Gaia Healing and Activation of the Atlantis Crystals Technology:


Gaia Healing and Activation of the Atlantis Crystals Technology:

I am told that there is, underground hyper tunnels that have been set up by the Atlantis people eons of time ago.

The connective energy that has been opened from the N/Pole to Ibiza so far is part of the re- activation of these tunnels

Each point on the map is where there is a crystal or pyramid that is part of this.

We have activated the first one from the portal under Findhorn and Ibiza the next one is under the Azores then Bermuda.

I am being told there is an energy connection is on Sao Miguel.


These are opening portals on the new earths multi Ds, it’s not the same as you have envisaged, portals on the multi Ds are a lot different to the ones on the 3rd/4th Ds, they are NOT FLAT.



I asked to see it in my 3rd eye they show me an open moving mass of pure light that’s gathering to build enough power to project itself into the gap on the globe that’s at 0% 15% on the globe to create the very essence of the new earth.


There will be other portals that will also start to form and open their separate portal across the globe.

At the end, there will be a massive big single multi D portal over the centre of the Atlantic Ocean and the opening of the power of Atlantis will be free again, remember this will be on the multi Ds not the 3rd/ 4th D.


New earth has emerged from this portal that is across the Atlantic Ocean; it is resonating in the 5th D upwards.

This will expand into the whole of new earth to be formed right within the space of 0-15 degrees that’s part of the connections still to the 3rd Ds so that a canal it is doorway for the future of 5th D Gaia.


The Azores And Bermuda

You will go to the Azores and Bermuda and ‘be’ in the area of Atlantis; the pyramids are there under Bermuda, they are smooth sided with no alga growing on them, they do not look like crystal, the scientist say they are made of some kind of glass.  They could be old closed technology. They need clearing activating and balancing.


Q:  Do you want me to go and open them?

Met:  We don’t want you to do it; you will do it for yourself.

The crystals from Atlantis are fire energy and data recording crystals.

There are 7 primary and two smaller Arcturus crystals that were relocated when the fall of Atlantis was imminent.


Look back at the two grids from 2015-16 and the points marked out on the map, Bermuda is the one we will clear and activate.

The Azores is a step towards it, you need to ‘be” on the line of volcanic tunnels as you did in Findhorn and Ibiza, now Azores, next Bermuda, the grid lines are set now, it’s spiritual alchemy.



This place has the 2nd largest deposit of crystal that is the largest continual deposit of quartz on the planet and it is changing in it’s frequency, properties of light.

There is a larger deposit in Brazil but this is not a continual sheet like Arkansas.

Q:  Can I get connected to these crystal entities directly?

Met:   Yes you can do this directly you have been doing this in dream state, now in a more conscious state.

WE; the crystals entities are in direct contact with your higher being, you are one of us after all, you always have been. The crystal given to you in1992 triggered your click so that you could start the work on Gaia J

The crystals you still have from those meditations hold the information from the original Celestine writer you have never been dis-connected from it.



Can you make it clear for me? As you ‘talk’ to me I become very confused by all the information.

My higher being wants to jump on a plane and go to Arkansas now. My physical part knows I cant and patience is required.

C/E:  This is the reason you chose this body to keep anchored and slow. J

Now quieten the soul self, calm it so that we can focus on it too,

Yes, that’s better, now it’s all linked, place a pin on Arkansas and Brazil on the map.

Barb: What is the pyramid shape over the UK and Atlantic for when there is so much energy in Arkansas?


C/E:  The Atlantic power grid is activating the gateway shape over the ocean where the in-between-space is set so that all power can be utilised in the new earth as it emerges into being/ be-coming.

This happens through the hyper tunnels, from all places that are holding the Atlantis crystals and pyramids.


The power that’s being activated at this location is the power of the sacred sun/ crystal diamond up grade for our use and the galactic brotherhood to start to bring on-line the information for the creation of new earth at this time!  You hold the diamond light frequency that allows you to move in these highly radiant spaces without fear or harm, you are the warrior of light.



I have done research on the Atlantis theory.

These are the places where the crystals have been hidden,

There are 3 crystals in Arkansas, 2 at Brazil Bahia, 1 at Bimini Bank Sargasso Sea, 2 at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia bear lake Titicaca.

The crystal skulls are in Alexandra Egypt and Giza. There is one in Yucatan Mexico.

There are also two glass pyramids under Bermuda and this is the 2nd most magnetic place in the world, the Azores are thought to be the tops of mountain of the lost city of Atlantis.

Ibiza is the 3rd most magnetic place on earth and the 1st one is the North Pole

Shoeburyness is where I have worked from for 47 years.

