THE NEW JOB: The Atlantis Sacred Crystals and Pyramids

CoolMarch; the equinox came in and everything became clearer. The experience is using this new concept and how to deal with the physical life. During this period it felt like the energy within became flat restful calm no activity. At this time the D N A energy was being up graded again to bring us into the space that we are in NOW!

The Atlantis theory

Now they are giving a new set of pointers for my guidance and once again I am looking and feeling the new job is at hand and I do not know how to proceed with it??

UNITY of LIGHT: Dear soul you need to re-read the article of the Atlantis sacred crystals and pyramids and the latest in this diary.

The future work is to include the re-activating of Atlantis’s, the USA, the ancient crystal’s and pyramids both below and above the sea and land buried pyramids both east and west and all the work we did since 2015-16.


Unified Connection

Barb: Ok my dearest light beingJ I have a Q for you; I cannot focus on any one of you; I have unified connection to the council of light, the brotherhood of light, under these umbrella are all light beings that has ever connected to us over the years, they are everywhere as I connect.

I had trouble getting my head round this, I put it all down and left it for 2 days, over those days the images of the big crystals kept coming into my head, vision and thoughts in the end I asked.


The Atlantis Crystals

My Question: The Atlantis crystals KEEP coming to mind, is this, the area that’s to be the next understanding of the work we do J

I have a pile of questions for you!!

Is it the sacred codes of these crystals that hold the light language?

Is it these that I am being given through the equation patterns?

Are they to be connected now?

Is the end pattern going to tell me when these are being vibrated from?

METATRON:  Yes, you have already set out the base map of the crystal codes and connected to them through the previous work done. [2015-16]

Under each point that has been mapped out on earth is a diamond crystal pyramid that holds these codes and light language. This was done over the last 2 years, there is nine of them.

BARB: Is it this same as the 9 elements that have been given over the time, am I one of them.

MET: They are not people they are crystal entity beings, you are calibrated within your D N A so that you can receive their information.


First we have 4 places, Quebec, Algeria, Svalbard and Kazakhstan

these are set up through the portal you had cleared, opened,  energised and set as a grid beneath St Matts church previously in 2015.

The second set is from the North Pole, Findhorn, Shoeburyness, Ibiza and Bermuda then up to Quebec and back to the N/Pole.

 When the points are connected on the map it made a shape on the map of a pyramid with one side of it lifted away from the other pyramid shape.


Every point has a diamond crystal code, we do want you to document and share this for future reference.

BARB:  How does this work on a planetary reality?

MET:  It does not work for the 3 /4th D earth, this is working on the new earth reality which is an understanding of the high self consciously and its multi D so it does not need to be symmetrical in pattern as on previous work done.

We are setting this in the in-between-space of the 0% 15% east on the map.

It will emerge from this space as the transmutation happens.


The Last Equation

The equations I have been given through the inspired pictures over the last few weeks have finished now I have 5 of them. They are given in the form of patterns.

Out of curiosity I set these equation patterns over-laying the two other patterns I had previously; now I get a complete picture of the new earth energy grid pattern. It looked cramped and it did not resonate with me so I took them down after I got a photo of the image they set. These equation patterns are not for now they are for the future.

This action of setting the points and linking them up on the map has activated me into understanding and action on the next step.


Question: Am I to go to the Azores, it is in the line with N/Pole, Findhorn, Shoeburyness, Ibiza, Bermuda and Quebec.

When I looked up the history of the Azores it said that there was a mythical land that got sunk when the Atlantis got sunk.

It is said that the islands are the tops of mountains from the lost city of Atlantis.

There has been two science programs on the telly one on gravity the other on star watching live.

Lots of it is rubbish on the other side though they are giving a lot of information on the cosmos and up to date info on gravitation.

The frequency of these two programs has triggered the click into this NOW!


30/3/17   This information is too big,

I will look at it tomorrow.

BARB: How can I do anything with these diamond, crystals and pyramids?

MET: There is a sacred power diamond crystal beneath the points on the places that have been given that were set when we did the work on the St Matts church. This also connects to the work that was done at the end of the 1990s when the earth mother grids were set across the whole of earth and sank into the crystal centre of Gaia.

