move together.


Gaia’s energy has activated so has all of us including you, the new energy is already here, the C.S.B. are the pentagon pyramid with the rings of truth; we work in harmony with M3+PI and the Galactic light beings.

The alchemy of this new earth is flowing, not set, mutable, transitional, multi D; this set of pictures are working on the multi Ds in a way that is NOT explainable to you.

Fair to say that they are using each of the images together to make up the perfect elements that’s needed to clear open and activated this new line.

Their focus is also on the east direction, they are using 3 symbols to create a sentence, and a sentence of symbols gives instruction.

The instruction is the high soul 2 hearts consciousness of divine love transmuting the negative into positive and creating a connected light path way outlining the triangle grid.


So! The energy of these sacred light language images is cloudy, soft, expanded, wavy, constantly moving, collecting, the dispersing and they are working alchemically on this new grid: have I got it right?

A: Yes that’s about it, now let it “be”, keep your focus.