Findhorn is the place where AA Metatron can come to the surface of Gaia.

Algeria on the tropic of cancer is another point on the map; Quebec is another, Svedberg is another; Kazakhstan is the last one. The North Pole is the starting place.

We are going to be healing, balancing and activating the Atlantis crystals and the two pyramids under Bermuda.

We are going to activate these crystals separately to their fullest




3/4/17 Personal

 I am getting so much information at the moment, not sure what to do with it except to document it correctly

 Its looks like I have reached the space in which I can now commune directly with masters.


Learning and understanding about the crystal entities as beings of light has opened up a vast chasm of space that was not accessible until yesterday 3/4/17.

I think I have been on this brink for ages, now I am in it,  the communication I had with these beings came from this space.

MY Q:  Are you the crystal entities that are talking?

C/E:  Yes, we are one; like you; you have a physical body housing your true self, it’s the same for us except we have a crystal body housing our true self.

Barb: Ok understood, is it my own crystal body that’s doing this work even from 1992?

C/E: The makeup of all humans contains crystal and for your part, yes it is, you also have many more attributes in ways that allows you to be successful in your endeavour in this period of changes. Through your connections to the crystals of Atlantis, you are activating holding and balancing them this is on going and working on the dimensional worlds.


To fully understand this, is one of the biggest assets to enable a light worker to complete the ascension process, these understandings of the light beings and multi Ds are too be brought into physical Gaia through any one who can do this.

It’s a vital part of the process to bring this information into the minds and consciousness of every life form on earth.

It’s what makes it real and happening.


The process of the mind, heart and observation, is the most creative power there is, because of this its blocked from view for most people except a few across the globe who are required to stand and hold.


The most work goes on in dreamtime or meditation, in the un-conscious area of the human brain. This safeguards against destruction until the time comes for all souls to move forwards into the new earth.



There are things I want to write about, not sure about what!

The new earth perspective; its about it being in the same place as the old earth and to anchor, root and activate it into the soul self of this now. The multi D is a hard thing to get your head around.


Basically in life all things are in the same space vibrating at a different frequency that can be accessed by the thought and love given from the heart consciously.


The new earth that vibrates on the 5th D is within everybody;

To anchor it and let it become conscious all it takes is being quiet and breath into the two hearts, the solar plexus and anchor both into Gaia’s central sun and the divine channel from the crown chakra from above, this will change your perspective of what the new earth means to you.


You will not be able to maintain it, but for this moment when you focus your conscious unconditional love for this moment you are anchored into new earth. Get the feel of it because it’s the feeling of love and bliss that is this frequency.


Over the last 2 weeks people have moved into this new perception of how they feel, the clear thinking, the different attitude and feeling within, the space inside, the calm and the peace, its been promised.

It’s the 1st step to new way of being and feeling confidence about staying in it. It does have to be consciously connected.


Gaia Healing

I am being given my next set of instructions as to how to proceed with the energy progress of the Gaia/earth healing, clearing and activating the energy grids portals and now the Atlantis crystals and pyramids that are being energised for this next stage of the ascension.


For the quest I am being asked to research the lost city of Atlantis, where the crystals and pyramid crystal skulls are on the map, them map them out with the images I already have.

The directions to the information through these masters is now at hand when I need it so that I can do the work required to set this next part into activity.

I always had the Atlantis and Arkansas connection since 1992 when I was given a large light clear quartz crystal the came from a sacred mountain in Arkansas called the Celestine writer and used it for 8 years in the earth mother healing.


It looks like a am going to visit some strange lands, Azores, Bermuda and Arkansas, at this time I cannot see how this can happen, but then I did not see how I could go to Findhorn and Ibiza for the 1st two steps of this quest, but it happened.




Calling M3 +PI Hello;

M3 +:   yes we are here with love, what is your request?

Barb:   It’s about the Azores!  Is it my destiny to go, if so, do I go to Sao Miguel location of the two lakes?

M3+:  Yes, we will get you there, we need you to ground there with your unique light energy and anchor into Gaia there, so that we can do the opening of the hyper tunnels and initiate the flow of the Atlantis crystalline energy on Gaia to bring in the Arcturus energy ship to anchor there, in the same way we did in Ibiza to hold the frequency changes.


It will carry forwards to the momentum of the full ascension energy from the Atlantis crystals of the sacred portals of light. J.

Do not worry; to fulfil this destiny you have the faith and trust to go ahead with this latest adventure and the next two, Bermuda and Arkansas last of all Quebec.


I can feel the pull to Azores it started with an image of the edge of one of the volcanic lakes. I get the image as being projected into an awareness of the edge of the craters, all green, this is the second time this has happened consciously.