Findhorn, Shoeburyness and Ibiza has your signature encoded into them, this happened when you went there and merged, and did the healing on them.


This work is the same as the drawings; while you are learning and working things out you are co-creating spiritual alchemy in the doing. Then you are sharing it.

By your understanding, knowledge and research the experiencing of these in connection with the crystals, is going to bring their emanations into the collective consciousness of harmony again so that all life can be reminded that they are divine souls and start to wake up and become their true self.

The alchemy is the bringing awareness into the consciousness of everything.

This is co-creating the new earth with the understanding of what J the sacred grids etc. means.

You are setting out the corner stones and capstones of the new earth so that others can follow.

Look at the original stuff from March 2015-16 and link it with this, it is on the multi Ds.





1st Atlantis crystal healing

I was inspired to work on the portal over Findhorn and Ibiza, it’s an open split in the in-between- space and the collective energy of the 1st crystal from the lost Atlantis is to be released into/ onto Gaia.

I used the Michael prism hexagon, this took me to the centre point of the crystal pyramid in the portal, all I had to do was just ‘be’ in it while I listened to the radio, I was aware of the resonance between me and the crystal energy, we blended.

I came back bringing the light from this crystal, thanked it and sent it down into Gaia and up to heaven higher being.

The light is the 1st Atlantis crystal is now grounded/ anchored into the 5th D physical earth.


Personal: None of this makes any sense until the multi D aspect is applied then with open mindedness it could make sense.

How does this fit in with the new earth theory?

The new earth is tracking with the 3rd /4th Ds, they overlay, energy coming into the new earth is forming, via the sacred grids codes that have been given to date is flowing through the portal of Findhorn and Ibiza. It’s passing the power over to the new earth to get a balance.


Every equation pattern has a key point that will align with one of the corner stones or capstone of the new earth grid on the map.

Can you ‘see’ that you are bringing these codes from the Atlantis crystals and pyramids into Gaia in the collective and for other, into their unconsciousness?

The actualising of it in picture form on the map is how it happens, alchemy of spirituality you have anchored it into Gaia. She is ready for her trans -mutational transformation into the high light being.


These images on the map are the culmination of what’s been done over the last two years concerning energy holding, clearing and balancing areas on Gaia.

This map with these geometric shapes are the grids, meshes and light energy that you have been given with precise measurement on the map to mark them, then connect them to make these shapes.


Metatron wants me to share this with as many souls as possible. He is trying to show me something in these images on the map. I am going to sit and ponder and meditate on it to see what I get from looking at them, he is saying that the actions of doing these sacred shapes and the sharing them is what is needed.

The people focussing on it is actualising it into the action of establishing the new earth field of light coming from the ‘in between space’ its all to do with the Atlantis crystals, pyramids and their advanced technology that has been hidden until NOW! NOW! Is the time for it to be brought back into the harmony of humanity!


This pattern is showing me a wide pyramid with the left side looks like as open door it looks like a kite! The conical shapes all leading from the in between space outwards on the map, it is 0%-15% east.

Through the time I have always been told of the ‘space in between’,

In the last two years work I was given information about the longitude sections on the globe. When the guides wanted me to work somewhere on the earth they showed me how by counting the longitude and latitude on a globe that I have always used.

This goes back to 1992 when I started the earth healing in meditation. At that time I was very naive about the sciences and geometry. I used guides, crystals and my globe to direct me I had many crystals that were inspiring me about what I was to do and where to do it.

This time I was told to count the lines in 5s going east to west, there was one left that ran down the side of the U K. I asked what this was and was told it is ‘the space in between’.

I just accepted this and left it.

Now the guides have updated me on this and this is what I got from them.

I asked the brotherhood of light: Is the in-between-space the same as the part of the map 0%-15% east when the longitude lines are divided by 5 moving from the U K towards the U S A.

B/L:  Yes this is where the energy is emerging on the earth at the longitude 0%-15% east on the map.


Look at the two grids that you set out over the Atlantic Ocean on the map you can ‘see’ it’s coming together. The new earth will emerge from Agartha at the in- between- space along the east of the UK. This is an area on Gaia that is able to hold the 5th Ds.


