1/10/18: new earth collective Supreme creator, the unity of the collective consciousness of all beings celestial and humanity:

It’s the spirals of wisdom and light entwining within us and creating the interference pattern transmitting the ancient info light waves spiral of the new 1.0 into and onto Gaia, humanity and celestial beings of the inter-galactic beings.


Sit in the sacred field of complete silence and breath into your hearts and solar plexus feel the connection to the field of wisdom love and spiral light vortexes as they entwine with your higher self transmitting the info of the sacred ancient parables into your light body through your crown chakra with the sacred breath.

You may not be able to recognise this at first, get to know the feeling and become familiar with the methods of this interference pattern within. In time your truth will be made clear to you, each unique individual will gain focus in their own inspirations, leading to their own soul truth ascension pathway that they have chosen as a soul before they came to ‘be’ on Gaia.

Move forwards into your soul perspective into your own supreme self and share it with others.

This connection is here for all, recognising, asking, accepting and allowing your self to shift into your new light spiral vortex from the light waves of the 3rdD old earth into to the new earth multi D way of being for the future of Gaia and all souls in the sub/local universe.

Everything is connected and will shift together on earth, this is the collective consciousness of this moment. Man holds the conscious, collective connection of unity that will create this move into the higher state of being leading the way to a united love consciousness that IS mankind.

Do it collectively to assist Gaia and all life into the 1.0 the first version of new humanity.

The key is to sit in silence, breath into the hearts and solar plexus and feel the spiral vortexes as an energy field wave through your bio-suit with love consciousness, unity and connecting to the collective.

Sit in silence and breath love in then feel it expand right out into the unified consciousness of the cosmos.

Do not try to annualise it, just allow it to be within and accept and give it permission with heart felt love.