Met:  You are reading the light language that’s multi D, it acts on all senses.

Barb:  Who is setting these into my perception?

Met: It’s the Galactic council the Sirius, Pleiades and Atlantis, the elders of Atlantis are opening up channels of energy covering all frequencies, these are designed to give out more light for everybody, this has triggered your D N A change so that you can move into these higher Ds where you can read them yourself and give out the energy to do it, this, it is our mode of communication, everyone is working towards this.


BARB: Ok, What’s the message?

MET:  Your being connected to this energy grid in small ‘bits’ so that you will be equipped to do this job.

It’s connecting you to Ibiza at the area of Vedra off the south coast where the Arcturus energy ship is anchored. The hyper tunnel will carry on to the Azores, specifically to create the 1st layer of change within the physical opened space that its going through to the next place, this is one of the hyper tunnels.

It’s clear and open from Findhorn to Ibiza.


BARB:  Ok; as I am going into the Ibiza space energetically, through my imagination I can see that the energy up to here is clear and shining.

Then I turn towards the Azores and the area is blocked right up with an energy that is orange/ brown like bubbling plastic but hard.

I can see a tiny dot in the centre of very pale green and shining, this must be the line already set by the technology keepers of this tunnel its like a thin thread of light.


Travelling through this tunnel space I can see how it is, its not threatening at all its benign. It needs a cosmic clean!  J.

I am just observing this and getting the feel of it. Then I am to make plans to do this work.

As I was moving through the tunnels I got a thought that the Arkansas must be set on the map and linked with the other two patterns so I did this. It’s done. J



Q: Things have changed the articles are not resonating any more?

A: You have moved on and are in a different energy field; it’s a brave new world now. As you move through the folds of the multi Ds it’s all new and you are to open your mind to see the new way, there’s lots to do.


11/4/17 Crystal entities:

Crystal entities: We chose the long haul for our experience at this time, waiting eons of time for our crystal bodies to grow.

We were seeded by the Atlantis elders and were programmed to hold all the sacred information of the time for the future of humanity.

We are excited to be woken by the consciousness of humanity and are ready to openly communicate with you and any other souls who can tune in with love.



The Crystal entities want to talk!

BARB: Ok I am ready for input, the information I have got to date seems a LITTLE bit UNBIELABLE and I am dismissing it; me, going to all them places! Joke! Right!

MET: OK Barbara Joan do not dismiss it, I along with all the others we ask you NOT to judge this; there is no judgment remember.

BARB:  No, Ok Sorry.

MET; Its not just us, every one is involved in this, we have the power to LAND you in the places where you need to be for the connections, anchoring, and balancing of the energies that are grounding on earth for the approach of the ascension of humanity.

There are in-balances occurring on earth at this time and will become over loaded if the right action is NOT taken.


The right action is for you, our ground crew, is to go to the right places physically and act as the human plug to connect the light waves into the centre of Gaia in Agatha, once this is done the energy waves will be directed into their correct place and switch on the light of love into another hyper tunnel to get it ready for the next stage; I. E. Bermuda and eventually Arkansas and Sedona in Arizona,

These tunnels are very clogged.


BARB: Yes I understand, are all the tunnels clogged up?

MET:  No there are areas that need clearing across the globe.

It will be the work you do in Bermuda on the pyramid system that will focus the clearance across the rest of the tunnels to make them flow.

Look at it as if there is a system of drains that are only clogged up in one portion of them, when this is cleared and mended, the rest of the system will flow without resistance.

Energetically you are clearing the rubbish out of the drains that has built up over time.



NOW look at YOUR life: J What ELSE is there for you to do.

We need to have a stern talk with you about your attitude.

Stop with the negatives! You work it out!

What else will you do in this life if you do not do this, your designated assignment for the assistance of humanity at this point in time?

Come into the light B J and feel the love and truth of the divine soul within you everything is correct.

BARB:  I go into the light and it settles down I am back on track.


14/4/17 Personal:

Here’s what’s happened; when I spoke to Verna I was reminded about the Keys Of Enoch book and the maps in this book.

It’s to do with the maps in the book and what their relevance is in the grid work.

I was inspired to focus on the map on the wall, they gave me two more points to add to the map, Japan and  join it up to the 2 others making another big pyramid that extended across the map, then they told me to step back, they are giving me this information in small ‘Bits’ so that I can absorbed the light language.


The interference in my being tells me to turn the telly off, it’s using light language to over ride my thinking brain and overlay my vision to tell me something.

And they are right, I can only take this in small ‘bits, it send me into a spin/ dizzy and tired.