 We, the unity of the brotherhood of light, you and your associates have been helping to apply this to the alchemy of love on and in Gaia so that the grid can be projected along the extra space 0%-15% east to give the new earth the reality of the 5th D; this is like the birth canal to start the 5th D reality of new earth.


All this is happening on the multi Ds and can be activated with ease now that we, the all, have landed onto Gaia’s surface.

The wavering you can see is because you are functioning on the periphery of this new earth 5th D state. Trust and accept it. X J


There has been a big shift in consciousness and understanding on all levels of personal evolution into the higher Ds.


As time has gone by, we have all started to focus within on a more regular way and are becoming aware that the more we do it the more we want to do it. The feelings that go with this are clearing making space for the new light field to filter through and melt the negative waves to come into balance with Gaia and the divine source, this makes the light strong.


 The way this has started to pan out is beautiful and so perfect. I thought I new perfect! This perfection is another scale completely. The 3 /4th Ds seems clumsy, this is exact and falls into place with grace and love, it seems to have a conscious intelligence and is experiencing being a piece of the layer machine the universe.

This is perfection in all its glory of love.

Just sit and watch it change shape, this interaction is your job!!

Your focussed conscious awareness of heart felt love is the work.

Focus on it, give it love, feel it in your heart in your brain. This is going to release a tsunami of pure light energy that will be created alongside 3/ 4th D Gaia to take its place.


24/3/17 Tuning In

When you ‘tune in’ to a new frequency that you want to use

Notice how it changes from when you walk and then when you sit down as a break, while you are active you on a different frequency to when you are resting.

I asked the higher beings questions.

BARB: Is it higher or lower, or is it not measured like that on the multi Ds ?

H/BINGS: Yes its multi Ds, they are the same as the 3rd 4th scale but waving at many different vibrations.

It’s more like a greater or lesser as in density. When you are active its denser than when you are relaxed, you use yang for action, yin for relaxing. There are different degrees and application within this dance of energy.

It’s the chi Kung, chi has moved into Shen/ Spirit.

BARB: Is that it; Shen is multi Ds and central sun/god.

H/B: Yes one and the same, you have understood what it really isJ. What the old masters were talking about, "being in it but not of it”, live your truth.

BARB: It makes life easy. The pain level has dropped again since the spring equinox, the energy level has gone up and the day’s patterns have changed.


Met: Dear soul you have access to this prism of light healing as and when you need it, you are aligned with the prism and me and you do not need to go into the hexagon to receive the light so that your being can be completed. I will take you in as and when you need it.

The Ms on the palm of your hands show you how to enter the prism; it is set for you in between the two hands where the chi ball is.


BARB:  In chi Kung we learnt how to cultivate and feel the chi ball in the palm of our hands.

MET:  Mostly people are unaware of this and do not know about it. For those who are on their conscious journey into their ascension it’s a good tool for the use of healing channelling and the progress of evolution. The universe has so many tools for the advancement of humanity if a soul knows about it and can tune into it.


One of the deeper understandings of the process of ascending into the higher frequency is to take full control and responsibility of your self and your life.

Do not blame others for any of your experiences. Every interaction on earth has the opportunity to allow you to understand and change a part of your own self in the way of accepting your own responsibility and destiny of the lifetime. J

I Metatron will respond when requested to help with the changing of the frequency for a deeper understanding of the deeper side of ascension into the higher lights J


 As Time Goes On.

Humanity moves along with Gaia, into the light, every individual is feeling their life changes within their own energy and physical bodies.

Some of the feelings and experiences are not recognisable. Sometimes these can feel alien to the human ‘normal’ pattern of life.

Its OK; the light energies coming in are changing the very basic pattern of the body’s make up; this has not been experienced before, there’s no reference pattern for these changes and experiences that go with it.


Your higher being has been prepared for them, the way through is to put your trust in your true being, guides masters and source.

