MY Personal Perspective on The Higher Chakras

My perspective on the higher chakra system:

In January 2015 I did the up grades of Gaia and my charkas into the 4th-7th D colours using Diana Coopers Book and method, I did it with a select group at the church in Southend-On –Sea.

In accordance with the latest information I am to re-issue articles about the higher chakras

I found the old info from 26 years ago, on when I got first introduced to the ascension and Thira/Santorini in meditations! Now we have actually visited it.

Looking back; there is a distinct pattern to our progress and ascension fulfilment over these years.

We are NOT being told to do anything by any other beings, there’s no one to hide behind; we have to decide about how we proceed, the other beings both physical and spiritual bring things to our attention like re-reading old work to bring in the new stuff.

So we look at the old book and re-read our own writing; the bit that stands out is the higher chakras colours, yes that’s it!

The picture is bigger that us, its for Gaia and inner earth.


To do this upgrade again has been a revelation to me /us it showed that when we did it last time we only introduced it to our consciousness and did not actualize it.

This time we tried to think about going into the inner space of this multi D area and could not do it in the old way of thinking, like: breath in and out and expand.

We could not feel that space at all, so we stopped, it went against every thing we have done to date and the only way we could bring our imagination into it is to look at ‘The Quantum Field of Potential’ as defined by David Bohn, Niles Bohr and Erwin Schrodinger and other fathers of the quantum theory from the 1930s.

Deepak chorea explains it as Non-Local Domain it consists of intelligence and consciousness a field of potential the level of energy before manifestation.

This field is accessed as we breath inwards with our love conscious light, it’s where we create:  Jude Currivan calls it ‘Super Non-Local Phenomenal Awareness’, there are many insights on this matter, all readers must decide how they act on it, we are all individual unique and therefore will have our own views; be discerning.

Everyone will have his or her own way of understanding this information your higher self will help you in your unique understanding.

We imagined that this chakra space was the non-local awareness the field of potential and as we breathed into this it just changed and we felt the energy as lovely light energy fields all as one. Since them our energy has changed.

This has been our personal experience.

Be love, Be light and Be Happy.