My being is being adjusted every time this happens until it gets energetically compatible in the frequency of light.


In the K O E I looked at the maps and read the passage that went with it; I did not understand it all but there was a lot of back up information about the grid work at hand; I cant relate to what is written in this book in my feelings as I read parts of it.

It feels right, the Azores is depicted in the book and I am pretty sure that I am being guided and instructed by the power in this book, Atlantis, Arcturus, Pleiades, Orion, Sirius and the brother hood of light, galactic council and all is connected.


15/4/17 I changed the pictures round



Shekinah 3rd eye connection:

The image of the 3rd eye that’s been given is complete.

The connection to the Shekinah female energy is now being projected through my 3rd eye from the pineal gland out from my forehead and I am aware of it.

My Q:  How can I use this?

A: Brother hood of light: In the physical earth it cannot be ‘used’; it’s a tool that connects your higher self to the vision through this energy grid so that you can ‘see’ us; the brother hood of light.

We are the collective group that has the entire masters under our umbrella of light.

The Shekinah is the feminine aspect the Holy Ghost that can open up this projection so that we can form and semi materialise into your physical perception. You have asked for this and its correct.

 BARB: It does feel a little bit different almost scary J, this apprehension feeling is not in my head its in my heart and solar plexus, does it centre in the heart chakras and emanates from these centre and not the head.


B/L: It is totally within the whole of the physical body, remembered; the vessel holds the light body. This energy is emanating from the whole body, focusing from the diamond centre that is your core energy.

The lesser heavenly circle in chi Kung that is your base for this and its why you can receive this type of transmission. To use this you activate your lesser heavenly circle within; it can be done with one breath; then you can walk in it as it will surround your whole being; its much more than the power of the chakras it’s the power of the 3 Tan Tiens.

There are no edges to this its open to us the B/L and that Yahweh; you are connected, functioning and transmitting this energy fully now.


BARB: it feels unbalanced?

B/L: not to worry; you are going to get used to the ides, perceptions, and the reality of what you have actualised within your physical life; your destiny if you like.

BARB: Let my get this right; it’s the chi Kung + all the other practices of spiritual nature that has brought me to this place of receiving this beautiful connection consciously.


B/l:  It’s up to you to anchor and hold this connection on Gaia now, you need to work on this one, the visual that comes with it will activate at your deeper understanding of this newly opened space in you vessel.

We can’t give you literal words that have the power to do this yet. When you get the deeper understanding of this aspect, then we will be able to explain and share this very important insight with others that is written in light language through your perceptions on this physical earth.

You will transpose the inner light codes into understandable writings that will touch all your fellow beings.

BARB: Thank you


B/L: This is another arm of your destiny; the others are the grid work on Gaia and the clearing, balancing and actuating of the hyper tunnels that were set by the Atlantis elders and the activation of the sacred crystal from Atlantis, we are all connected as one.


These are the things to focus on; the Shekinah portal; the updating and preparing of the journal; to actualise the cradle, grids and the alchemy; then the trip to Atlantis/Azores; and the light codes. All this is working on different frequencies of multi D light. Never fear you have all the tools, info and awareness to do all this. X


The violet flame of the Shekinah light:

In one breath I tuned in, there are two places that I can feel this light in, one is before my eyes, the other is a strong feeling in the solar plexus.

Am I looking out at ‘IT’ and seeing a projection, or am I looking within and seeing ‘IT’, it’s a paradox.

After I did the breath they come together as one right through the body, I feel it as a connected energy of a different D.

This feeling seems to be so deep inside me that it became a universe and I can feel this, its life; circles in circles; at the centre is the core, most concentrated within this is the universes, it feel strong and concentrated but when I breath into it; it expands exponentially immediately and fills everything.


Then I focus it into that core place, the feeling of this is like nothing I have ever felt before; I cant remember; its beyond utopia, sweeter than honey softer than silk warm as toast, the infinite universes are within a tiny dot in the centre of my feelings. J J



Did we know that our thoughts and emotions influence the geomagnetic field consciousness interaction and give out encoded messages into to this field?

This field has changed due to an increase in this vibrational frequency.

Having been measured, the rate of vibration has gone from 7.8 cycles per second to 15-25 per second, this also spikes to over 30 cycles per second.

This is coming from the galactic centre B/ hole of the Milky Way.

These changes activate different levels of consciousness both positive and negative.


This action opens up an opportunity for the collective consciousness of humanity to become aware and move into the light, letting go of the negatives that have prevailed on earth.

This is a healing and transforming time when many are shifting and awakening of consciousness across the globe.