Do this in small steps, feel the changes within; do not shut them out. There will be fear of the unknown that goes with them. Let these go. Sit quietly as often as you can during the days work, feel the love inside, surrender to it anchor it, even if its only for 5 minuet then stop, do this as often as you can during the daily life.

Do it while waiting of a bus, standing in a queue, taking a tea break, all these times sit and go in and out as often an possible, gradually you will get used to it and learn that there is no need for fear, you trust in you/ your higher self, the guides masters and source will grow quickly, you will realise that in that space is quiet calm, healing, softness and the difference between this and the 3 /4th Ds life style. Taking mini breaks all the way through the days work, embrace and surrender to it consciously and see the flower of a new life gradually appear and grow.  Thank you.



1/4/17 Recap

I set the equation over the map; now I have taken them off they did not resonate well. Metatron told me that this is for the future they will overlay the map in a different way.

The next step is the original 2015-16 pictures; keep it simple; the shape on the map is to be kept, now that you have applied it to the map its developing in its own right.


I am told that there is, underground hyper tunnels that have been set up by the Atlantis people eons of time ago.

The connective energy that has been opened from the N/Pole to Ibiza so far is part of the re- activation of these tunnels

Each point on the map is where there is a crystal or pyramid that is part of this.

You have activated the first one from the portal under Findhorn and Ibiza the next one is over the Azores then Bermuda.

I am being told there is a crystal on Sao Miguel and it is connected into the multi Ds with Bermuda.

These are opening portals on the new earths multi Ds its not the same as you have envisaged so far. Portals on the multi Ds are a lot different to the ones on the 3rd/4th ds, they are NOT FLAT.

I asked to see it in my 3rd eye

The next perception of a multi D portal is in every sense an open moving mass of pure light that gathering to build enough power to project itself into the 0% 15% in-between- space to create the very essence of the new earth.


The other points will also start to form and open their separate portal across the globe.

At the end, these pictures will be a massive big single multi D portal over the centre of the Atlantic Ocean and the opening of the power of Atlantis will be free again, remember this will be on the multi Ds not the 3rd/ 4th D.


New earth will emerge from this big portal across the Atlantic Ocean; it will be able to draw in all souls who resonate with it in the 5th D Upwards.

People will be attracted to this then they will expand into the whole of new earth to form a new earth right within the space of 0%-15%, that’s to be part of the connections still to the 3rd Ds so that a canal can be open for others to arrive as and when they are ready. The in-between-space of 0%-15% is a doorway for the future of 5th D Gaia.


You will go to the Azores and be in the area of Atlantis.

The pyramids under Bermuda; are there; they are smooth sided with no alga growing on them, they do not look like crystal, the scientist say they are made of some kind of glass.  They could be old closed technology. They need clearing activating and balancing.


Q Barb:  Do you want me to go and open them?

Met:  We don’t want you to do it; you will do it for yourself.

The crystals from Atlantis are fire energy and data recording crystals.

There are 7 primary and two smaller Arcturus crystals they were relocated when the fall of Atlantis was imminent.


Look at the two grids from 2015-16 and the points marked out on them, Bermuda is the one we will clear and activate.

The Azores is a step towards it, you need to ‘be” on the line of volcanic tunnels you did this in Findhorn and Ibiza, now Azores, next Bermuda.

The grid lines are set now.


The 2015 -16 work

The base pyramid 2015 march was the 1st one we set.

Everything that you did in between, the drawings, symbols etc. are all to do with setting the cradle; the oblong part of the image, its all leading to this point in time and progress so that we can go on with it all now.

It’s all the same spiritual alchemy.



This place has the 2nd largest deposit of crystal. The 1st one is Brazil,

Arkansas has the largest continual deposit of quartz on the planet.





The Arkansas crystal fields are changing in the frequency properties of light.

Barb:   Can I get connected to these crystal entities directly?

Met:   Yes through me and the galactic brotherhood of light, this is exactly what you have been doing in dream state, now in a more conscious state.

 WE; the crystals entities are in direct contact with your higher being, you are one of us after all, you always have been. The crystal given to you in1992 triggered your click so that you could start the work on Gaia J oh!

The crystals you still have from those meditations hold the information from the original crystal, the Celestine writer, you have never been dis-connected from it.