These wave frequencies act on the brains waves, they accelerate the alpha and theta vibration that allows a connection to the divine self that’s within all life, everyone is becoming connected to the global consciousness; this is the field that interacts with thoughts and emotions and of man.


Your thoughts and emotions are influencing and encoding this geomagnetic field.

Become responsible and aware of the power that thoughts and emotions hold, be aware of the opportunity that this is giving all peoples on their different levels; transform the collective emotions, we are the alchemists.


Our mind is a field of consciousness outside of our body.

My understanding of this has helped me to accept changes that have occurred in my personal life over the last 5 years.

My mood swings, the uncomfortable feelings of loneliness, emotions that sometimes pore out in tears and great sadness, sometime I felt I was crying for all of humanity. Well maybe I am, maybe all of us are, if we allow our thoughts and emotions to open up our collective consciousness.


The negatives on earth are fed by the collective consciousness of all peoples; we now have the opportunity to turn it about.

We; who are consciously aware of our divine power within, are in a perfect place to transform this into a positive light by just changing our own interaction with others in our life.


Yes, there is a big collective of negative thoughts but we who hold the light are greater than that now, when one light worker changes their own way of thinking and then as it grows it becomes their norm; it acts 1,000 fold on the collective consciousness and makes a big positive light in the negative field.

We the light worker, star seed and way showers are the spiritual alchemist and we do hold the power to bring about a positive change over the planets negative negativity in the fields.

We can change the balance in the fields on earth and shift the balance within our self by using our consciousness positively and our heart felt unconditional love focus on the them balancing them and us at the same time


2017 is a time for action; the information that has been given holds good; for us light workers its time to act and stand up and be counted and be open, when we let go and open up be positive,

this makes us feel better, less fearful and happier to be in our body with love and compassion openly showing to all.

Be, brave, be love, be happy, stand up and be counted with great love for the alchemist. X


Be Active:

In your life now its’ time to be active releasing the frustration that happens all day long, this can be letting go of control in any given moment, for a moment. Give your self this moment to let go of the things that’s causing you anguish or frustration leading to anger. For one moment take a breath, focus on your own energy within for one moment.

Anchor yourself into the ALL

You are divine in being:

You hold the light:

You have the power of light and love:

You are the keeper of the gate:

The keeper of the codes:

You came to give out light and love:

You come to earth to ‘be’ in this earth,

Then shine like a diamond in the sky at night:

She shines like a diamond in the sky reflecting the sun:



I can see the Shekinah light, it is the shape of a drop of water and its pale yellow.

I am feeling that the grid across the Atlantic + the pictures all contained one aspect of the mission we are on.

At the moment:  This has been set up and is to be left in its state of play to receive the Shekinah light so that it can be balanced; the male /female.

For my part, I stand back from it and focus on the Shekinah light that’s opened up within my 3rd eye, pineal gland.

I can see it almost physically.


What’s happening is my physical and energetic body’s are aligning up in the left and right brain energy to integrate the two into one sacred state of being, spiritual and physical alignment of my personal unified fields of light, the right and left merging as one homogenous divine light understanding for my understanding.


I do not speak to Shekinah its not an entity like the others, its more like an understanding of the power of the divine Yahweh reflection not a master; it’s the Ellemond of my soul:

Q: I ask M/F God to remind me, what is my Ellemond?

M/F: It’s the very essence of your light frequency:

The word Shekinah is Hebrew meaning dwelling within or settling of the divine presence of god within.

The understanding is the Shekinah is the glory of the Yahweh God; it’s a visitation of the presence or dwelling within of the Yahweh, God on this earth. One of the prominent images of the Shekinah is that of light, Shekinah light.  J


It is said to serve as an intermediately between god and man.

It sometimes takes a human form, it shows itself as human likeness it is really God, it wants an intermediate relationship with the people; the Shekinah refers to, the presence of Yahweh that was physically manifest in the time space continuum but was removed, it could be seen but not any more in the 3rd D world.

There is a referral in the bible old testament Kings Ezekiel and Daniel.


The Shekinah was extinguished from the physical, now it will manifest back in the physical.

The Shekinah god in the form in the bible is shown during the time of mosses, it led the Israelites to freedom and was depicted as a pillow of light or a pillar of fire, it did not leave the people.


All the time it has been with me/ us as the pillar of light; to integrate into the human brain it has to be slowly given in small ‘bits’ of light over 3rd D time.

We M/F God have been working with you and this manifestation for some years, now, this light will guide you to help to free you from the 3rd D earth of separation and negativity.


This is just another part of your progression, it will do everything for your understanding; your recognition of it is all that’s required on the physical world.


The Shekinah has come to dwell in you and it will always be with you as God Divine Light, Yahweh.

You are a child of god with Shekinah as your other parent.

There is harmony within you that is for personal comfort, its always been there; now, because you have understanding of it, it has activated the diamond crystal light codes within you so that you can go forth and bring home the Atlantis technology.


This inner technology is now in place; you need it to start to clear anchor and activate the power held by the crystals, pyramid, and information held in the 9 sacred crystal of Atlantis.


This technology has shifted you into another gear so that you are equipped to handle the next phrase of healing; you have put on and activated your Christos over body; your part now is to recall this information and connect to it all the time you can in your physical life, remember all the time that you are the cloud pillar of light called the shekinah/ god on earth to carry this great over body of Christ.




I am being pulled mentally to the Azores, the same as last time I saw the image of the green sides of the volcanic lakes.

Shekinah opened as a link and I am beneath the Azores on the Atlantic rift seabed but I am looking at Atlantis. Its derelict, its ruins, something stirs there’s light streams running across and through it; awakening it; this is part of the preparation for the visit I can feel these pulses through my body, I am Gaia


The interaction of the Shekinah light is used here to cleanse this area of Gaia. It’s the whole of the basin of the North Atlantic Ocean I hold it now until it’s done the violet flame is here as well.


It’s the 2nd stage of the mission, Ibiza is ready now; Azores is next, but before you go there this clearing needs to be done in this area across the Atlantic Ocean to Bermuda; it has to be hovered and cleaned; there is a build up of negative energy that’s clogging the flow; this has come from the separate fearful negative energy of the 3rd D earth past experiences.


Now its being neutralised before it can be transmuted with the light; hold it long enough till its clear; you will know when.

This is being transmitted through your Shekinah light to this area, now we hold. J

Your crystalline body is the receiver and projector. The crystal is connected to the sacred hidden pyramids and coded skull and crystals and this is your link.





The crystal entities are giving you this; they want you to know so that you tune directly with them. J

 C/E:  HI, we are cleaning this area 1st under the Azores.

The line that was set from the North Pole to Findhorn to Shoeburyness, mouth of the river Thames then to Ibiza is the perimeter of the area and it goes across to Bermuda then to Quebec then back to the N/ Pole. It’s the Atlantic plates; we are doing this to bring Atlantis into play on Gaia to clear the debris of the 3rd D earth negative energy that has built up.


 We do this to activate the hyper tunnels, open the portal in Sao Miguel, and anchor the Arcturus ship into the central sun of Agatha when you go.

In Bermuda we will sort out the pyramid energy grid there; then we will start on the mid America look at the map. See the way this will move round Gaia it’s not how you would expect, it goes through to the other side to create the same thing on the new earth that’s in the same place as the 3rd D earth. J


The alchemy of the Shekinah breath through the chakras; feel the love expanding from the heart filling the whole body; then it shines like a star.

She shines like a diamond in the sky, then focus this light on the next island Azores, the light goes into the ocean to land under the sea. This plateau connects and starts to activate pluses to move through it in a very balanced soft flowing manner wavering, wide pulses of wavy light, this is what’s to be held.


The shekinah light is the element that’s required to set the crystal magnetic energy of Atlantis into activation; it comes through you B J this is the key in the process of this new earth activation through the activation of the Atlantis codes crystal pyramids skull.


 The 3 Ms are holding you on earth at the moment to keep you in balance while this holding carries on.

The frequency with this light is 12th D, very light; the frequency of 3m +P I is 5th- 7th D more comfy for you now, to function in life you need to stay on the 5th d, when you hold the higher light at the same time you need to be anchored into Gaia and Agatha and the 3Ms +PI do this for you.


You will keep this action now; the balance is set you will continue to work this way.

The plateau is the hyper tunnel that you saw blocked up at the left of Ibiza, it’s the flat picture.

Q:  Is the plateau and the holding to do with the north Atlantic drift or currant? Or is it the ridge or both, as well as activating the Atlantis crystals.

C/E: The holding is for the drift more than the ridge, its to keep it at its normal path while the energy of these pulses runs through, remember multi Ds: many happening all at the same time and place. That’s how it is.


Extend your perception to this aspect, you can feel what it’s focussing on and it needs extending into Gaia and in that area. Then give it to the all.

The ridge is giving out energy, as is Agatha on the Ds, this also is part of the alchemy, this is part of the alchemy, while this all happens you/us are holding balancing and anchoring and expanding into the all.



About the Azores:

Q:  I going because of the Gulf Stream, is this area key to the balance of Gaia. And how does it work?

3Ms +Pi: yes, holding this stream of warm water is key to the continuance of all of Gaia streams of different currents in her seas, this one holds the key to stabilisation of the waters on earth.