Can you make it clear for me? As you ‘talk’ to me I become very confused by all the information.

My higher being wants to jump on a plane and go to Arkansas now. My physical part knows I cant and patience is required.

C/E:  This is the reason you chose this body to keep anchored and slow. J

Now quieten the soul self calm it so that we can focus on it too.

Your souls self is so excitable and high energy it bounces all the time, calm it.

Yes, now, all is linked, place a point on Arkansas and Brazil.

Barb: What is the pyramid shape over the UK and Atlantic for when there is so much energy in Arkansas?


C/E: Through the hyper tunnels from all places that are holding the Atlantis crystals and pyramids the Atlantic power grid is activating the gateway shape over the ocean where the in-between-space is set so that all power can be utilised in the new earth as it emerges into being/ be-coming.


The power that’s being activated at this location is the power of the sacred sun/ crystal diamond up grade for our use and the galactic brothers to start to bring on-line the information for the creation of new earth at this time!  You hold the diamond light frequency that allows you to move in these highly radiant spaces without fear or harm, you are the warrior of light.


3/4/17   I have done research on the Atlantis theory.

These places where the crystals have been hidden

There are 3 crystals in Arkansas, 2 at Brazil Bahia, 1 at Bimini Bank Sargasso Sea, 2 at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia bear lake Titicaca.

The crystal skulls are in Alexandra Egypt and Giza. There is one in Yunatan Mexico.

There are also two glass pyramid under Bermuda and this is the 2nd most magnetic place in the world The Azores are thought to be the tops of mountain of the lost city of Atlantis

Ibiza is the 3rd most magnetic place on earth the 1st one is the North Pole

Shoeburyness is where I work from for 47 years.

Findhorn is the place where  Master Metatron can come to the surface of Gaia.

Algeria  on the tropic of cancer is another point on the map; Quebec is another, Svedberg is another; Kazakhstan is the last one. The North Pole is the starting place.

You are going to be healing, balancing and activating the Atlantis crystals and the two pyramids under Bermuda.

We are going to activate these crystals separately to their fullest capacity and project a hologram of the space ships. It will gravitate from Bermuda and shine across the Atlantic Ocean.

This way we can make ourselves know without any physical contact except speech or resonation and harmony frequency of light.

We will stay as long as needed to convince the controllers that we are NOT a threat.

By the time this happens there will be hard evidence and NO-ONE will be able to contradict it. It will be like the hologram in star wars.


3/4/17 Personal

 I am getting so much information at the moment, not sure what to do with it except to document it correctly

 Its looks like I have reached the space in which I can now commune directly with masters.


Learning and understanding about the crystal entities as beings of light has opened up a vast chasm of space that was not accessible until yesterday 2017.

I think I have been on this brink for ages, now I am in it,J J the communication I had with these beings came from this space.

Barb:  Are you the crystal entities that are talking?

C/E:  Yes, we are one; like you; you have a physical body housing your true self, it’s the same for us except we have a crystal body housing our true self.

Barb: Ok understood, is it my own crystal body that’s doing this work even from 1992?

C/E: Your makeup contains crystal and for your part, yes it is, you also have many more attributes in this way that allows you to be successful in your endeavour in this period of changes through your connections the crystals of Atlantis, you are activating holding and balancing them this is on going and working on the D and physical worlds.


To fully understand this, is one of the biggest assets for a light worker to complete the ascension process these understandings of the light beings and multi Ds are too be brought into physical Gaia through any one who can do this. It’s a vital part of the process to bring this information into the minds and consciousness of every life form on earth.

Its what makes it real and happen.

The process of the mind, heart and observation, is the most creative power there is, because of this its blocked from view for most people except a few across the globe who are required to stand and hold.

The most work goes on in dreamtime or meditation, in the un-conscious area of the human brain. This safeguards against destruction until the time comes for all souls to move forwards into the new earth.



There are things I want to write about, not sure about what!

The new earth perspective; its about it being in the same place as the old earth and to anchor, root and activate it into the soul self of this now. The multi D is a hard thing to get your head around.