They are all connected; if one becomes disrupted the effect goes round the globe; hold one key stream in place then all the other stay in place.


The way the new light stream are coming into Gaia would cause disruption in the oceans; but we are aware of these actions and that’s why we are here; this includes you.

The other areas on earth are all ok, the previous holdings have secured this; the bouncy energy that comes into your vision is the effect of the light making the way for the new earth to actualise; all energetic elements come into play. It is jogging out all old memory’s that’s being held in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s made of the transmutation violet flame, on the multi D it’s the pale pinky, blue violet, colour that you can see in the periphery sight.

Place your awareness in the ocean at Azores and feel the love power of this holding energy and know that all is well in the garden of Gaia while we all hold with love consciousness.



Since I realised that it is my ego that is telling me I cant do it; it’s made a difference to my acceptance of my mission.




I am sunk into Gaia up to my waist; I have a different energy within.

WE: The high-level golden crystal diamond Shekinah light

are down loading you with this light to fill your very soul.

It’s filling your vessel like sand through an hourglass. First we had to set you deep into Gaia and Agartha. It will take some time.


Hay house publishers phoned; I am excited but need to think about it all.


I am so aware of this up/load and energy change I am feeling my whole self both physical and spiritual, it feel like my bones and organs nervous system are being infused with the Shekinah light.




Q: What’s going on with the plateau is it done?

A: yes from your point it is, the flowing clouds are still there and we are tending it, you must focus on this upload by being aware of its conscious influence all the time.


About the Shekinah up grade; we the brotherhood of light are working to do this and we would like you to focus, read and understand the Keys of Enoch’s reference to Shekinah, its important so that we can anchor it into Gaia at the same time.


Understanding this within will open up your inner crystal grids so that we can infuse them with this high-octane light frequency. This is having an energetic influence on your body everyone is being downloaded with their own understanding of this unconsciously.

Read the words in the book, it will open the light language inside you; you will activate your own light codes.



I ask for help; I can feel that you are taking me somewhere can you make it clear?

M3+PI: Yes, come into the executive room on the Ashtar ship, we sit at a round table, all the light beings come and sit also, we all have papers in front of us, I look at it but I cant read or understand it.

They told me of my mission up to date then they turned the page it reads,

Up to date and future instruction for the next 15 years, you are at the beginning of this and it is to be set up by you with our guidance, you do have to set it up physically.

1st new job description;

Keep up the journal.

Bring it up to completion.

Hay house?

Set up format for the quantum healing and activation for others.

This cannot be a set pattern all souls are at a different place or perception in their progress.



The group are reading my mind in thoughts and they are telling me not to worry, this is their script to my thought question.

Hale BJ:  We are over seeing your progress and we do not want you to waste money on things that are not relevant, you are in a different department to others.


We do advise you to set up your own connected group, the work will include guidance for others. It is correct to go with Hay House but not until you have set the work to your standard, 2 months.

Remember you are a no 1, a leader and a way shower to all others.

Yes, we are communing through your Shekinah connection and yes, you are doing this with thought light language and codes.


And yes, you did come here to attend the meeting yesterday at the executive round table; and yes, everything we told you is correct.

We can feel your doubt, thoughts that keep swirling in your mind and we will continually keep reminding you of your status as BJ of Arcturus.


We understand your conflict on the 3rd D earth; that there are so many options that keep surfacing in your life and that there are NO OTHERS on earth that can advise you on these matters, all peoples are in their own holographic dramas and most are still living in their ego back by fear, there is no-one else!

When you feel unsure of the instructions sink your awareness into Agartha and the M3+PI central sun and take the love consciousness for your confidence.

The human trait for you is lack of this, its something that you brought with you as the life experience and something to deal with.

Remember its an old fear based belief, give it love then release it, Yes, we can feel your anguish and can only say, keep working on the release, we cannot take this away for you, that’s not how it works its for you to do for yourself, we can give you direction though, on how to get through it into your next year at the divine university of the cosmos.


This unbalance you are feeling is the effect of the yearly upgrade that always happens at this time period in your life pattern. This is directed by your physical birth date 17 November, it’s the period of energetic updates for your brain computer input and the release and deletion of the old out dated information.


Yes, we know your feeling that your personal energy is rolling and folding and moving all the time and that you are visualising many things that you do not understand; and that it looks like the rolling waves that are moving across the Atlantic plateau, this is because it is you; the plateau, Gaia, Agartha is all you with total connection; you are experiencing this as Gaia is, that why we are holding The plateau, Gaia and you.