Basically in life all things are in the same space vibrating at a different frequency that can be accessed by the thought and love given from the heart consciously. This is how a person can anchor the new earth that vibrates on the 5th D into their own body; by being quiet and breath in the light energy of the new earth and anchoring it into the heart of the physical body then into Gaia’s 5th vibrational frequency this will change your perspective of what the new earth means.


Think the thought, be quiet, breath into the lower body, connect to your heart, Gaia and the lighter being, for this moment you are anchored into new earth.


Over the last 2 weeks people have moved into a new perception of how they feel, the clear thinking, the different attitude and feeling within, the space inside, the calm and the peace, its been promised.

It’s the 1st step to new way of being and feeling confidence about staying in it.


I am being given my next set of instructions as to how to proceed with the energy progress of the Gaia/ earth healing, clearing and activating the energy grids portals and now Atlantis crystals, pyramids that are being energised for this next stage of the ascension.


For the quest I am being asked to research the lost city of Atlantis, where the crystals and pyramid crystal skulls and map them out with the images I already have.

The directions to the information through these masters is now at hand when I need it so that I can do the work required to set this next part into activity.

I always had the Atlantis and Arkansas connection since 1992 when I was given a large light clear quartz crystal the came from a sacred mountain in Arkansas called the Celestine writer and used it for 8 years in the earth mother healing.


It looks like a am going to visit some strange lands, Azores, Bermuda and Arkansas, at this time I cannot see how this can happen, but then I did not see how I could go to Findhorn and Ibiza for the 1st two steps of this quest, but it happened.




Calling M3 +PI Hello;

M3 +: yes we are here with love, what is your request?

Barb: It’s about the Azores!  Is it my destiny to go, if so, do I go to Sao Miguel Sete Cadadel location of the two lakes?

M3+:  yes, we will get you there, we need you to ground there with your unique light energy and anchor into Gaia there so that we can do the opening of the hyper tunnels and initiate the flow of the Atlantis crystalline energy at THIS point on Gaia at THIS time space and bring in the Arcturus energy ship to anchor there in the same way we did in Ibiza to hold the frequency changes.


It will carry forwards to the momentum of the full ascension energy from the Atlantis crystals of the sacred portals of light. J.

Do not worry; to fulfil this destiny you have the faith and trust to go ahead with this latest adventure and the next two, Bermuda and Arkansas last of all Quebec.


I can feel the pull to Azores it started with an image of the edge of one of the volcanic lakes. I get the image of being projected into an awareness of the edge of the craters, all green, this is the second time this has happened consciously.

Met:  You are reading the light language that’s multi D, it acts on all senses.

Barb:  Who is setting these into my perception?

Met: It’s the galactic’s Sirius, Pleiades and Atlantis, the elder of Atlantis are opening up channels of energy covering all frequencies, these are designed to give out more light for everybody, this has triggered your D N A change so that you can move into this space  of the higher Ds where you can read them yourself and give out the appropeat energy to do it, this mode of communication is how we the higher beings talk, everyone is working towards this.


Ok What’s the message?

Met: Your being connected to this energy grid in small ‘bits’ so that you will be equipped to do this job.

Its connecting you to Ibiza at the area of the small isle of Vedra off the south coast where the Arcturus energy ship is anchored. This is  where the hyper tunnel will carry on to the Azores, specifically to create the 1st layer of change within the physical opened space that its going through to the next place, this is one of the hyper tunnels.

It’s clear and open from Findhorn to Ibiza.


Barb: OK as I am going into the Ibiza space energetically, in my imagination I can see that the energy up to here is clear and shining.

Then I turn towards the Azores and the area is blocked right up with an energy that is orange/ brown like bubbling plastic but hard.

I can see a tiny dot in the centre of very pale green shining, this must be the line already set by the keepers of this tunnel and technology, its like a thin thread of light.


Travelling through this tunnel space I can see how it is, its not threatening at all its benign. It needs a cosmic clean!  J.

I am just observing this and getting the feel of it. Then I am to make plans to do this work.

As I was moving through the tunnels I got a thought that the Arkansas must be set on the map and linked with the other two patterns so I did this. Its done.