These frequency’s work though you and its disrupting your vessel and making it feel unwell, resist the urge to go out and do things to detract from it, just relax into it do whatever it takes to relax.


Yes dear, your guidance work for all other will evolve from the book [s] that will come and it will be healing for the ALL.

You do not need to do anything at this moment in time, money will come rolling inform all sources of light, spend it on the book and Azores with open love and gratitude; do not be pushed or pulled by those of the 3rd D, its not for you to do this, stand firm in your own right, remember who you are. We are here as an open portal into you university of the cosmos universe, you can come in any time.


Personal In my 3rd eye Shekinah portal I see energy pulsing out of it into the rest of my perception, clouds of gentle pulsing emissions filling my reality space;




The theme is to become the light being that you are, take of your physical body protection and show your real energetic self. I am reading about clearing past residue of past life’s.

Q:  Are we doing this on the 3rd & 4th old stuff that the actual planet has got in its past life’s?  Is it like we are cleaning the Atlantic plateau and the tunnels of old negative energy that’s been picked up over the eons of time since Atlantis sank?

A: Yes its right they are talking about personal clearing, you /us do this universally.

You are helping us to do this; we are clearing up the negative energy that the history of man has created over the last period of time.


It will be, that people will start to see the 5th D within their 3rd D vision and they will not understand. It’s up to us to help get the balance and experience the 5th D by focused breath and expanding the mind:

Experience mindfully your personal 5th D reality in your everyday life through mindful focus on the pure light. Step into your 5th D reality; unify your 5th D self with your reality, find your 5th reality through quantum healing and activation.



What so lovely about this type of quantum healing it is as simple as the breath into high heart pineal gland; physical heart the thymus gland; the solar plexus, anchoring upwards to M/F Gog and down into Gaia’s central sun; feeling it, feeling it then expanding it out to the all.


It opens a pillar of light, Shekinah and the vessel is suspended in it, then when the vessel expands it connects to Gaia directly and the Shekinah light and Gaia gets the healing as well. Her need is for all humanity live in this 5th D vibration and be connected consciously, everyone who is shone how to do this will be giving Gaia a boost; healing.

And this dear BJ this is how we are going to work from now on.


It’s the multi D healing; the quantum field is the base for this, the healing of the quantum field of Gaia with the help of everyone who comes to get it.


There will be two parts to this, one is the person that wants to do their own progress; the 2nd will be those who want to come into the actual Gaia healing, there will be a group to do this.

This is how it all ties up with the Atlantic grids, travel, the pictures and the light code language, its advanced quantum healing, the people who come for this will be advanced in their state of consciousness.



Everything has been turning like the turns of the gyroscope, and then yesterday after I have done the new quantum healing on three people the tuning has stopped and everything has dropped into alignment within.

Q: Is that with everything on the healing front.

A: Yes on all levels the divine light from Shekinah/ Yahweh is billowing in like great clouds of shining dust particles of light crystal diamond energy flooding love light everywhere.


Sleep and be trained

I had an energy come over my physical and had to lie down at 12 pm and woke up at 4pm it was so strong. During this time the higher being took me in for training I went into a restless dreamy semi sleep and dreamt clearly.

I went into a place where I see myself sitting at a desk with another person or light being more like, there were others directing me as wave after waves were flashing in my inner eye and words, shapes symbols, writing, reams of writing and math symbols, all piling in my head there were dolphins and a whale swimming about in the energy.


Something I read on Alex alfa web page triggered the higher self’s/ over souls of the galactic entities to over lay my energy.

They inspired me with their connection, it felt very different and I feel humble in their presents. I can feel this in my hearts and solar plexus, its strong firm but soft [1st paradox] it feels like a pressure but it’s refined a very comfy pressure like with divine love. Very soft.


It’s another level and I am in awe of it, I feel I must be quiet in the presence of this, but it’s telling me to integrated completely and be as them.


Thank you for this, there has been a massive upgrade energetically from my perspective, I feel completely different, it wiped me out for 4 hours.

They are saying that I will set up a system where by they can facilitate the physical feeling of being in the 5th D consciously and keep a semi awake state.

Then take them back into the 3rd D to explain physically through feelings what the 5th D feels like


This will greatly expand the focus of each one who does it. It will only be given to the ones who already know that is does exist, those with advanced consciousness.


Last week the Shekinah came in this week the higher self’s over souls of the galactic E Ts  came in.

One could not be facilitated before the other.

Also twice now I have had the thought that my caterpillar is changing into a moth or butterfly, does this mean I am shedding my heavy physical 3D body and allowing my expanded 5th D body to be.

A: OS/ HS: Yes that’s exactly what happening it will fulfil by the 10th may.